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Philips Plasma Flat Panel Television with Ambilight Philips Plasma Flat Panel Television with Ambilight

Plasma Protection—Philips Flat Panel Recall

If you’ve got the Ambilight feature on your Philips plasma flat screen TV, please check out the US Consumer Products Safety Council recall. Not all TVs are affected, but you need to make sure you’re in the clear. Arcing capacitators inside the sets are causing internal fires that—so far—have been limited to the televisions themselves, thanks to flame retardant materials used in their construction. Only some of the 42- and 50-inch screen TVs produced in 2005—11,800 total—are affected by the recall, but you need to be sure you’re not in that number. Check it out, unplug, and stay safe!

Power Squid by Flexity Power Squid by Flexity

Electric Sushi

Say goodbye to boring, boxy power strips. The Power Squid is here, and looking to dominate the ocean of surge protection. With its “cephalopod” design (I’ll let you look that word up…it’s worth it) and flexible, power-delivering arms, the Power Squid is the power strip of the future. No more lost outlets due to bulky transformers, no more contortionist acts trying to manipulate your arm and a cord to plug into a rigid and inflexible power strip hidden behind the work desk or entertainment center. New technologies built into the Power Squid increase capacity, improve heat dissipation, and enhance picture and sound quality in powered devices. Available in the spring of ’06 (very soon, in other words), look for two distinct models—one for home office and home entertainment, and one for musicians. The Power Squid should not be battered, fried, or served with cocktail sauce.

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