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How to Fell a Tree Video

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DIFFICULTY RATING: (2 out of 5 - Easy)

Whether itís to clear land, stock up on firewood or prevent future damage to a home or property, felling a tree can be a fun, challenging outdoor project.

Chain saw (Buy) Ear protection (Buy)
Face shield (Buy) Loppers (Buy)
Pruning shears (Buy) Work gloves, heavy (Buy)

Always wear heavy work gloves, a full face shield and ear protection when operating a chain saw. Be aware of your surroundings and know who is in the vicinity of the work area. Steel-toed boots are recommended, as well. Felling a tree is inherently dangerous. If the tree is too big or too close to surrounding objects, or if you feel at all uncomfortable with the process, hire a professional tree service to do the job.

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