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DaVinci Roofscapes Synthetic Shake DaVinci Roofscapes Synthetic Shake

Fake Shake

Cedar shingles have enjoyed a long run as top dog of the roofing world. They’re attractive, durable, and have a charm that suburbanites just can’t resist. Unfortunately, fireproof they ain’t, and that’s a big concern when you live in dry territory. Past attempts at synthetic and less flammable versions never quite took—their effect was often artificial and lacked the detail of the real thing. A new product, from DaVinci Roofscapes, has been making a stir in the builders arena. Their Synthetic Shakes, with deep shadow lines and textured surfaces, have fooled even the skeptics at recent trade shows. And because they are made of an engineered polymer, these shingles are less likely to fade, split, or dislodge in extreme weather. They meet UL performance standards for fire, impact, and wind, plus they can't absorb water so they won't be impacted by freeze/thaw cycles. The catch? Well, they aren’t cheap —somewhere in the $600-$900 range per 100 foot square, installed. DaVinci notes that their manufactured shakes can last up to twice as along as cedar, thus halving the lifetime cost. Still a pile of cash, but it's worth it and might get you an insurance break if you live in a wildfire zone! Available now.

Thermique Glass Towel Warmer Thermique Glass Towel Warmer

Turn on the Towel

I had a girlfriend once who was always complaining about being cold. I usually gave her the benefit of the doubt—after all, this IS Vermont. For my ex, the hot shower provided much-needed respite but, like all good things, the hot shower came to an end. Now if only I had known about this little beauty… the Glass Towel Warmer, heats a cold cotton towel to a toasty temp, prolonging the warming shower experience. Officially known as the Thermique Towel Warmer, this creation of Engineered Glass Products achieves uniform heating across its entire surface by virtue of invisible conductors within the glass. And not only will the whole towel heat up, the glass won’t cause second-degree burns (those who have metal “radiator” towel warmers know what I’m talking about). Features include thermostat and timer controls, and an automatic shut-off after two hours. Expect to hire an electrician to hard-wire the unit into the wall, and expect to pay around $2500 (a little pricey, maybe, but such luxury can be worth every penny to some). Available in June of 2006. Plug-in floor model available in ’07. Fellas—if this doesn’t scream Valentines Day/Anniversary/Birthday gift, nothing does. If only I had bought one long ago, that ex might not be an ex…

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