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Photo courtesy of Yardiac.

Clever Way to Store Garden Equipment

We all know the trick of hiding a house key somewhere outside your home underneath a rock. But here's an interesting twist. How about storing your garden tools outside in a giant plastic rock? The Storage Rock Tool Organizer from Yardiac looks like real stone but is made from heavy duty plastic. It allows you to store your garden and pool equipment outside year-round. It can be ordered from the Yardiac Web site.

The Bull Digger in action. Photo courtesy of Thomas Menna.

Making a Hole-in-One Has Never Been Easier...

...That is, if your "one" happens to be your backyard. Thomas Menna of Bull Digger Industries has introduced me to this crazy contraption that uses a wet-dry vac to dig a hole. Yes, that's a wet-dry vac, something that is pretty much standard in any workshop and is kept clean. I watched the video and it reminded me of my youth sitting in the yard and driving my dad crazy by digging holes (really deep puddles) with the garden hose. It seems to work in rocky terrain and makes cleanup a lot easier if you are digging in your perfect lawn (no dirt pile).
Check it out and tell us what you think.

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