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A Palace for His Airness

NBA superstar Michael Jordan unveiled plans for a 37,942-square-foot in Jupiter, Florida.

His Airness's home plans include an elevator, 11 bedrooms, cottage and guard gate. For those who lack a sense of scale, 37,000 square feet is about the size of your local Kmart.

Being a full three times the size of the neighbors' houses, some people are not thrilled with the proposal. "It's insane, a waste. Cities see nothing more than a tax base in these giant homes, but I can't imagine anyone needing anything like that, except to show off," said Joanne Davis of 1,000 Friends of Florida. What do you think?


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That will be

10/08/2009 01:20 PM Handyman

An amazing home.

I wonder if it will have indoor and outdoor basketball court. As well as baseball staduim.

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A place for his Airness

10/08/2009 06:32 PM 63amysue

It's his life, his money and he's worked for it. God Bless him and let him enjoy whatever he does in his life.

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10/09/2009 12:09 AM

...how much energy and water it will consume!

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big house

10/16/2009 09:46 PM 40stairman

Joanne, please. Would 18,000 sq ft make you happy? How about 9,000. God has blessed America. Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us. He has a lot of money, he's allowed to spend it any way he chooses. Please don't try to tell us why he's doing it, because you have no idea. You've never had $100 mil, and with your attitude, you never will. Be happy for him, and just hope he's generous with his money and doesn't let money ruin him. I'm sure there are many people who could say the same about you, your car, your house, your wardrobe..."She doesn't need all of that"...

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