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Heating specialists have more time to talk with you and bargain in the off months Heating specialists have more time to talk with you and bargain in the off months

Bargain Time for Boilers

I am a clearance-rack shopper. Granted, it's not because I'm committed to saving money, it's that I find myself shopping for clothes when they are clearing away the items I need. Very handy—it saves me lots of money. Well, the same can be said for shopping for a furnace or boiler in the off months. Out of necessity—my boiler blew just a couple of weeks ago, dropping its reserve tank of water throughout my basement office!—I am getting quotes on a new system for the house. What I'm finding is that companies are showing up on time, anxious to sharpen their pencils and compete for our business. Summer is a good time to shop for a boiler. If you want further reductions, contact local suppliers to find out if they have any scratch-and-dent models hanging around, especially if you are looking for hot water tanks. Let's face it, in the basement, few people are looking for the finish on your mechanicals. Check with major distributors, too. It could be that they're offering summer savings. Make sure your local supplier knows you've seen that incentive price and are looking to share the savings. The bottom line? Think about reviewing your heating needs now while the rest of the world is shopping for lawn mowers. It could really work to your advantage!

Get the tools you need to build protective shutters Get the tools you need to build protective shutters

Emergency Board Up How-To

Those of us in hurricane-prone regions are all too aware that June 1 was the official start of hurricane season. Many of us have stocked our disaster supply kits and prepared our family emergency plans. However, a lot of people are still stumped when it comes to boarding up their windows and doors. If you find your home in the path of a hurricane this season and don't have impact-resistant windows and doors or impact-resistant shutters or panels to protect from windborne debris, consider building your own temporary emergency shutters. Fortunately, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes website can help with complete instructions and an easy-to-follow animation. Some steps you can take now, well before your home is threatened. Don't wait, get started by clicking the link below.

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