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Charley's Toll on Tile Roofs Charley's Toll on Tile Roofs

Proper Attachment Is Key to Roof Coverings

When it comes to roof coverings, you have several choices, among them shingles, clay or concrete tiles, metal panels, and slate. But which of these roof coverings perform best during severe winds? The answer may surprise you. All of these types of coverings can perform well if they are attached properly. For shingles, hand nailing is best for accuracy and six nails per shingle are preferred, especially in high wind areas. It is also wise to apply a dab of roof cement under each tab. For clay or concrete tile installation in high wind or seismic areas, use nose, butt, or side clips. These clips are commonly referred to as wind clips or storm anchors. Two screws per tile give the highest wind uplift resistance and will help the tile resist shifting.

Rethink the roof for energy savings in hot and cold weather. Rethink the roof for energy savings in hot and cold weather.

Watch the R-Value for Energy Savings

As if we weren't aware enough of the potential energy crisis, delivery from the Alaska oil fields will now be reduced indefinitely. Get a grip on your heating and cooling costs, folks—this is serious! So, I think it's a great time to look at energy efficient improvements and technologies that are coming to the rescue. The first one to catch my eye was the Durazone Roofing System from UCSC of Phoneix, Arizona. This spray polyurethane foam roof system starts by priming the roof sheathing with Solargain Primer to reduce the roof's heat gain. Their foam insulation is then applied at a thickness of 3.5 inches, to produce an R-Value greater than 20. The final surface application is a series of elastomeric coatings, first a base and then a topcoat, for reflectivity to prevent heat gain and protection from UV rays to reduce deterioration of the surface coatings. This is cool roof technology that is aiming to support a zero energy residence. Any step we can take toward that goal is most welcome.

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