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A Workshop Accident A Workshop Accident
My friend Stan Fettig learned the hard way that he should have used a push stick when getting this close to a table saw blade. PS he is one of the finest woodworkers I know.

What not to do in the Workshop

We have seen plenty of blogs with pretty stuff. Now lets take a look at your battle scars. Have you ever met a soldier in a bar who did not want to show you his scars? Heck, he or she earned them the hard way and have the right to show them off.

We at Renovate Your World want to hear your "workshop war" stories and see your wounds too. We might even publish them as a warning article cautioning other DIY'ers on what not to do. Please don't sever a limb just for us, but if you have shots that can help prevent others from making the same mistake, send them along.

Check out the SDA "Ingredient Central" site for information on cleaning product ingredients.

The Cleaning Industry Comes Clean

Do you hold your breath when using a cleaning product spray? I definitely do. Despite the fact that Seventh Generation has their headquarters in my town, I don't heavily discriminate when it comes to purchasing cleaning products. I do, however, find myself wondering exactly what it is that I am inhaling, touching and spreading around when I do the monthly-er, weekly cleaning around the house.

Now I can know.

Thanks to the Soap and Detergent Association (SDA), I can find out exactly what ingredients are in my cleaning products through their recently-launched "Ingredient Central" site.

At Ingredient Central, member companies give information about the ingredients of the products in order for consumers to make better decisions about safe and effective cleaning product use. Participating companies include some heavy hitters like Clorox, Proctor & Gamble, S.C. Johnson & Son and yes, Seventh Generation. Each company has a link where consumers can go to find out how and where the company's ingredient information can be found.

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