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Raising the house to prevent flood damage in Marin County, Calif. Raising the house to prevent flood damage in Marin County, Calif.

Protecting Your Home from Flood

We've looked at how to assess your home’s risk to flood. Now here are three ways to reduce potential flood damage.
1) Elevate Your Home—Raise your home so that the lowest floor is above the flood level or base flood elevation (BFE). Use building piers or columns to create an open foundation. Sacrifice the first floor—build a false floor above the BFE and elevate the roof.
2) Wet Flood Proofing—Install flood vents that create permanent openings in the foundation’s walls so water can flow through the structure. This retrofit requires at least two vents on different walls. You would need 7 square feet of vents for a 1,000 square-foot house.
3) Dry Flood Proofing—To prevent floodwaters from entering the house, install new brick veneer over asphalt coating and apply a polyethylene film over the existing walls. Check out the latest issue of FLASH’s Blueprint for Safety News for more recommendations on protecting your home from flood.

Dock-N-Talk by Phone Labs Dock-N-Talk by Phone Labs

Phone Home

I have given much thought to the notion of ditching my landline, as I make and take the majority of calls on my cell phone and don't like the idea of paying for two services. When I ran across the Dock-N-Talk by Phone Labs, I saw it as a sign. The Dock-N-Talk operates like a universal docking station for cell phones. Compatible with over 900 types of cell phones, the Dock-N-Talk allows you to charge your phone AND take cell phone calls in the house using your ordinary corded or cordless telephones. This means no more missed calls because of patchy cell reception, and no more cradling an impossibly small cell phone between ear and shoulder while doing dishes, cooking, etc. And best of all—no more cell phone radiation exposure during long calls and conversations. The only challenge might be training myself to dock the cell phone as soon as I am home. The docking station costs about $140, and the necessary corresponding cell phone cable that connects phone to station costs $20. An available Bluetooth Module for wireless interfacing between phone and station runs for $80. Available now.

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