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Hire your contractor carefully to avoid being the victim of a scam.

Donít Get Scammed

If youíre thinking about doing a home improvement project, beware of scam artists who are more than ready to take advantage of you. That is a scary number that calls for some added attention to who you hire. Remember to find and research your own licensed contractor. Donít let a stranger knock on your door and give you his own ideas about whatís wrong with your house and how he can fix it, especially if the price does not seem right. Also, avoid contractors who will ďtake care of the detailsĒ such as financing. Most importantly, donít allow yourself to be pressured into signing a contract that you arenít 100 percent sure is legitimate. You are not wasting time by checking backgrounds and being cautious. Hiring with care will only help you accomplish your home improvement goals more quickly and efficiently.


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Hiring a Contractor involves a well thought out plan

08/29/2008 10:27 AM mjdonovan

When hiring a contractor know ahead of time what you actually want done. This includes:

1) Creating your own sketches and list of features you want to see in your new home or home addition

2) Target Budget for the project.

3) Timeline for wanting the project started and completed.

Once you have these key items solved in your own mind, then begin the contractor bid solication process.

Finally, remember to never overpay in terms of an initial deposit. The overall payment policy should be "pay-as-you-go". If the contractor gets ahead of you on payment receipts you will have less bargaining power to address contractor mistakes.



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