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Daylight Savings

As I awoke bleary-eyed yesterday morning, I wondered, "Is daylight savings time worth it?" According to this article from Consumer Energy Report, daylight savings time started during World War I in order to save fuel by reducing the need for artificial light. The time change doesn't save that much energy. According to a report by the Department of Energy, daylight savings time saved .02 percent of the nation's energy total use in 2007. That's about the energy consumption of 160,000 households. Not much, but the hour of extra daylight does have the side benefit of reducing crime and car accidents. What do you think: Keep it or scrap it?


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Daylight or not

03/11/2009 07:31 AM 697295a

At this point, I say keep it. For me, it would be weird not to have the clocks set back and forth (telling me it really is getting winter time or spring time).


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