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Photo courtesy of bdjsb7

Iron Mike's Old Mansion

Here's a project someone should undertake: rehabbing Mike Tyson's now abandoned estate in Ohio. The property has had a colorful history since Tyson sold it in the late 90s and now it stands abandoned and decaying. It features a 10,000-square-foot swimming pool, sundae bar, a waterfall, two fountains, tiger cages and a gate with Iron Mike's name written in steel. The architecture borders on the over-the-top side but what else would you expect? The man was paid to bash people, not design houses. Check out the pictures to get a sense of the excess.

Copper roof for a Dresden castle.

The Line on Copper

The demand of copper is rising dramatically, along with the price. This has caused some people to doubt whether copper is worth using in homes anymore. In a recent survey conducted by the Copper Development Association (CDA), a majority of Americans still think the benefits of copper make it worth being used. Some of these benefits include:

1) When used for frequently touched objects, such as doorknobs, copper kills dangerous germs and bacteria.
2) Copper improves indoor air quality and reduces energy consumption when it is used in the heating and AC systems.
3) Copper is totally recyclable.

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