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Catching Up with the Latest Design Trends

While cutting-edge, luxury home design may seem quite irrelevant to the average homeowner, keeping up with the latest trends is actually a valuable tool in maintaining or increasing the value of one's current home regardless of the price range.

Just as those crazy, exaggerated fashion runway trends trickle down to the everyday consumer in a more subdued manner, so too do home trends set the standard for what will eventually become mainstream. Understanding these trends can help guide homeowners when it comes to basic repairs and renovations - keeping their home up-to-date, relevant and ultimately salable. And, if keeping your home for a lifetime is the plan, knowing the most up-to-date design and building trends can help increase the quality of everyday living by providing smart and often simple solutions to practical problems.

Boston real estate power duo Tom Matthews and Joanne Taranto share some of what they see happening in the world of home design and building on TomandJoanneteam.com and the range of ideas is rather impressive. From simple color schemes to high-tech advances, the following trends are sure to spark the imagination and offer-up some practical home design solutions.

Color Palettes:
We still have a few months to wait for Colors of the Year from the folks at Pantone and Sherwin Williams, but 2015 showed the continuation of a long trend of vibrant color. Sherwin Williams unveiled a stunning coral and Pantone named Marsala - a deep, rich coral brown as their choice of the year. If you're willing to lay out $750 for Pantone's color planner for 2016, you can get a preview of what's to come, but for the rest of us we will have to sit and wait.

Practical Solutions:
"Specialized storage" is an interior design trend to look for in the coming years. Losing ground are stuffed attics, basements and closets in favor of storage space that is built-in and in closer proximity to the actual living space where items can be more easily accessed. Mudroom bins for pet food and supplies are particularly hot and underseat storage may soon be standard fare.

High-tech Trends:
Smarthomes are dramatically increasing in popularity as the technology becomes more accessible. Features such as keyless entry, remote security, lighting on demand and temperature control are all finding their way into the average home by way of smartphone apps. Even technophobes are coming to understand the ways in which many of these trends can save time and money and increase quality of life. And, since wireless technology makes for easy retrofitting, many of these features are more affordable than ever before.

3D printing is perhaps the most new and enigmatic building trend out there, but it actually has very practical applications. It is best explained by imagining your home computer printer on a massive scale. And, instead of releasing ink onto paper, 3D printers release materials such as plastic or molten metals into whatever shape they were programmed to create. This process will enable builders to fabricate durable building materials on site with more precision, less waste and eventually at a lower cost.

The one trend for all homeowners to look out for, is solar conversion. On the fast track in development are solar shingles and solar glass windows - features that experts say will eventually become standard offerings. By converting solar energy into usable power in the home, these innovations have wide appeal not only to environmentally conscious homeowners, but to folks looking to save money in energy costs and see a higher return on their investments.

So, the next time you come across an article illustrating cutting-edge, luxury trends that appear to have no bearing on decisions you make for your home - take the time to check them out. As far-fetched or complicated as some may seem, most are grounded in practical solutions for better, more simple living.

See more storage solutions like this one from ClosetMaid on the Address the Mess Contest page.

Storage Solutions Made Simple

Why wait until spring to do some serious cleaning and organizing? Get started now!

To encourage our readers to take control their lives, Renovate Your World has launched the Address the Mess contest in which one lucky winner will walk away with $300 worth of storage solution products from ClosetMaid.

There are two $100 second and third place prizes, as well.

To enter, simply go to the Address the Mess Contest Page to enter your name and "Like" your favorite Renovate Your World storage article on Facebook.

But don't stop there. Be sure to check out the Storage Solution Gallery for the latest in ClosetMaid storage products for the mudroom, bedroom, kitchen and more. There's plenty in there to inspire you to throw out the junk, recycle what can be and organize the rest. Don't stress! Address the Mess!

Gear up at the 2011 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.

National Hardware Show Open

The 2011 National Hardware Show is underway at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Exhibitors from across the country have set up their booths to showcase their wares. Everything from paint and plumbing to gardening and storage products will be on display through Thursday.

Show times are 9am - 5pm today and tomorrow.

Check out the full Exhibitor List and hustle over today or tomorrow (if you happen to be in Las Vegas) to catch all the action.

Get organized in 2010! Eliminate clutter in the garage with an organizing system.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Renovate Your World!

Having trouble deciding on a New Year's Resolution? Here are some suggestions:

1) Get fit! Yes, 90% of the country's population has this same resolution. But you can take it one step farther. Design and create your own home gym. You'll save on membership costs, and you will have no excuse not to go every day.

2) Learn woodworking! By making your own shelves, chairs and what-have-yous, you'll be saving money (again) and learning a cool new hobby. Check out these handy How To Videos to get started learning key cutting techniques.

3) Get organized! Clutter is so 2009. Purchase and install a few closet organizers. They make a world of difference.

4) Help others! Pick a charity from our Charity Blog Series and see how you can be a little more selfless in 2010.

5) Spend more time with family! That's easier to do when the hub of the home--the kitchen--is a place you are proud of. A whole kitchen remodel may not be in the budget for 2010, but you certainly can swap out the old faucets, install some new appliances or change up the cabinets without breaking the bank. Check out these beautiful kitchens for inspiration!

What is your New Year's Resolution?

Rubbermaid storage solutions keep this room organized. Photo courtesy of Rubbermaid.

Smarten Up Your Storage

There used to be a show in Japan called The Ito Household, which invited viewers to send in their home videos about innovative money-saving gadgets (sometimes useful, sometimes just completely silly) they constructed out of old cardboard boxes and useless things around the house for cash prizes. The show was a huge success because it made being frugal fun.

ShopSmart, a consumer report magazine launched in 2006 for shoppers whose time is money, has easy and enjoyable tips on how to save on storage products. “No one should spend $20 for a shoe box bin or $30 for a linen-lined basket to keep their house in order,” said ShopSmart Editor-In-Chief Lee Freeman. Here’re some of the quickest, and most money-saving projects to create storage in your house:

1. Got leftover wrapping paper from the holidays? Use it to decorate old shoe boxes to hold office supplies, remote controls and toiletries. ShopSmart also recommends using contact paper, fabric or leftover wallpaper to jazz up those boxes. The best part of this project is that it’s free!

2. Over-the-Door shoe bags and hooks—tricks from your college dorm days. The best way to increase limited storage space is to take advantage of every surface and square foot possible. ShopSmart recommends you use shoe bags for more than just shoes; use them to store gloves, hats and scarves and even put them in your bathroom to hold blow dryers, curling irons and toiletries. A helpful suggestion: Place hooks where you tend to drop things.

3. Another way to maximize limited storage space is to have gadgets that allow flexibility. Lazy Susans let you store things deep within a cabinet without clutter. Just spin that Susan ’round and find what you’re looking for!

4. Baskets, trays and metal tins are great resources to store extraneous things from around the house. Use them in your office, kitchen and bedroom so you’ll have a smart place to keep all your treasures.

Check out our tips on how to smarten your storage space in the attic and the basement.

Photo courtesy of Yardiac.

Clever Way to Store Garden Equipment

We all know the trick of hiding a house key somewhere outside your home underneath a rock. But here's an interesting twist. How about storing your garden tools outside in a giant plastic rock? The Storage Rock Tool Organizer from Yardiac looks like real stone but is made from heavy duty plastic. It allows you to store your garden and pool equipment outside year-round. It can be ordered from the Yardiac Web site.

Photo courtesy of geishaboy500.

Your Dream Toolbox

What does your dream toolbox look like? Do you sometimes wonder about all the options available? Matco Tools has a new Toolbox Configurator on the front page of its Web site to help you visualize. Users start by selecting the model series and then are walked through the selection of unique drawer configurations, distinctive color and trim combinations, add-ons for additional storage space and accessories and upgrade possibilities. It's so easy my five-year-old niece can do it.

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