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Throw out the pencil and pick up the Striker

Carpenters Drop Your Pencils

New fix to an old problem—the updated carpenter's marking pencil. We've all seen those ratty pencils that need sharpening, get broken, live in the bottom of the box, roll across the floor just when you need them. Now, the Striker is here to save your workdays with a marking tool that features the on-demand character of a mechanical pencil coupled with the durability of high-impact ABS plastic. The Striker clips onto your pocket so it won't go rolling away. It has a push-button top that lowers the lead into jaws that grip it and hold it steady. The jaws close to protect the tip when not in use. Very cool! As a friend said, at $2.29 for a Striker and single lead and $3.49 for a combo Striker and 5 leads, this may not be the spiciest news in building today, but I know a bunch of tradespeople who will be very happy to find this with a ribbon in their toolbox on Monday. Available now at Ace Hardware and select building supply stores.


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Striker Construction Pencil

10/11/2006 12:17 PM BandAidPlease

Hi, I ordered one of these pencils online after seeing it on the blog. I recieved it quickly and have only used it on the job for one day so far but I love it. I didn't realize how much I sharpened my pencils and how many I go through. This is a great tool. Cool design and seems to be rugged. Highly recommended...
Thanks for the tip!

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07/11/2007 03:26 PM jstevenson

Inexpensive, and I use them as well. This is clipped onto one of my pockets at every job. I reccommend this.

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