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Prevent damaging ice dams by cleaning gutters

Gutter Talk

Ah, Fall. Crisp temperatures, college football—and gutter cleaning. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you need to think about your home’s gutters. Why? The two top reasons that come to my mind have to do with fire and ice. Let’s talk fire first. Did you know that having gutters full of dry leaves and debris can make your home more susceptible to catching fire? Burning embers, whether from a wildfire or someone’s burning leaf pile, can float long distances and land in your clogged gutters. Then there’s the darn ice dam issue for those of you living in colder areas. Ice dams are lumps of ice that form on the edges of roofs that prevent melting snow from draining off the roof. As the snow melts, the water backs up and seeps under shingles or tiles and eventually into your home. I know you don’t want a house fire or roof leaks, so, please do yourself, your family, and your home a favor. Get those gutters cleaned.

Find Solar connects homeowners to solar contractors Find Solar connects homeowners to solar contractors

Find a Solar Contractor Near You!

If given the choice between conventional energy sources and solar ones, I think most folks would feel morally compelled to go the green route and use that flaming hot orb for more than just a nice tan. Making the switch may seem like a daunting one, which is why homeowners should look to the good people at Find Solar for assistance in taking that first step. Find Solar is an online resource that connects homeowners with solar contractors in their area. It also has a "solar estimator" tool that allows you to determine (somewhat roughly) the cost and payback of installing a solar system in your home. It will also calculate the greenhouse gases (CO2) saved over the 25 year life-span of the system. It's worth a trip to their site just to use that nifty little tool. Come on, people. This planet isn't going to get healthy on its own...

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