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Photo courtesy of Custom Tile Mural - Faux Window © 2007 Back Alley Designs If I could afford this tile, I would probably invest in a better coffee pot.

Basement Apartment Dwellers Rejoice

I once lived in a basement apartment while in college. It was a large space for the money—practically double the size of my terrestrial friends’ abodes. It was surprisingly well-lit with multiple windows, however, they were high and provided little to look at. Sure, I could see some feet or ankles (occasionally), but the angle made it impossible to see the sky or the outdoors. I think I may have suffered from one of those light deprivation syndromes. While it probably would not have helped it then, I just discovered a new trend in wall tile that may have improved my demeanor: tile backsplashes that look like windows with realistic landscapes. This photo shows a real tile pattern. It sure would have been nice to look “out” at this instead of the wallpaper pattern I was exposed to for years. While tile murals have been around for millennia, these photo quality tiles are new to me.


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Good Idea For Basements

05/30/2009 11:31 PM TooShort

I liked your idea to make a basement feel more like a home. It seems to open the area to the outdoors even it is not asessable to the room. Basement remodeling can add to an already crowded home.

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