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7 Steps to a Greener Home

Living green in your home does not require LEED certification, solar panels or a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system. In 7 simple (and inexpensive) steps you can transform your home life into one unburdened by the guilt that comes from excessive waste, wanton consumption and the use of noxious toxins. In other words, it IS easy being green!
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Step 7: Make Recycling Easy

Create an easy-to-follow recycling system in your home.
Create an easy-to-follow recycling system in your home.
Those blue bins may be omnipresent, but according to the EPA Americans in 2009 produced about 243 million tons of municipal solid waste. That's 4.3 pounds of waste per person per day. Currently only 33.8% of our waste gets recovered, recycled or composted.

Clearly we all can do more.

It starts in the home. It starts with a plan.

The best way to recycle all that you possibly can is to make the process as simple and as easy as possible. With a system in place the practice can become habit and spread to all members of the family.

It's first important to know what can be recycled. The Recycling Revolution website has a handy guide to what homes can recycle. Some waste materials may or not be recyclable by your local program, so don't be afraid to check up, first.

Once you know what can be recycled, set up a home recycling station that keeps materials sorted and stored until it's time to take out the bin. Under the sink or in the mud room are two options. Be sure to rinse out food and drink containers to avoid unwanted smells and hungry animals.
Read more on Creating a Home Recycling Station

It's more than just pasta sauce jars and Coke cans that can be recycled, of course. Appliances that have broken and need replacing should be disposed of properly.
Learn how to Recycle Broken Stuff

Armed with the facts and a system, you can help reduce the waste going to the landfill, which will help keep our planet green for many centuries to come.

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