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How to Build an Igloo

Although it resembles a film you saw in elementary school, this 10-minute clip on how to build an igloo is entertaining and informative. The narrator runs through the basic history of igloos and shows how Eskimos create one using nothing more than snow and a knife.


I didn't realize the difficulty in creating the spiral pattern with the snow blocks. Building one takes true skill. With winter upon us, could this be a project for your backyard?

Woodworking Safety

I dabble in woodworking and have made several things pieces of furniture. I am also a serious DIYer, having finished a complete basement remodel, including electrical work, myself. I feel like I am, for the most part, a safe person. I recently read a post on WoodNet.net where a father and his six-year-old son were working on a project together and the father tried to show his son how to use a table saw and give him some table saw safety. If you didn't see any issues with the previous sentence let me spell it out...SIX YEAR OLD and TABLE SAW SAFETY. The scenario of those two coming together should never exist. Power tools are awesome and something everyone should be exposed to in life, but please understand that tools can be dangerous and need to be treated with the highest respect. If you have a small child in the house (or even an inexperienced handyperson) please take care to safeguard the house or shop. Lock up power tools if need be. BE SMART!

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