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Newer television sets, like this Samsung LED TV, will not be affected by the switch.

Digital TV Switch Postponed to June

The House voted yesterday to postpone the shutdown of analog TV signals to June 12, giving consumers four additional months to get ready for the transition from analog to digital broadcasting. The original date for the switch was to take place on February 17, which was set by Congress three years ago. The Senate passed the bill last week, and it now goes to President Obama for signing. According to the Associated Press, "The Nielsen Co. estimates that more than 6.5 million U.S. households that rely on analog TV sets to pick up over-the-air broadcast signals still are not ready." Subscribers to cable or satellite TV or those who have a newer television set will not be affected. The delay will also allow the government more time to put additional funds into the voucher program that provides coupons for consumers to purchase a converter box. As they say on TV, stay tuned.

Green with Envy

Want to surprise your Valentine with a cool gift that also reduces your carbon footprint on the world? The Ultimate Green Store, a Web site designed to teach customers about the importance of going green with their useful and stylish products, has everything from solar power chargers to decorative hemp collars for your dog. I have my eye on a heart charm necklace made by an environmentally responsible gold plating provider found in the Green Hot Valentine’s Sale section (hint to the boyfriend!). The best thing about the Web site? You can read under each description how the product you bought is making that carbon footprint difference.

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