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Big votes for the long-lasting metal roof Big votes for the long-lasting metal roof

Updated Metal Roofing

My life as a New Englander has not granted me great exposure to the metal roof. Truth be told, it has never aesthetically appealed to me, even as I acknowledge its resilient properties. That said, I CAN appreciate a roofing product that claims to last up to 100 years without needing significant maintenance. Such is the case with the steel roofing that Follansbee markets. The secret to their roof’s longevity is a ZT alloy plating over steel. It’s a combination of zinc and tin, and according to the company it can resist the corrosive effects of salt spray for an indefinite amount of time. Why indefinite? The ASTM test to measure the length of time the material can resist salt spray before rusting was abandoned after 5,000+ hours, because the material showed no sign of rust. Sounds pretty resistant to me. Such a product would be worth looking into, especially for those lucky enough to reside near the coast. By the looks of things, they’ve also found ways to make the stuff look quite attractive! Who knows, they may even entice me…

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