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Sustainable Sanitation

Since I started working here, I've written more about toilets than I ever dreamed possible. But one thing has captured my imagination about them: the idea of recycling the waste. The Boston Globe has an interesting article on the concept and the movement. Turns out urine is filled with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, three ingredients in artificial fertilizer. Feces also have these components in lesser amounts but produce methane, which can burned and used as "biogas." And in these days of high energy and fertilizer prices, people are looking to maximize efficiency in every way possible.

The article talks about several concepts, including toilet technology to separate urine from feces and vacuum-based biogas toilets. It also traces the history of sanitation and the problem of retrofitting our existing system. Overall, it's a great read about something we don't spend a lot of time talking or thinking about.

Cutting drywall is just one of the many tasks Dremel's new Multi-Max can perform.

Dremel Enters The Oscillating Tool Market

Tool maker Dremel has long been known for their compact, versatile, ergonomic and precision design. Now they are bringing all four of those attributes to the world of oscillating tools with the new Multi-Max. The tool and its 12 different accessories allows user to tackle a wide variety of tasks, including sanding, cutting, scraping and grinding. Users can also select from a wide variety of speeds from 10,000 to 21,000 oscillations per minute. The system will be available in October 2008 in hardware and home improvement stores nationwide. Suggested retail price for the tool, accessories and storage case will be $99.99.

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