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Photo courtesy of Schlage.

Door Locks Enter the 21st Century

Hiding a key outside of your home for those moments when you are locked out used to be standard operating practice for homeowners. No longer. With Schlage's electronic keypad locks, the lock feature a keypad allowing homeowners to add, change or delete user codes in seconds. So no more leaving a key outside for visiting relatives; just give them a temporary user code. The lock also installs in under 30 minutes with a screwdriver. Use Schlage's locator to find retailers both online and off.


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The good and the bad

09/17/2009 03:38 PM ATouchofBrass

The good:

No worries about being locked out.

You don't have to swap keys with someone so they can tend to your home. A phone call will do.

Both of those are huge inconveniences that this lock does away with.

The bad:

How secure are these locks? It's one thing if somebody has to steal your key to get into your house or break a window or a door but now they can just watch you enter the code and they have access.

Is that being paranoid? Maybe but stranger things have happened. Criminals sometimes go to ingenious lengths to hurt people and steal their possesions. I could picture some burglars casing houses and looking for keypad locks waiting for the owners to come home and watching with binoculars as they enter the code.

They could come back later on, steal something valuable but rarely used like jewelry or a video camera and the victim wouldn't know about it for days, weeks or even months.

Just something to consider.

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