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Floodwaters can hide dangerous road washouts. Floodwaters can hide dangerous road washouts.

Flooded Road? Turn Around, Don't Drown!

Itís probably something youíve done at least once in the past. While driving to or from work, for example, youíre caught in a downpour that leaves sections of the road flooded. The water doesnít look too deep so you plow through and make it safely to drier ground. You took a chance and got lucky. But too often the gamble doesnít pay off. In an average year, more than 100 people are killed in the United States by flooding. Most of these deaths occur because careless or unsuspecting motorists try to drive their vehicles across flooded roads. Would-be rescuers in these situations, such as firemen and policemen, sometimes become victims themselves. Countless other people are more fortunate and are able to escape their stalled vehicles for safety, or are saved by rescue teams. Why do so many of us try to drive across flooded roadways? It seems we have a false sense of security in our ďheavyĒ cars and trucks. But a 3,000-pound car is usually no match for 18-24 inches of moving water. And trucks and SUVs donít fare much better. The rule of thumb for anyone who comes to a flooded roadway is Turn Around, Donít Drown!

Mickey is on board with storm readiness at Disneyland Mickey is on board with storm readiness at Disneyland

Disneyland Gets Storm Ready

Disneyland is leading the way in storm readiness, being recognized this past week as a StormReady site by the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA). Disneyland has met the key requirements of NOAA's National Weather Service program by creating a system to monitor local weather conditions, establishing a 24-hour center dedicated to weather monitoring and warning, providing more than one way to receive severe weather forecasts and warnings, promoting community awareness of severe weather readiness, and training their community in storm-related emergency preparedness and response. Disneyland will be recognized and praised through signs displayed throughout the park. StormReady standing lasts three years, at which time a new review is required. Disneyland is among 1,070 sites to receive this recognition, 18 of which are in California. Disneyland's high visibilty and community standing will help them to serve as a model for other public sites and businesses.

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