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Dead bolts help secure your home.

Security Tips

A house holds a lot of valuable items. Most importantly, it holds you and your family. If you are looking to beef up the security system in and around your home, here are 10 tips provided by DIY Network:

1) A knob lock is not enough. Top locks and deadbolts are much more secure.
2) A heavy-duty lock on a light-duty door does not work. Door strength is important.
3) A dead lock with a throw bolt is effective.
4) Dogs of dog-imitating alarms ward off intruders.
5) Motion sensors scare criminals.
6) Internet-based security camera systems are great tools.
7) Get a safe to store valuables in.
8) Secondary locks (Such as deadbolts on the interior) are important.
9) Alarms scare people away.
10) Do not obstruct your windows with bushes or shrubs. They will help a burglar go unseen.

If you have any home security tips of your own, please add them to the comments section. Even the smallest of steps can drastically improve a homeís security.

Photo courtesy of Dremel.

Sticky Situation

I donít often use glue guns. They are typically a little too powerful for the small tasks I usually deal with. Instead I, go with a cheap glue stick because I would rather save the big daddy glue gun for a more important project, but then it ends up collecting dust for very long periods of time. The expanded Dremel Glue Gun line helps solve that problem. Three new sizes of guns (20, 40 and 60 watts) allow the full Dremel line to be applicable in a much wider range of projects. The smallest gun in the line, the Dremel 1225 Glue Gun (20 watts), holds 7mm glue sticks. This one is just right for small tasks and only costs $15.99. The largest model (Dremelís original) is 80 watts and costs $24.99. All the guns have several anti-burn features, such as built-in stands and anti-drip tips. Now that you can choose a size that fits your need, these Dremel glue guns seem like great purchases and very useful tools.

Tips for Remodeling Your Basement

Our basement used to be a scary place. I knew that the hot water heater could be found down there, but I wasnít quite sure what other creatures I might stumble across. Thankfully, we decided to clean it out and completely remodel it. Here are some steps that we took and some tips that might help you during the remodeling process.

First, decide what you want to turn your basement into. Ask yourself if you need more living space, a game room, an office, a hobby room, etc. Then, plan as if this project were a small version of a home, and determine the answers to questions like: When will you have time to work on the remodel? How much space do you have to work with? What jobs will you need a contractor for?.

After you have planned the project and begun working, itís easy to get wrapped up in the big changes. Donít forget about these two details, though!
1) Itís hard to enjoy your new room if it doesnít have a good heating/cooling system.
2) You might need new storage space for whatever used to be in your basement. For us, the basement worked best as a game room/entertainment center. The main goal, though, is to transform your basement into something useful. It might have taken a lot of work, but we were able to achieve that with our basement. Now I can hardly stand to leave it. For more examples and information about basement renovation, check out more articles and videos here.

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