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Replace your old faucet with this Moen Vivid faucet to update the look of your bathroom. Photo courtesy of Moen.

3 Quick and Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms donít look brand-new forever. They go through a lot of wear and tear and need some TLC every once in a while. Here are three great ways to brighten it a bit.

1) Clean the mineral deposits in the sinks, tubs, etc. A mixture of borax and lemon juice works great or you can buy a specialty cleaner.
2) Replace the faucets with some shiny new ones. It will work wonders.
3) Cut out old caulk, clean out any mildew or scum you can see, and apply new caulk.

These are some basic steps, but they can really help transform your bathroom. All three steps can cost as little as $50 and only take 3 to 4 hours total. The next few steps would be to apply a new coat of paint and some different light fixtures. If you have any more tips or hints to add about upgrading a bathroom, you can leave them in the comments section below.


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So True!

10/22/2008 07:49 AM aklimchuk

I've done this to every bathroom I've ever had. I also buy new towels and rugs to complete the look. It's so simple and easy to get your bathroom looking beautiful and pretty much everyone can afford it.

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It's so easy!

09/17/2009 03:31 PM ATouchofBrass

Most people just inwardly groan when they think about fixing up the bathroom but it really isn't that bad. Sink faucets are very easy to install and so many homes have had the same faucet for 10, 15 or even 20 years! There have been huge leaps forward in sinks and you can get one that is pretty and fun to use for a very affordable price, especially if you suck it up and install it yourself. I like Moen sinks but that's just because I got a bargain.

After we fixed up our bathroom we'd make it the centerpiece of the house tour and then constantly ply our friends with drinks so they'd have to pee.

"Wow, you guys really did a good job on that bathroom."

"Oh, it was nothing," we'd say."Here, have another glass of cranberry juice!"

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