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Make your home safe for visitors this Halloween.

Make Your Home Safe for Trick-or-Treaters

With Halloween around the corner, make sure your home is prepared and safe for the coming wave of trick-or-treaters. According to premises liability expert attorney Jeffrey Kroll, homeowners should be wary of these points:
  • Entrance ways should be clear and lighted. Homeowners should not use candles. The open flame is a significant fire hazard.

  • Pets should be kept away even if they are normally friendly animals. Dog bites are the second leading cause of childhood injury, according to the American Medical Society.

  • Condo owners must remember safety and liability rest with the unit owners. If people are admitted into the common area, unit owners need to make sure those people are safe.

  • Make sure pathways are level and clear so visitors do not trip on anything.

  • Kids don't always use pathways to reach a home's front door. Make sure all holes in your property (trenches, swimming pools, etc.) are either covered or fenced in.
Your neighbors with children will appreciate your care. So, this Halloween, be a good neighbor (and give out the large candy bars too!).

"I'm walking into spiderweb, so leave a message and I'll call you back..." Image courtesy of Adrian Blackwell.

A Hammock Fit for Peter Parker

Don't be alarmed. Those humanoid figures are not, in fact, caught in the massive web of the Spider Queen. This behemoth -- while resembling a cross between a trampoline and a fishing net -- is in fact a hammock-like structure that was featured at this year's International Garden Festival at Jardins de Metis/Redford Gardens in Quebec. The smiling faces occupying its triangular sections are enjoying a little R&R while hovering over the aromatic flora planted in the garden just below. Scents from lemon geraniums, lavenders, catmints and other such olfactory delights are wafting through the nylon safety netting more commonly found underneath circus trapeze set-ups.

The "Dymaxion Sleeps," as it is named, was designed by Jane Hutton and Adrian Blackwell and installed by Creations Filion. I think a smaller version would actually make a marketable product for the everyday residential garden or lawn -- a sort of outdoor family-friendly hub for napping, reading a book, whatever. Clearly it's a draw for the toddlers. Maybe it could come with a "spiderweb" adhesive option, so Mom and Dad know the kids aren't going to disappear when adult backs are turned.

What do you think? Would you want a Dymaxion Sleeps in your backyard?

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