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Enter the video contest to win $5,000!

Genie Launches "Open Sesame" Video Contest

The Genie Company - a garage door opener manufacturer - recently launched its "Open Sesame" Facebook Video Contest. The contest encourages consumers to submit creative videos that demonstrate ways a Genie door opener can be perceived as a "hero" in the garage setting.

Videos must show the garage door opener being used properly and safely. The grand prize is $5,000 and four finalists will be awarded $1,000 each.

Not bad, considering how little work probably needs to go into the project.

Of course, it sounds like you have to have a Genie opener featured in the video, so that's a potential investment right there. Too bad brand didn't matter.

For more information on the contest, go to the Genie Facebook contest page.

An organized garage is a happy garage.

New Online Garage Storage Solution

The launch of Garages123.com marks the entry of a new competitor in the online garage storage website world. Homeowners looking to take control of their garage storage situation would do well to test out the waters of the new site.

The website features an Online Designer Tool that enables visitors to input the exact dimensions of the garage space, play with storage products and configurations and even take into consideration real obstacles like windows and doors.

It's a good time to be thinking of garage organization, what with the whole spring cleaning thing being in full effect and all. For those looking for a little more know-how on product installation, check out this video on How To install Overhead Garage Storage. Now get cleaning!

Now you can access your garage door opener remotely through the internet.

The Smart Garage

Just recently we covered a new garage door opening technology by Overhead Door that alerted homeowners if they had forgotten to close the garage door. This week at CES Craftsman unveiled the Craftsman Aurrelink Garage Door Openers, Remote Light Switch and Remote Light Control, designed to perform a similar function.

The difference with the Assurelink system is that it enables homeowners to control their garage door from almost anywhere, using a smartphone, computer or tablet connected to the internet.

This kind of connectivity is not new in other areas of the home, but incorporating it into the garage door appears to be a growing trend. One can see the value, too, given that most of us have experienced those moments halfway down the road when you can't remember if you shut the garage door or not.

Think of all the gas you'll save with this new technology! No more turning the car around!

Did you forget to shut the garage doors? With the Door Report you'll never ask that question again.

Overhead Door Unveils Closed Garage Door Verification Feature

Homeowners with remote controlled garage doors have all been there. You're driving away from the home, down the driveway when, a half a mile away, you wonder, "Did I close the garage door?"

With Overhead Door's new Door Report technology, the wondering is over. The Door Report is essentially an advanced garage door remote that uses wireless technology to communicate with the actual garage doors. If and when the doors are closed the Door Report remote will beep and flash a green light.

So no more turning around to double-check. No more driving on and wondering for the rest of the night if squirrels, raccoons or ne'er-do-wells have taken advantage of your negligence.

So far the Door Report only works with Overhead Door's new Odyssey and Destiny garage door openers. An Overhead Door Network Adapter is also required to get the system up and running.

Such a simple solution to one of those persistent homeowner issues. Well done, OD!

Looks like this garage could use a little Design Studio inspiration.

Online Garage Organizer

Do you have a messy garage? Probably a silly question. Most people do. I know I do.

For those of us who are spatially challenged or cannot visualize how best to start the organization process, Gladiator GarageWork's new Design Studio may be the answer.

A free online design service, the Design Studio allows site visitors to replicate their garage by adding dimensions, doors, cars and other common garage items (clutter). Then you can start adding wall cabinets, tool storage and other wall systems to see what the organized garage would look like.

Of course the products and systems used in the Design process are all Gladiator GarageWorks, but it's a start, and there's nothing stopping you from making your garage design and piecing together components from other venders if that's your pleasure.

If you're going to "waste" time on the Internet, I say waste it doing something that could eventually lead to something productive. Like imagining an organized garage.

The new face of residential wind turbines, courtesy of Honeywell.

Day Two of IBS 2011

Here are some more notable products on display at IBS 2011 that Greg was able to check out:

  • The Skylight Tube, from US Sunlight Corp. This illuminating ceiling fixture is a rarity--it's Energy Star rated because the tube is insulated.

  • Clopay's Gallery garage door with a walnut finish. Your garage faces the world. Is yours worth looking at?

  • The Honeywell WT6500 Wind Turbine. It looks like the blades of a jet engine at first glance, but it's actually a residential wind turbine designed to turn wind into energy for the home. It's being touted the highest output, lowest cost per kWh turbine ever made. Pretty cool.

  • Are you at IBS? Let's hear what you've seen and done.

    Aquatic's Accessible Bath tub features a push-button hydraulic door and a draining system that empties 70 gallons in half a minute.

    International Builders' Show Day #2

    They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I'm gonna spill the beans...on my experience at the International Builders' Show, anyway.

    Day #2 of IBS 2010 at the Convention Center in the City of Sin didn't fail to deliver, as I was treated to the finest in residential sprinkler systems (soon to be mandated in a state near you), a stainless steel cooking hood built exclusively for an outdoor kitchen, the quietest in garage door openers and home ventilation systems and more.

    I just had to TwitPic a very cool accessible bathtub from Aquatic with an automated hydraulic door that lowers and raises with a press of a button. The tub holds around 70 gallons, all of which drains in less than 30 seconds at the press of a button. I'm not at the stage in my life where accessibility is a necessity, but I have great appreciation for those who do and especially for those companies who are meeting the needs of such consumers. Bravo, Aquatic.

    As I was being shown Overhead Door's best and newest in garage doors, a nearby employee opened the garage door behind me using the company's new whisper-quiet garage door opener. Though standing but 10 feet away, I neither heard nor felt the door being opened. Such was the smooth and silent operation of the new line of garage door opening products. As impressive as the doors themselves, to be sure.

    A new building code being adopted by states across the country (including Ca, NH and Pa) mandates a fire suppression system in residential new home construction. So a visit to Tyco's booth was in order. Their residential sprinkler system featured unobtrusive, recessed sprinkler heads that are covered by a white plate that installs flush to your ceiling, more resembling of a lighting fixture or sprinkler than anything else. When the temperature in a room hits 135, the plate falls away, exposing the sprinkler head. Temperatures of 160 then cause the sprinkler to engage, releasing gallons of water onto the affected room to suppress a blaze. A clear life-saving and possibly house-saving product if I've ever seen one. Retro-fits are possible for the existing home, too.

    Be sure to check back with On The Level as we sift through the hundreds of press kits to find those blog-worthy nuggets and new products.

    I'd blog on, but the roulette table calls.

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