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Bathroom Remodel: The Shower Makeover

When planning a bathroom remodel, consider investing in the shower. A new door, enclosure, showerhead and accessories can add value to your home and create a more enjoyable shower.
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Shower Makeover
Shower set packages can include showerheads, hand sprays, faucets and knobs, all finished to match.
Start with the Finish
Hardware ties a bathroom together, so selection of the new shower enclosure, doors and other shower parts and pieces should be made with the bathroom's finished elements in mind. "The door colors, shower hardware and hinges should complement the faucets in the bathroom," says Linda Garman, Director of Marketing for Basco Shower Enclosures. The frame of the shower door, the floor and wall tiles, and even the artwork in a bathroom can all be inspired by, and play off of, the choice of finish. Brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze are two very popular finishes, Garman says, and silver remains a staple finish that is interchangeable with the chrome commonly found in bathrooms.

More than a Door
Framed doors are becoming less popular for shower enclosures. "People are moving away from the metal look," adds Garman. The frameless alternative requires a thicker glass and sturdier hinges and may or may not include a header, which runs across the top of the enclosure to add stability and support to the glass. The thicker glass might be 3/8 to 1/2-inch thick, which results in a more expensive product. Classic door configurations like single-swing or sliding are possibilities while newer designs redefine the shower enclosure door like Basco's Infinity 1722 Clear Glass enclosure that features two French-style swinging doors.

Glass choice is an important consideration to make when selecting a shower door. A few factors can come into play that might encourage a homeowner to choose from the obscured or patterned variety. Privacy is one consideration. An obscured glass covers up the shower occupant more, something aging couples in particular seek. Within the patterned glass family there are nearly countless styles, including fluted, beveled and etched patterns. Patterned glass styles—and their accompanying names—are as numerous as the companies that manufacture them and can add flair and artistry to a room's overall aesthetic. Clear glass remains the most popular choice for doors, and it suits the shower or bathroom remodel that will include stylish tile, fixtures and shower accessories worth showing off and making visible.

Glass treatment is another consideration when selecting the shower enclosure. Shower glass has a reputation for deteriorating over time and being difficult to clean. Factory-applied treatments like Basco's AquaGlide protect the glass from accumulating grime, making it easier to clean.

Within the shower enclosure, adding a bench or a seat is an ideal way to make up for the lack of a tub. This small feature adds significant comfort to the shower. For the disabled or physically challenged, it can be a virtual necessity.

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