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According to the Roofing Color Compass quiz, this roof has "me" all over it!

Forget Parachute: What Color is Your ROOF?

Got a few minutes to kill?

Then take a look at this fun little tool from Owens Corning called the Roofing Color Compass.

By answering 9 simple questions, the Roofing Color Compass can tell you what kind of roof will best fit your personality.

Yeah, it's not exactly the Myers-Briggs, but we are talking roofs here. It's a big purchase. Probably a good idea to pick the right one, right?

According to the quiz, my "perfect" colors are brown and green. (Note: we're not talking "favorite" colors here--just "perfect"). I quote: "Brown is the shade that is most connected to substance, stability and a real sense of worth." And: "Nature's most plentiful color promises a balance between warmth and coolness, so green people are usually stable, balanced types." Hey, who are you calling green?

Naturally the Color Compass then goes on to recommend a number of Owens Corning roofing materials to match my personality. "Storm Cloud," anyone?

Take the quiz. It's good, wholesome fun.


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What color is MY roof

03/02/2010 12:58 PM Genabee13

I worked on this project with Leatrice Eiseman. We spent long hours trying to figure out the perfect colors to compliment the new roofing options. My "perfect" colors are black and blue and my roofing choice was Sand Dune.
Thank you for spotlighting this product.
Good wholesome fun is right!

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Roof colors

03/06/2010 08:48 PM rbtgreen58

I don't know about my roof color matching my personality but, make my roof shingles lighter, please.

Lighter colors make your home more energy efficient by reflecting radiant energy away from the roof thereby keeping your attic several degrees cooler...dramatically cooler.

Robert Green
All-Tex Exteriors

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Great tool

04/07/2010 08:52 AM lbcontractor

This seems like a really great tool!
As a roofing contractor I may start to use this tool, or suggest it to my clients. It seems like it can be very beneficial to homeowners who do not want to have the ordinary black shingles put on their homes.

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