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How to Hang a Wood Door

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Installing a solid wood door enhances the look of your home and helps with soundproofing.
Step 1: Measure the existing door
Replace the existing door with one that is the same size. Measure the width and height of the existing door. If you cannot find the exact same size, buy a larger door and cut it down to size.
Measure the existing door before you purchase a replacement.

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Carpenter's pencil (Buy) Door (Buy)
Hammer (Buy) Hinge (Buy)
Hinge profile cutter (Buy) Pocket tape measure (Buy)
Router (Buy) Screwdriver (Buy)
Screws (Buy) Wood chisel (Buy)
Use safety precautions when using a wood chisel. Always wear safety goggles. Hold the material to be chiseled firmly in a vice or hold. Chisel away from you and keep chisel edges sharp.

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Text by Deb Alden
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