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5 Tips to Sell Your House

Itís no secret by now that the real estate market is down. You canít sit back and wait for someone to take your home as it is anymore. It is much easier to sell it if you take an aggressive approach. Here are 5 proactive steps from Popular Mechanics you can take that will help you beat the market:

1) Enhance the curb appeal.
2) Beautify the interior.
3) Clear out the clutter.
4) Inspect your kitchen and bathrooms.
5) Hire a home inspector.

Do you have any suggestions for fellow readers on ways you beat the market and sold your home? Please include your ideas in the "Comments" field below.


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A few other tips for selling your house fast

08/29/2008 10:14 AM mjdonovan

1) If you have old wood floors, re-sand and stain them.

2)If you have curling linoleum floor edges, glue them down.

3)If you have tile floors, fix any cracked tiles.

4) If you have stains on the ceilings from old water leads or splashes, repaint the ceilin.

5) Trim the shrubbery around the home.

6) Powerwash the siding if it looks mildewed or dirty.

7) If you exterior lights are old and faded. Invest in new ones.

8) Paint interior walls if they are scuffed or marked up.



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selling house

09/01/2008 10:56 AM Allison1888

Great comments, but what about the fact that there are so few buyers out there. Not much you can do there but wait.

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Sell Your Home Quick

09/02/2008 12:39 PM 697295a

So few buyers, but if you take those tips mentioned above, it will sell.

We did ALL of the above (the original 5 suggestions) and most of the other suggestions submitted by Mark.

Our house went on the market on a Sunday, and that Monday, we had an offer, and that was in the DC area where there are way too many houses to choose from.

But if you use those tips, and a buyer walks in with nothing to do except move in, it makes all the difference in the world.


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