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This unused attic could be converted into additional living space.

Making Use of Little-Used Space

There is a new trend in home remodeling. Instead of blueprints for a new home or a large addition, designers are beginning to see plans for transforming little-used space. This cost and time-efficient method is one of the best ways to improve your home. For example, you can sacrifice part of an adjacent dining room that is rarely used in order to remodel your kitchen. Also, space under stairs can be turned into office space, a laundry room, etc. Storage shelves high in children’s rooms are a good idea, too. The most popular examples of transforming space are when basements or attics are turned into living spaces. Utilizing the space you already own is definitely a great way to remodel.

Create a Healthy Home Office

Although it is not a web site you would normally turn to for home improvement tips, Shape.com has a great article about creating a healthy home office. Here are the tips summarized:
  1. Soothing colors - Use muted tones instead of bright colors and don't use white.
  2. Ergonomic workstation
  3. Fully adjustable seating
  4. A footrest
  5. Hands-free headset
  6. Heavy duty paper shredder
  7. Natural elments - Put in potted plants and fresh flowers
  8. A calming foundation - Meaning, one of those tabletop water fountains
  9. Proper lighting - The computer screen should be brighter than the overhead light.
  10. One planner/calendar Read detailed explantions of each point at Shape.com. Also, you may want to check out some relevant home office articles on our site: Creating "Creating Your Home Office Plan" as well as one showing you how to make your home office more energy-efficient called "The Green Office."

Tax Rebate 101

Has the government ever given anything away? It’s not possible as they are not a nonprofit. Let me explain this in simple terms. While they may print money, spend money, loan money to banks or, in this case, send a check to tax filers, it is all secured with tax “revenue” or future tax revenues collected from either you, your neighbors, your business or your neighbor's business. Money does not grow on trees. If it did, inflation would be infinite and U.S. currency would be worthless. The U.S. government is sending you a check drawn on the future revenues it will collect. Unless you die (a taxable event) before the government sends its personal collection agency (the IRS) to make good on the “loan” it’s sending you, prepare to pay them back with interest.

Skylights are one of the big trends for 2008.

8 Big Home Improvement Trends in 2008

Case Handyman and Remodeling Services, LLC, the nation’s largest full service remodeling organization, announced 8 emerging home improvement trends for 2008. Here they are:

1. Attic transformations
2. Skylights
3. Soaking tubs
4. The walk-in closet suite
5. Faux stone
6. Creating home offices
7. Living green, particularly in the kitchen
8. Basements

Are you planning on making your home trendy this year?

Euro FlyingBed Doubles as a Computer Desk Euro FlyingBed Doubles as a Computer Desk

Dual-Purpose Desk

I definitely have space challenges in my home—office vs. guest room is an ongoing debate. So, when a friend e-mailed this entry, I took notice. Imagine a computer desk that can convert to a bed with a simple pivot. Euro Flyingbeds offers a host of Murphy-bed-like solutions for the home, including the computer-desk bed shown here. I like the idea of keeping my desk in place but having space for a guest. Granted, with the computer desk model I can only accommodate one guest as it is only offered as a single. But, other options have doubles or queens for the asking. So, I may be rethinking my remodeling plans and doubling up on space. Prices for the computer bed start at just over $2,000, with Formica and wood finishes available, and shipping to boot. Custom options, sofa conversions, and armoire Murphy beds are just some of their offerings. For those of us with space challenges, a return to the hide-away is a timely idea.

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