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This house is not in foreclosure. But like most houses, it is the victim of a falling real estate market. Photo courtesy of Greg Vazzana.

Lawmakers! Do What You Are Elected to Do!

As a voter, I take responsibility for putting you in office. As a proud American, I have selected you to represent the majority of the people in this country and do what is best (not for you personally or me personally) for the good of America. Republicans, Democrats and Independents, you have let me down. You have let the American people down. By not putting aside partisan politics to the highest levels of elected leadership, you have failed to address the key issues we have elected you to be responsible for: protecting the safety and security of our nation and our future. We have been let down in the past by previous leaders, but let’s put that behind us and move forward. We can’t change the past; we can only work today to make for a better future for us and for our children.

If the government owned the mortgage securities, they would have the power to allow the loan servicers to change the terms of the contracts, to keep people paying on their mortgages and keep them in their homes. This would have a ripple effect of stemming the tide of foreclosures. If the foreclosure rate goes down, surrounding home values go up. When surrounding home values go up, people once again have equity in their homes. Equity in their homes leads to a positive view of the economy. A positive view of the economy means the value of the mortgage-backed securities goes up. Then the government can sell these securities at a gain to the American government and the American taxpayer. Call your Congressman and tell them to cross the aisle and not pass the buck to the next Congress. Because, guess what? If you do that, you have lost what’s most important to you: my vote.

A house with Tyvek.

Enter to Win the Ultimate Sports Fan Prize

If you’re feeling lucky today, listen up. Dupont Tyvek, which provides “building envelope protection,” is launching a huge new promotion. If you are a building professional, you can register to win the ultimate sports fan prize contest. Five people will win an ultimate road trip to their choice of a top sporting event. Some of the choices include the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the World Series, NASCAR, and the NBA or NCAA Finals. You can also spin to win one of 2,000 instant prizes after registering. Hurry! The sweepstakes ends October 31, 2008.

Photo courtesy of The Brass Potato.

Join the Lighting Revolution

The EPA is calling upon Americans to change their conventional light bulbs to compact fluorescent lighting in celebration of the eighth annual Energy Star Change a Light Day today. We at renovateyourworld.com have long been big fans of CFLs and are happy to see they have moved from the fringe to the mainstream, up from 5 percent of the lighting market at the beginning of the decade to approximately 20 percent in 2007. What's in it for you? A single CFL can save about $30 or more in electrical costs over its lifetime in comparison to an incandescent bulb. Because CFLs are so efficient, they significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuels required to be burned to power them; a single CFL can keep 200 pounds of coal from being burned. As part of the campaign, the EPA is asking people to take the Energy Star pledge, which introduces more things people can do to save money, energy and fight global warming.

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