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How to Replace a Toilet Video

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DIFFICULTY RATING: (2 out of 5 - Easy)

Replacing a toilet is an easy job that requires basic tools and skills and can usually be accomplished in under an hour.

Adjustable wrench (Buy) Bucket (Buy)
Caulk (Buy) Commercial portland cement grout (Buy)
Commercial portland cement grout (Buy) Gloves (Buy)
Goggles (Buy) Goggles (Buy)
Hacksaw (Buy) Hacksaw (Buy)
Putty knife (Buy) Putty knife (Buy)
Rag (Buy) Rag (Buy)
Socket set (Buy) Sponge (Buy)
Toilet (Buy) Wet and dry vacuum (Buy)

Make sure water to the toilet is completely turned off before proceeding. If the shut-off valve does not completely stop the water flow, temporarily turn off the water to the entire house. This information is offered only as a guideline. Always follow the instructions that came with your new toilet.

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