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A hipped roof is stronger in high winds than a gabled one A hipped roof is stronger in high winds than a gabled one

In High Winds, Itís Hip to Be Hipped

Did you know that the shape of your roof has a lot to do with how well it stands up against high winds, including hurricane-force winds? Hipped-roof systems are more likely to stay put in a hurricane than gabled-roof systems. Why? Unlike gabled roofs, a hipped roof slopes upward from all sides of the building. The aerodynamic properties and construction techniques inherent in hipped roofs help them perform better in windstorms than gabled roofs. A gabled roof has two slopes that come together to form a ridge or a peak at the top, so each end looks like the letter ďA.Ē Homes with gabled roofs are more likely to suffer greater damage from high windsó including the collapse of the end wall if it is not braced properly during construction. To learn more about roof types and roof systems visit FLASH and look for the Roof tab.

Reduce unnecessary water consumption with common-sense solutions Reduce unnecessary water consumption with common-sense solutions

Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Conservation is really on my mind these daysóconserving resources and money. So, it really caught my eye when the Money Pit took a look at water savings. Sure, I like to save natural resources, but I never really took a look at the quantities. How about the fact that you could save 500 gallons a month by cutting your shower to five minutes (granted, that means they must know how long my shower currently lasts... scary thought!). Want savings of a thousand gallons per monthóper month!ó only wash the dishes when the load is full. And a handy tip: If your shower can fill a one-gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, you need to change to a low-flow shower head. Now there's a cool natural resources project to do with the kids.

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