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Exploding Apartments

Is it possible to blow up your apartment while spraying for bugs? According to this Reuters article, a New Jersey man recently did exactly that. Are these spray cans a major threat to household safety? Salon.com says explosions could happen but only when using massive amounts of the stuff. According to their calculations, you would have to spray 50 cans of Raid in a 10-by-10 foot room before an explosion was possible. To me, spraying 50 cans in a 100-square-foot, sealed room sounds like you would die of asphyxiation first. Any bug killing experts out there like to weigh in?


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08/05/2009 02:34 PM NYPestControl

That is quite a lot of product to be using. If we feel that the environment is not safe to use certain treatments, we will not use it. Dusting, baiting, gel, non-aerosol sprays are just a few of the baiting methods that could prevent this event from occurring.

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