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This interior bathroom—the only room with walls still standing in a home destroyed by a 1974 tornado in Xenia, Ohio—inspired the creation of safe rooms.

Tornado Safe Rooms Save Lives

Although 11 people died this year in March tornadoes, April is typically the deadliest month for killer tornadoes in the U.S. On average 27 people are killed by April tornadoes each year, with most dying in their destroyed homes. This number would likely drop if more people had “safe rooms.”

FLASH is a big promoter of safe rooms. These structures are designed to protect people from extreme winds and the extreme damage from flying debis that comes with a tornado. Often safe rooms consist of a small room in the house, such as a closet or bathroom, that has been reinforced to provide protection. Safe rooms can also be built in a garage or any outside area away from the home.

The value of safe rooms has been proven. After a May 1999 tornado outbreak in Oklahoma killed 40 people and injured hundreds, a FEMA rebate program resulted in the construction of more than 6,000 safe rooms. When a tornado hit Oklahoma City three years later, residents took shelter in these safe rooms and no lives were lost.

To learn more about protecting your family with a safe room, visit the links below.

Samsung SilverCare Washing Machine Samsung SilverCare Washing Machine

Silver Washer Takes the Gold

Silver just got a little more precious. Teaming nano technology with the inherent cleanliness of silver nano particles, Samsung’s Silver Nano Washing Machine releases electrolytic silver nano particles into a cold water wash, killing 99.99% of bacteria in the washed clothing. These purifying silver ions (Ag+) are formed when electricity passes through electrodes; cold tap water then carries the ions into the tub, where they sterilize and disinfect both the clothing and the tub itself. The cold-water process requires less energy than a conventional hot water cycle, and the sterilizing effect of the wash lasts up to 30 days in washed materials (laundry-phobic college students will love that feature!). Samsung has also utilized this technology in both their Silver Nano Refrigerator and Aircon system. The former creates a bacteria and fungi-free food storage environment that will extend the freshness of your food, while Aircon filters the home’s interior air, keeping airborne bacteria and fungi out of your lungs. Samsung’s washing machine (dubbed “SilverCare”) is due for release in the States this month, and should retail around $1400. Germs of the world: You are LOSING!

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