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Don't let your tools get rusty waiting for you start a project.

10 Tips to Avoid DIY Procrastination

Some home improvement projects need more than a little Nike-like, "just do it" encouragement. "I'll Get Around to It!" is a great article on BeJane.com that examines why we procrastinate and why delaying daunting tasks only makes them harder. It also gives some useful techniques to enable you to tackle new projects without hesitation.

One tip, for instance, is one that I can relate to: Avoid perfection. "Perfection is essential when it comes to building a space shuttle," the article says, "but not so much when painting your bedroom. If you're a bit of a perfectionist it's probably affecting your ability to start a project. Learn to ease up on yourself. Perfection in home improvement is a relatively unachievable goal, so don't convince yourself otherwise."

Point well taken. I guess I shouldn't obsess over getting the painter's tape just right.


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Procrastination Blues

09/15/2008 12:44 PM 697295a

The one thing I found most helpful for myself was to get my tools organized. So for Mother's Day, my husband bought me my own tool bag with my own set of tools, so no matter where in the house I went, I could carry all my tools with me. That saved a lot of time from running back and forth. I marked many more things off my To Do list than ever before.


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Great idea

09/15/2008 04:17 PM

I have been pulling my own tools together and keeping them organized since I'm tired of searching for hubby's/the family's general tool box. I would love a tool box for Mother's Day or Christmas. I guess I can always start dropping hints now....

Tracy Quinn McLennan
Managing Editor
115 Kingston Street
Boston, MA 02111

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Tip Number 11

09/17/2008 09:26 AM Handyman

know what you can't do and hire that out or bring in a friend who knows how.

If you are installing crown molding and don't have a mitre saw and don't have the cash to buy one. Invite a friend over to watch some women's golf and cut some molding on Sunday afternoon.

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10/08/2008 02:42 PM Hondavan

When you enter an area to do a specific job, DON'T get sidetracked by other things that need to be done.
I fight this battle in myself every day.

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I'm Guilty

04/01/2009 05:42 PM mlarson5

Perfectionism is my problem... and one that's really hard to avoid.

I've found that sharing your projects online - like on Facebook, Instructables, or HowIDIY - helps keep you going. It's nice to get positive feedback once in a while.

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