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Fixing a Food Processor

Food processors have more power and do more tasks than food mixers–meaning they are more often need to be fixed. Here's how.
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Belt-drive food processors have the blade at one side of the motor. (click to enlarge)

A food processor is an appliance that mixes dough and chops, slices, dices, and liquefies food. It has a larger capacity and a larger motor than either a blender or a mixer and can replace both smaller appliances.

There are two types of food processors: direct drive and belt drive. A direct-drive food processor is similar to a food blender, with the motor underneath the food bowl. A belt-drive food processor places the bowl and motor side by side, connecting the two with a drive belt and wheels.

Disassemble a food processor:

  1. Remove the control knob and remove any screws that hold the body together.
  2. Remove plugs as needed to disconnect the circuit board from the electrical source. Remove other components that restrict access to the internal parts.
  3. Turn the processor upside down and remove the base. In some cases you'll first need to pry off some feet.
  4. Remove the drive belt and/or the drive gear.
  5. Remove and test the motor. Typically, this means disconnecting the cord and removing any motor mounting screws.

Service a gear:

  1. Remove the processor's housing and components as needed to access the gears.
  2. Clean the gears with a toothbrush and inspect them for wear or damage.
  3. Replace any damaged gears. If the gears are in good condition, lubricate them and reassemble.

Adapted from the new, Interactive Fix-It Club.
Written and illustrated by Dan & Judy Ramsey
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