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Deck TLC

I love the deck at our house. Itís the perfect place for a meal, a book or just chilliní. To keep a deck in shape, you have to spend a little time with it, though. Every year, you should check for damaged boards and be prepared to replace some. The structural supports also need to be checked for signs of insect or animal damage. For the final touch, you need to clean your deck. This includes picking up loose bolts and nails, pressure washing and re-sealing or re-staining. This may sound like a lot, but it is really worth it to keep your deck in prime condition. For more details on deck maintenance, check out "Deck Maintenance: Sealing and Staining."


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Great deck tips!

08/05/2008 10:02 PM candicep

These are great tips. My parents had a deck that was left untouched for about 10 years and it began to rot eventually until the wooden guards snapped in half. It's a good idea to take steps each year for maintenance if you want to keep your deck for very long.


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08/10/2008 10:34 AM Allison1888

Great tips. One more to pass along -- if you have algea growing, just scrub with a bleach and water solution -- works great!

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Ways to Reduce Deck Maintenance

09/01/2008 07:47 PM mjdonovan

I have a deck with large trees hanging over it, including a large pine tree. The pine tree wreaks havoc on the deck by dropping pitch and pine needles. The pitch drys white on the deck and it is extremely difficult to take off.

My advice, that I am taking this year, is to remove trees from around the deck.



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