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Fixing Hair Clippers

Because they are relatively inexpensive, many folks toss electric hair clippers if they start acting up. Don't! Instead, fix it yourself!
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Remove the fasteners holding the hair clipper head in place.

Remove the fasteners holding the two halves of the case in place to expose the motor and switch.

An electric hair clipper is a small motorized appliance that moves cutting blades across stationary blades to cut hair. An electric beard trimmer operates in the same way, except the motor and blades typically are smaller. Even electric dog grooming clippers operate similarly. The clipper is powered either by household current through an electric cord or by a rechargeable battery.

If the clipper doesn't work at all, make sure power is on at the electrical receptacle, check the battery and recharge it if it is low, and check the electrical cord. Unplug the unit, turn it over and manually move the blades. If necessary, test the motor and switches.

If the hair clipper or beard trimmer operates slowly, clean and lubricate it as directed by the owner's manual. For rechargeable units, check the battery and recharge if needed.

If the unit is noisy or cuts poorly, clean and lubricate it. Also check the motor.

Adapted from the new, Interactive Fix-It Club.
Written and illustrated by Dan & Judy Ramsey
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