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Post on Diggerslist.com and get a free packet of wildflower seeds to plant during Earth Month.

Diggerslist.com Goes National

Diggerslist.com, the online source of cheap, unused, reclaimed and recycled building materials has just gone national. A sort of Craigslist for flooring, roofing, tile -- you name it -- Diggerslist had previously only been available to a big handful of metropolitan areas.

Now everyone can find cheap materials needed for the weekend's DIY project or Honey-Do task. And thanks to Geolocation technology the site will automatically recognize where you are browsing from and link you with nearby sellers of materials.

Diggerslist is also incentivizing transactions during Earth Month by giving away free packets of wildflower seeds to anyone who posts new items for sale on the site over the next two weeks.

Check out the new site and see if you can find recycled or surplus building materials for your next home improvement project.

The new free online classifieds for builders and DIYers.

Free Classifieds for Builders and DIYers

Want any easy way to buy or sell construction material? Operating much like a Craigslist for builders, the new site exchangebucket.com matches sellers and buyers. A free service, exchangebucket.com started in Northern California but has aspirations to grow across the US.

New and used materials can be found on the site and there's forum that connects professionals, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

Unfortunately I can't find any materials in my area (Vermont) as the site is not well enough known, yet. I'll be checking back in a few months from now to see what markets it has expanded into.

Of course, exchangebucket.com is in direct competition (sort of) with Diggerslist.com, a similar site with a head start and a little more coverage across the states. We'll see who pulls ahead over time.

What's your favorite online source for new and used building material?

The building and remodeling industries optimistic for upturn.

Builders and Remodelers Hopeful for Upturn | Housing Economy

Home improvement spending is set to recover this Fall, according to the recent forecast from the Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. This after a decline from 2009 levels, which were low enough as it is.

Conversely, July's NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index fell to 14, down from June's 16 score, indicating that builders and consumers aren't in the most optimistic of moods. Still, there were some positive signs coming out of June. Single-family starts fell only 0.7%; some see this as a sign that they are hitting bottom and gearing for an upturn. You can read the full report on the NAHB site.

About a month ago we reported on the "State of the Nation's Housing 2010," an assessment issued by the USGBC and Harvard University, which also had a mix of ups and downs.

Are you involved in building or remodeling? What's you take on the current state of the industry?

Stay tuned for more real life Real Estate nightmares!

A Short Sale Real Estate Nightmare | Real Estate

If you haven't seen it already, take a few minutes to read up on this funny-but-really-kind-of-sad nightmare story posted on The Consumerist about a short sale of a house gone real, real bad.

The short sale short tale goes like this:

Guy buys a short sale house (a short sale is a home sold for less than what the owner owes on it). Seller's realtor forgets to submit important paperwork. Home sits for months on end, subject to vandalism, water damage and deterioration. Buyer stubbornly refuses to look for different home. Readers' comments reflect a popular sentiment.

Check out the full story and be sure to scroll down for the comments.

The real question here is this: should the buyer walk away from this deal?

Thinking about upgrading your home? Read this first!

Book Release: Right-Sizing Your Home

In her new book "Right-Sizing Your Home," author Gale Stevens puts our homeowning notion of "bigger is better" under the microscope, challenging readers to answer honestly when asked how much of their home they actually use. Central to Stevens' book is what she calls the "Art of 'RE'" -- reinvent, reclaim, redesign, rearrange, repurpose, recycle and reduce.

Relocating is not an option. We are not, after all, hermit crabs.

The basic idea? Find ways to more efficiently and effectively use the space you are in.

I like the timing of this book, as it might inject some sense into homeowners and potential homebuyers at a time when the housing market is nursing itself back to health. Perhaps Realtors should hand this out as required reading lest we fall victim again to the consequences of living beyond our means (and needs).

SPONSORED: Get Up To 5% Back with Discover Card Home Improvement Purchases


Discover Card wants to give you money back on your home improvement purchases.

During the months of April and May, Discover Cardmembers can sign up for the Cashback Bonus program to get as much as 5% back on purchases towards home improvement projects.

With the country still in the grips of a recession, the resurgence of small, DIY, home improvement projects by homeowners has not shown signs of slowing. Programs like Discover Card's 5% Cashback Bonus are additional incentive for savings-minded homeowners to take on home improvement projects themselves, rather than paying extra for a contractor.

Cashback Bonus categories will change throughout the year, ranging from the current home and fashion category to travel, gas and groceries. In the home and fashion category, Discover Cardmembers who have signed up for the program can earn the 5% back on purchases up to $400. Purchases in excess of the $400 will earn up to 1% in the Cashback Bonus.

Existing Discover Cardmembers need to sign up for each program, and can do so by logging in to the Account Center.

Are you looking to take on some home improvement projects this Spring? Tell us about it.

Home Depot's Spring Black Friday sale. Coming to a store near you.

Home Depot Holds a Spring Black Friday

Who says Black Friday has to be a day in November, or even just one day, for that matter?

Not Home Depot.

In a move that smacks of marketing genius (as in a ploy to get us to spend more money), Home Depot has decided to hold their Black Friday in the spring. And as if that wasn't enough, they've expanded their day of deals from a single day to an unspecified length of time, like a weekend. Wait, it gets better/more confusing. Home Depot Black Friday (or Black Weekend, or whatever it should be called) will fall on different dates, depending on which market/region you are in. In the Southern and Western states, for example, it started yesterday.

Sounds like a confusing and pretty run-of-the-mill spring sale, if you ask me.

Still, a sale is a sale, and a DIYer or home improving type can find some good deals during this Spring-Christmas Kick-off, mainly on outdoor-related products like grills, patio sets, lawn care items and the like.

So check your local Home Depot for Black Friday details and report back to us if the deals are anything like those you find on the real Black Friday. For advanced warning, go to their store locater to enter your zip and find out when Black Friday HD style is coming to your area.

Are you going to check out the Spring Black Friday? What are you looking to buy this spring?

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