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How to Replace Broken Glass in a Window

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Replace a broken windowpane with new glass.
Step 16: Smooth the putty
Using a clean putty knife dipped in turpentine to smooth the putty along the edge of the window frame. Hold the knife at an angle, using its edge as a guide as you smooth the putty into a neat, beveled edge. Remove any excess putty as you go, and make sure the putty is not visible from inside the window.
Smooth the putty holding the knife at an angle.

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Chisel (Buy) Glazier's point (Buy)
Glazing compound (Buy) Linseed oil (Buy)
Long nose pliers (Buy) Paint (Buy)
Paintbrush (Buy) Putty knife (Buy)
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Always use goggles or safety glasses and heavy work gloves when handling glass. Carefully wrap up broken glass to dispose. Vacuum up glass shards when project is complete.

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