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Hi-tech, Low-itch!

About five years ago we did a major renovation to our house and the architect suggested we use spray foam for insulation. There were many benefits; it was a green technology, it provided a vapor barrier, it added some rigidity to the structure, it filled every nook and it could get wet without growing mold. The down side: In those days a truck showed up at your house with 55 gallon drums of chemicals and a very loud machine used to mix the foam and to power the sprayers. They did a great job, they were pros, but I was not about to call them for my newest project, a small basement room makeover.

Step in "Foam it Green" from sprayfoamdirect.com, which has a DIY version of the big truck. For $330 I got two small canisters connected to hoses which meet and mix at a spray gun. The kit also came with extra nozzles, safety equipment (gloves, glasses etc) and instructions. Note: It's important to read these even though it is against every guy's better judgement. With things like temperature of the foam and spray force, you don't want to waste the product or the applicators.

The process went well and after a minute of spraying I got pretty good at it. (You can see the finished product in this picture.) After the foam cured -- about four minutes -- I added a second layer, where needed. The best part: I've insulated the whole room and I'm not itching!
Next up: Drywall.

Before and After CLR Before and After CLR
This cleaning solution made the side of my garage look like new.

A Mold Breakthrough

I have to tell you about a product that saved my butt last weekend. Here's the scene: It's a beautiful Saturday in late August, the Bluefish are running, the boat is gassed up, and out of no where my wife requests that I clean the exterior garage door seals. "I'm sorry, the what?" I didn't even know we had such things.

After they were enthusiastically pointed out, I could see they were stained, covered in mold, and discolored by years of weather. I told her it was a great look -- they have a rustic feel. This fell on deaf ears so I hurried to fill a bucket with soapy water and scrubbed as the Bluefish ran without me. Useless. So I dug through our cleaning supplies and found a bottle of CLR (Calcium Lime Rust remover) we once used on rust stains in our bathroom. I followed the directions (spray, let soak, wipe, and rinse), and in no time the EGDS (exterior garage door seals, we're on a nick-name basis now) were like new -- and I was off.

Check out my before and after pictures. This stuff was amazing.
Tip: It's a pretty strong solution, so wear gloves and don't let it near your face.
Have you had any mold and dirt breakthroughs lately? Let us know your tips.

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