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Just one of 11 things to eliminate from your junk drawer.

Clean Out Your Junk Drawer with an iPhone

Stop digging around in those cluttered drawers and cabinets! Save yourself from searching for the seldom-used items in your home by turning to the iPhone. Its applications are now replacing real-life household tools. Here are 11 things you can get rid of and replace with iPhone applications.

1) Tea timer: 30 sec.- 15 min.
2) Level: Used for recreational purposes only. There are several modes included (landscape, etc.).
3) Tape measure: Not the most accurate at short distances, but it can be combined with GPS to measure very long distances.
4) Flashlight: Includes different colors and SOS signals.
5) Dice bag: In case it is game night.
6) Writing pad: Turns your handwriting into text.
7) Self-defense alarm.
8) Shopping list: Includes over 200 popular grocery items that can be checked off when found.
9) Handheld recorder: Unleashing the spy in all of us.
10) Abacus.
11) Whoopie cushion: Choose from 10 different rude sounds (strictly for work purposes).


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iPhone gadgets

08/21/2008 11:44 AM 697295a

And don't forget that it is an excellent camera in case of an accident that you need to take pictures of - some of us still have those old 35mm cameras.

Being in the construction business for a while and driving from place to place, the iPhone could also take the place of gas logs. Just text and go.


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