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Is it a lanai or a loggia that you want your contractor to build? Don't let the language of home improvement and repair get in the way of a job well done. From techniques to tools (and everything in-between),'s Glossary of Terms is all the parts of your house. Defined.

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10-Inch joint finishing knife120 Grit sandpaper200 Grit sandpaper
3-4-5 Method of squaring3-4-5 Triangle35 Percent rule of thumb
4-Inch finish knife8-Inch joint compound knife80 Grit sandpaper
A-frameA-frame designA-line lamp
A-weight sander backingAaron's rodAbaciscus
Ablative surfaceAbney levelAbode
Above gradeAbradeAbrasion
Abrasion resistanceAbrasion solderingAbrasive
Abrasive cleaning stickAbrasive flapperAbrasive stones
Abrasive wheelAbreuvoirAbsentee owner
AbsoluteAbsolute humidityAbsolute pressure
Absolute scaleAbsolute temperatureAbsolute zero temperature
AbsorptionAbsorption chillerAbsorption coefficient
Absorption coolingAbsorption fieldAbsorption refrigeration
Absorption refrigeratorAbsorptivityAbstract of judgment
Abstract of titleAbstract or title searchAbut
AbutmentAbutment pieceAbutting
Ac motorsAcanthusAccelerated cost recovery system
Accelerated depreciationAcceleration clauseAcceleration loss
Accent lightingAccent plantAcceptable debt
Acceptable indoor air qualityAcceptanceAcceptance factor
AccessAccess courtAccess panel
Access rightAccessibilityAccessible hermetic
Accessory buildingAccessory tableAccolade
Accordion doorAccoupleAccumulator
AcidAcid condition in systemAcid etch
Acid mediumAcid rainAcid soil
AcidityAcoustical sealantAcoustical tile
AcousticsAcr tubingAcre
Acronitrile butadiene styrene (abs)AcrylicAcrylic coating
Acrylic resinAcrylic/woodAcrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abs)
Activated aluminaActivated carbonActive
Active coolingActive powerActive solar heating systems
Actual dimensionActuatorAd hoc
Ad litemAdaptorAdd on heat pump
Additional principal paymentAdditiveAddress
AdhesionAdhesion contractAdhesive
Adhesive bondAdhesive drywall tapeAdhesive spreader
AdiabaticAdiabatic compressionAdjacent
Adjacent propertyAdjoinAdjoining owners
Adjoining propertyAdjournment of closingAdjustable belt tension tracking
Adjustable clutchAdjustable depth stop rodAdjustable fence
Adjustable grilleAdjustable hook spanner wrenchAdjustable motor mount
Adjustable pliersAdjustable rate mortgage (arm)Adjustable shoe
Adjustable speed driveAdjustable wrenchAdjustable wrench
Adjusted cost basisAdjusted gross incomeAdjusted price
Adjusted sales priceAdjusted tax basisAdjuster
Adjusting linkAdjustment dateAdjustment period
Adjustments in appraisalAdmixtureAdobe
Adventitious plantAerationAerator
Aerial rootAerobicAerobic bacteria
AerosolAgentAgglomerated product
AggregateAggregate, coarseAggregate, lightweight
Aging listAgitatorAgreed boundary
Agreement of saleAgricultural propertyAgricultural use value
AirAir acetylene welding (acw)Air admittance valve
Air blown asphaltAir brickAir carbon arc cutting (aac)
Air chamberAir changeAir changes per hour (ach)
Air checkAir cleanerAir coil
Air collectorAir compressorAir compressor connector
Air compressor cut-in/cut-off pressureAir compressor drain cockAir compressor hoses
Air compressor in-line filterAir compressor on/off switchAir compressor pressure switch
Air compressor regulator gaugeAir compressor safety valveAir compressor tank capacity
Air compressor tank gaugeAir conditionerAir conditioning
Air contentAir cooled cooling system condenserAir cooler
Air core solenoidAir cushion tankAir diffuser
Air diffusionAir distributionAir dried lumber
Air driven nailerAir dryAir duct
Air economizerAir ejectorAir elimination vent
Air entrapmentAir exchange rateAir feed
Air gapAir gunAir hammer
Air handler unit (ahu)Air infiltrationAir infiltration measurement
Air layeringAir lockAir pocket
Air pollutionAir pollution controlAir quality standard
Air registerAir relief valveAir retarder/barrier
Air rightsAir source equipmentAir space
Air terminal deviceAir terminal device, lighting trofferAir terminal device, linear
Air terminal device, slotAir terminal device, supplyAir tight
Air trapAir ventAir volume control
Air-conditioning and refrigeration institute (ari)Air-cooled condenserAir-dried
Air-entrained concreteAir-source heat pumpAir-to-water heat pump
Airfoil fanAirless sprayAirless sprayer
Airlock entryAirtight drywall approach (ada)Aisle
Ak valueAlabasterAlarm check valve
Align-a-cutAlkaliAlkaline soil
AlkalinityAlkydAlkyl benzene sulfonate
AlligatoringAllowable spanAllowance
Alloy steel blades hack saw bladeAlpineAlpine house
AlterationAlternateAlternating current (ac)
Alternative fuelsAlternatorAluminized steel
AluminumAluminum bar clampAluminum oxide abrasive
Aluminum paintAluminum rail fittingsAmbient
Ambient airAmbient air temperatureAmbient heat/pressure
Ambient lightingAmbient temperatureAmendment
American national standards instituteAmerican planning association (apa)American plywood association (apa)
American real estate society (ares)American society for testing materials (astm)American society of appraisers (asa)
American society of home inspectors (ashi)American society of real estate counselors (asrec)American standard code for information interchange (ascii)
American standard for testing materials standard indexAmerican wire gauge (awg)Americans with disabilities act (ada)
AmericastAmmeterAmmeter, clamp-on type
Amorphous semiconductorAmortizationAmortization schedule
Amortization tablesAmortization termAmortize
Amortized mortgageAmp ratingAmp-hours
AnaerobicAnaerobic bacteriaAnaerobic digester
Anaerobic digestionAnaerobic lagoonAnalog multitester
AnalysisAnchorAnchor blocks
Anchor boltAnchoringAnemometer
Angle discharge tubeAngle ironAngle of incidence
Angle of inclinationAngle seat wrenchAngle stop
Angstrom unitAnhydrous ethanolAnion
Annealed glassAnnealingAnnexation
AnnualAnnual assessmentsAnnual cap
Annual debt serviceAnnual effectsAnnual fuel utilization efficiency (afue)
Annual growth ringAnnual load fractionAnnual mortgage constant
Annual mortgagor statementAnnual percentage rate (apr)Annual percentage yield (apy)
Annual ringAnnual solar savingsAnnuity
Annuity dueAnnuity factorAnnul
AnnularAnnular bitAnnular nail
Anode rodAnodicAnta
Anthracite (coal)AnthropogenicAnthropometry
Anti-clog suctionAnti-corrosive paintAnti-kickback
Anti-siphonAnti-splintering deviceAnticatalyst
Anticipated holding periodAnticipatory breachAnticlinal
Antique finishAntiquingAntireflection coating
AnvilAnzac sidingApa plywood
Apa sturd-i-wallApartmentApartment building
Apartment houseApertureApex
Apex stoneAphidsApical
Apparent dayApparent jointApparent power (kva)
AppearanceAppearance lumberAppellant
AppendageApplianceAppliance efficiency standards
Appliance energy efficiency ratingsAppliance standardsApplication
Application feeApplication rateApplicator
Apportionment clauseAppraisalAppraisal approach
Appraisal feeAppraisal methodAppraisal of damage
Appraisal reportAppraised valueAppraiser
ApprovedApproximateApproximate compound yield
AppurtenanceAppurtenant structureApron
Apron flashingApron pieceApron wall
ApseAquastatAquatic plants
ArborArbor pressArboretum
ArcArc gougingArc joint pliers
Arc lampArc lightArc strike
Arc welderArc weldingArcade
ArchArch brickArch rib
Arch stoneArch surroundsArch, back
Arch, gothicArch, jackArch, major
Arch, minorArch, parabolicArch, segmented
Arch, semi-circularArch, trimmerArch, tudor
ArchitectArchitect's punch listArchitectural fees
Architectural panelArchitectural shingleArchitrave
ArchwayAreaArea divider
Area drainArea wallAreaway
AreoleArgonArm index
Arm's length transactionArmatureArmor
Armored cableArnott valveArpent
ArrayArray (solar)Arrears
ArresterArrisArris fillet
Arrow headArroyoArsenic
Arson fireArt decoArt nouveau
Artesian wellAs-brazedAs-built drawings
As-is conditionAsbestine magnesiumAsbestos
Asbestos cementAsbestos cement conduitAsbestos runner
Asbestos shinglesAsce 7-98Ash
Ash dumpAsh pitAshlar
Ashlar brickAshlar masonryAshpit
AshraeAskewAsking price
AslopeAsmeAspect ratio
AspenAsphaltAsphalt cement
Asphalt emulsionAsphalt feltAsphalt lute
Asphalt masticAsphalt paintAsphalt plastic cement
Asphalt roof cementAsphalt roofing shinglesAsphalt shingles
Asphaltic plastic cementAsphaltumAspirate
Assembly drawingAssembly lineAssess
Assessed valueAssessmentAssessment cycle
Assessment rolesAssessorAsset
Asset depreciation range (adr)AssignAssignment of mortgage
AssignorAssizeAssumable mortgage
AssumptionAssumption clauseAssumption fee
Assumption of mortgage (deed of trust)AssuranceAstm tests
AstragalAstragal moldAstral
Asynchronous generatorAtactic polypropyleneAtmospheric combustion
Atmospheric pressureAtriumAttic
Attic fanAttic ventAudit
Auto scrollAuto switchAutomatic damper
Automatic meter reading systemAuxiliary energy efficiency or systemAvailability
Available heatAverage costAverage demand
Average rated lifeAverage wind speedAvoided cost
Awning windowAxial fansAxial flow compressor
Axial flow turbineAxilAxis
Axminster carpetAzimuthB tank
BabbittBaby roman brickBacillus thuringiensis (bt)
BackBack archBack band
Back blockingBack clipsBack cut
Back fillingBack flowBack flow preventer
Back gougingBack hearthBack pressure
Back primedBack rakeBack saw
Back siphonageBack surfaceBack taxes
Back title letterBack ventBack wall
Back washBack weldBack-butter
Back-end feesBack-end ratioBack-mop
Back-surfacingBack-to-backBack-to-back escrow
BackbrushBackdraftingBacker rod foam
Backer tabBackerboardBackfill
BackflowBackflow preventerBackground concentration
Backhand weldingBackhearthBackhoe
BackingBackjetBackjet pulse cannister
BackupBackup contractBackup energy efficiency system
Backup offerBackward inclined fanBackwater valve
Backyard wildlife habitatBacteriaBad faith
BalanceBalance of systemBalance point
Balanced cutsBalancingBalancing by dampers
Balancing by static pressureBalancing ellBalancing subgrade
Balancing the booksBalancing valveBalcony
BalingBall and socket jointBall bearing
Ball check valveBall cock assemblyBall joint
Ball millBall passageBall peen hammer
Ball valveBallastBallast efficacy factor
Ballast factorBallast transformerBallcock
Balled and burlapBalloon bagBalloon frame construction
Balloon framingBalloon loanBalloon mortgage
Balloon note mortgageBalloon paymentBalsa
Band clampBand gapBand hanger
Band sawBand saw blade widthBand saw circle cutting attachment
Bands of colorBanisterBanjo
BankBank letterBank plug
Bank statementBankerBankrupt
BankruptcyBarBar bending table
Bar chairBar chartBar clamp
Bar doorsBar graphBar hanger
Barber chairBare conductorBare electrode
Bare rootBare spotsBargain and sales deed
Bargain saleBarge boardBarge course
Barge rafterBargeboardBarites
BarkBarlow's formulaBarn
Barrel (petroleum)Barrel boltBarrel roof
Barrel tilesBarricadeBarrier
BarytesBas reliefBasal cutting
Basal metabolismBasal rosetteBasalt
BasculeBaseBase cabinet
Base coatBase courseBase leg
Base levelBase lineBase loan amount
Base materialBase metalBase molding
Base plateBase plyBase power
Base rentBase sheetBase shoe
Base tilesBaseboardBaseboard electric heat
Baseboard radiatorBaselineBaseload capacity
Baseload demandBaseload power plantBasement
BasinBasin wrenchBasis
Basis pointBasket gripBasket pattern
Basket strainerBastard fileBastard sawn
Bath, receptorBathroomBathroom accessories
BathtubBathtub, recessedBatt
BattenBatten plateBatten plate structural
BatterBatter boardBatter brace
BatteryBattery energy efficiency storageBattery of fixtures
Battery packBattleshipsBauhaus style
BayBay windowBay window, angle
Bay, bow and oriel windowsBaywoodBead
Bead and reelBead moldingBeading
Beading planeBeadwallBeam
Beam anchorBeam and slab constructionBeam angle
Beam ceilingBeam clampBeam compass
Beam fillBeam radiationBeam spread
Bearing areaBearing capBearing life
Bearing partitionBearing planeBearing plate
Bearing seatBearing valueBearing wall
Bearing, lifetime-lubricatedBeating blockBeaverboard
BedBed jointBed molding
Bed stoneBedding plantBedrock
Beehive strainerBefore sheathing windowBefore-tax income
BellBell and spigot pipingBell caisson
Bell mouthingBell wireBellows
Belt courseBelt driveBelt guard
Belt sanderBelt tension lock handleBelvedere
BenBenchBench dog
Bench grinderBench latheBench mark
Bench sawBench stoneBench stop
Bench top toolsBench viseBenching
BendBendable rail systemBender
Bending momentBending scheduleBeneficial interest
Beneficial useBeneficiaryBeneficiary statement
Benefits chargeBentBent cap
Bent-nose pliersBentwoodBenzene
Berber carpetBermBermuda seam
Bernoulli's lawBerylliumBetterment
BevelBevel angleBevel capability
Bevel cutBevel gaugeBevel gear
Bevel jointBevel lock leverBevel scale
Bevel sidingBevel squareBeveled corner box
Beveled edgeBeveled sidingBezel
BiaxBib or bibbBib or bibcock
BidBid abstractBid and asked
Bid bondBid openingBid out
Bid priceBid timeBidding war
BidetBiennialBifold door
BigenericBilateral contractBilateral listing
Bill of materialBill of materialBill of sale
BimetalBimetal bitsBimetallic thermometer
Bin methodBinary cycleBind
BinderBinder barBinding
Binding arbitrationBinomial nomenclatureBioaerosol
Biochemical oxygen demandBioconversionBiodegradable
Bioenergy efficiencyBiogasBiogasification or biomethanization
Biological pest controlBiomassBiomass fuel
Biomass gasificationBiophotolysisBird bath
Bird screenBird's mouth cutBird's-eye
BitBit extensionBit gauge
Bit, annularBitch potBitumen
Bitumen-stopBituminousBituminous coal
Bituminous emulsionBituminous pavingBiweekly mortgage
Biweekly payment mortgageBlack cherryBlack iron
Black oiledBlack pipeBlack spot
Black walnutBlackbodyBlacksmith hammer
BlackwaterBladeBlade and combination
Blade guardBlade loadBlade teeth
BlanchBlanketBlanket insulation
Blanket insurance policyBlanket mortgageBlast
Blast doorsBlast furnaceBlast gates
BlastingBlasting capBleach
Bleeder stripBlemishBlend
Blended loanBlended rateBlind
Blind corner cabinetBlind dowelBlind header
Blind holeBlind jointBlind nailing
Blind plugBlind poolBlind single dovetail joint
Blind stopBlind trustBlind valley
BlockBlock and tackleBlock bond
Block brazingBlock bridgingBlock plane
Block sensor modeBlock sequenceBlock welding
Block, loadBlock, long type loadBlock, short type load
Block, upperBlockbustingBlocking
BloomBlowBlow torch
BlowbagBlowdownBlower (fan)
Blower doorBlown in insulationBlown oil
Blown-in insulationBlown-out water closetBlowpipe
BlowtorchBlue boardBlue lead
Blue sky lawsBlue stainBlue top
Blue-ribbon conditionBlueberryBlued
BlushingBoardBoard and batten siding
Board footBoard insulationBoard measure (bm)
Board on board sidingBoardwalkBoasted work
BoasterBodied linseed oilBody
BodysprayBog plantBogie
Boiled linseed oilBoilerBoiler feed
Boiler feedwaterBoiler horsepowerBoiler pressure
Boiler ratingBoilerplateBoiling point
BoltBolt cutterBolt extractor
BoltingBona fideBond
Bond beamBond breakerBond coat
Bond coatBond courseBond for title (deed)
Bond lineBond net leaseBond stone
Bond strengthBonded abrasive circular saw bladeBonding agent
Bonding jumperBonding materialBonding strip
Bonding wireBone dryBone dry unit
BonsaiBonus roomBook
Book costBook valueBoom
Booster pumpBootBoot truck
Bordeaux mixtureBorderBore
Bored deadlockBoring barBoring jig
Boring logBoring testBoron
BoroughBorrowBorrow site
Borrower riskBossBoston hip
Boston ridgeBotanical nameBotel
Bottle gardenBottled gasBottom chord
Bottom heatBottom plateBottoming-cycle
BoundaryBowBow compass
Bow dividersBow windowBowl
Bowstring trussBowtie paint patternBox
Box beamBox columnBox construction
Box corner jointBox corniceBox end wrench
Box flangeBox joint and miter guideBox nail
Box screedBox sillBox wrench
BoxingBraceBrace and bit
Brace tableBraced frameBraced framing
BracingBracketBrackish water
BractBradBrad awl
Brad point drill bitBrad pusherBrad-point wood bits
BrakeBrake horsepower (bhp)Brake metal
Brake, discBrake, drumBrake, eddy current
Brake, holdingBrake, parkingBranch
Branch circuitBranch circuit, applianceBranch circuit, general purpose
Branch circuit, individualBranch drainBranch office
BrassBrass-platedBrayton cycle
BrazeBreachBreach of contract
Breach of covenantBreach of warrantyBreak
Break-even pointBreaking jointsBreaking strength
BreastsummerBreatheBreather roof
Breathing zoneBreezewayBreezeway
BrickBrick bondBrick masonry
Brick veneerBrick, baby romanBrick-veneer tile
Bricklayer's hammerBridge craneBridge loan
BridgingBright zincBrine
BristleBritish thermal unit (btu)British thermal unit hour (btuh)
Broker's agreementBrokerageBronze
Bronze platedBronze siliconBronze, aluminum
Bronze, tinBroom cleanBroom finish
BroomingBrown coatBrown rot
Brownstone Brownstone houseBrush fire
Brush marksBrush-outBrushability
Brushed chrome (bc)Brushed nickel (bn)Brushes
Budget mortgageBudgetingBuff
Buffer strip or zoneBuffer zoneBuffing wheel
Buffing wheel polishBuildBuildability
Builder breakdown methodBuilder upgradesBuilder warranty
Builder's hardwareBuilder's levelBuilders sand
BuildingBuilding capitalization rateBuilding code
Building constructionBuilding densityBuilding drain
Building energy efficiency ratioBuilding energy efficiency standardsBuilding energy performance standard (beps)
Building envelopeBuilding heat-loss factorBuilding inspector
Building lifeBuilding lineBuilding loan agreement
Building moratoriumBuilding orientationBuilding overall energy efficiency loss coefficient-area product
Building overall heat loss rateBuilding paperBuilding permit
Building residual techniqueBuilding restrictionsBuilding setback
Building sewerBuilding storm drainBuilding storm sewer
Building tradesBuilding trapBuildup
Built-insBuilt-upBuilt-up beam
Built-up columnBuilt-up door stileBuilt-up roof
Built-up roof membraneBulbBulb turbine
Bulk densityBulk unit weightBulkhead
Bull floatBull headerBull pin
BulldozerBullet loanBullnose
Bullnose cornerBullnose planeBullnose tile
BumperBumper stripsBumping
Bumping hammerBundleBundle of rights
BurlapBurn-offBurned brick pavers
BurnerBurner capacityBurning in
Burning pointBurning the jointBurnishing
BurrBurst pressureBus
Bus ductBusbarBusbar cost
BushBush hammerBushing
BussBuswayBusway plug
ButadieneButaneButcher block
ButtButt edgeButt hinge
Butt jointButt weldButter
ButterflyButterfly boltButterfly roof
Butterfly valveButteringButtonback tile
Butyl rubberButyl tapeBuy-back
Buy-out estimateBuy-sell agreementBuydown mortgage
Buyer's agentBuyer's brokerBuyer's market
Buyers resource real estateBuying powerBuying power index (bpi)
Buzz sawBx cableBylaws
BypassBypass doorC-channel
C-clampC-weight sander backingC/b ratio
Cabinet combination saw bladeCabinet head casingCabinet, base
Cabinet, blind cornerCabinet, wallCable
Cable boxCable box connectorsCable cutter
Cable planCable system, low-voltageCable tap box
Cable trayCable tray supportCable, shielded
CaboCabrioleCadastral map
Caisson foundationCaisson pileCaisson, bell
Caisson, boredCaisson, jacked inCaisson, slurry
CalcinationCalcineCalcitic limestone
CalciumCalcium carbonateCalcium chloride
Calcium hypochloriteCalendared paperCalender
California bungalowCalifornia ranchCaliper
Caliper, insideCaliper, outsideCaliper, vernier
Call optionCallusCalorie
Calorific valueCalyxCam
Camel hairCampanileCamshaft
Canadian standards association (csa)CancellationCancellation clause
CandelaCandle powerCane
CanopyCantCant brick
Cant hookCant stripCantilever
Cantilever beamCantilever constructionCap
Cap courseCap flashingCap rates (caps)
Cap sheetCap stoneCap, acorn
Cap, blockCapabilityCapability margin
CapacitanceCapacitance meterCapacitive reactance
CapacitorCapacitor start/runCapacity
Capacity factorCapacity of partiesCape chisel
Cape codCapillarityCapillary action
CapitalCapital appreciationCapital assets
Capital costsCapital expenditureCapital gain
Capital gains taxCapital improvementCapital lease
Capital lossCapital recaptureCapital recovery
Capital turnoverCapitalizationCapitalization rate
CapitalizeCapricious valueCapstan
CapsuleCaptionCapture rate
Capture velocityCapturing hoodCaravan, real estate
Carbide tippedCarbide tipped saw bladeCarbide-tipped circular saw blade
CarboloyCarbonCarbon arc cutting (cac)
Carbon arc welding (caw)Carbon arc welding, shielded (caw-s)Carbon arc welding, twin (caw-t)
Carbon dioxideCarbon electrodeCarbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide detectorCarbon steelCarbon zinc cell battery
Carbonate alkalinityCarbonizingCarborundum
Carborundum clothCarborundum finish limestoneCarborundum stone
Carboxyhemogoblin saturationCarboyCarburize
Carnot cycleCarpenterCarpenter's pencil
Carpenter's squareCarpentryCarpet
Carpet backingCarpet cushionCarpet flange
Carpet panCarpet pileCarpet squares
CarportCarriageCarriage ball bearings
Carriage boltCarriage, built-upCarriage, sawed-out
Carriage, stairCarryback financingCarrying charge
Carryover basisCartoucheCartridge fuse
Cartridge fuse, ferrule typeCartridge fuse, knife blade typeCarve
Carved glassCarvingCaryatid
CaseCase hardeningCase law
Cased openingCasementCasement window
Cash accountingCash basisCash equity
Cash equivalencyCash flowCash flow statement
Cash valueCash-out refinanceCashier's check
CasingCasing beadCast
Cast ironCast iron baseCast iron soil pipe
Cast iron valveCast-in-placeCast-iron pipe
CastellatedCastellated nutCaster
Casualty lossCat facesCat short
Cat's eyesCat's pawCatalyst
Catalytic coatingCatalytic converterCatalytic reaction
CatchCatch basinCatenary
Cathedral ceilingCathodeCathode disconnect ballast
Cathode ray tube (crt)CathodicCathodic protection
CationCatkinCattle gate
CaulkCaulking cordCaulking gun
Caulking iron, inside and outsideCause of actionCauseway
CausticCaustic sodaCaveat
Caveat actorCaveat emptorCaveat vendor
CavitationCavityCavity wall
Cavity, ceilingCavity, floorCavity, room
Cease and desist orderCease and desist petitionCedar
Cedar shakeCedar shinglesCedar, incense
Cedar, western redCedar, wormyCeiling
Ceiling exposure limitCeiling fanCeiling fixture
Ceiling fixture boxCeiling heightCeiling joist
Ceiling loanCeiling panelCeiling panel suspension grid
Ceiling plenumCeiling rateCeiling tile
Celcon nutCellCell pack
Cellaret or cellaretteCellsCellular concrete
Cellular trimCellulaseCellulose
Cellulose acetateCellulose insulationCellulose nitrate
CelsiusCementCement board
Cement body tileCement brickCement grout
Cement joint pipeCement masonCement mixer
Cement mortarCement tileCement trowel
Cement, roofingCement, white portlandCement-coated nails or sinkers
CementiousCenterCenter bit
Center drillCenter gaugeCenter head
Center hung sashCenter mullionCenter of gravity
Center punchCenter-to-centerCenterline
CentersCentersetCentigrade scale
CentimeterCentiorariCentral air conditioning
Central business districtCentral forced-air heating systemCentral heating
Central heating systemCentral power plantCentral processing unit (cpu)
Central receiver solar power plantsCentrifugalCentrifugal compressor
Centrifugal fanCentrifugal forceCentrifugal pump
CeramicCeramic color glazeCeramic mosaic tile
Ceramic tileCertificateCertificate of beneficial interest
Certificate of deposit (cd)Certificate of deposit indexCertificate of eligibility
Certificate of occupancy (co)Certificate of saleCertificate of title
CertificationCertified assessment evaluator (cae)Certified historic structure
Certified property manager (cpm)Certified residential broker (crb)Certified residential specialist (crs)
Cess poolCession deedCetane number
ChainChain bondChain guard
Chain hoistChain intermittent weldChain link fence
Chain link, barbed edgeChain link, smooth edgeChain of title
Chain operatorChain sawChain vise
Chain wrenchChairChair rail
Chair railingChair-rail moldingChalk
Chalk boxChalk lineChalking
ChalkingChalking paintChalkline
ChangeChange frequencyChange in principle
Change orderChannelChannel block
Channel cable trayChannel flashingChannel iron
Chapter elevenChapter sevenChapter thirteen
ChargeCharge carrierCharge cycle
Charge indicatorChargerChase
Chase wallChasmChassis
ChatChat-sawn finish limestoneChattel
Chattel mortgageChattel realCheck
Check railCheck valveChecking
ChecksCheekCheek cut
Cheek wallChemicalChemical energy efficiency
Chemical resistanceChemical vapor deposition (cvd)Chiller
ChimeChimneyChimney back
Chimney breastChimney capChimney cricket
Chimney effectChimney flueChimney pot
Chimney stackChinaChina clay
China wood oilChina, vitreousChink
Chip boardChip sealChipboard
Chipping hammerChiselChisel tooth saw blade
Chisel, coldChisel, woodChlorinated polyethylene1 (cpe)
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (cpvc)ChlorineChlorofluorocarbon (cfc)
ChlorophyllChlorosisChlorosulfonated polyethylene
Choose in possessionChop sawChopped glass and emulsion (cg&e)
ChordChose in actionChroma
Chromated copper arsenate (cca)Chrome-platedChuck
Chuck capacityChuck keyChuck, combination
Chuck, independentChuck, universalChute
CinderCinder blockCinder fill
CircleCircle cutterCirclehead window
CircuitCircuit breakerCircuit lag
Circuit testerCircuit ventCircuit voltage
Circular levelCircular measureCircular mils (cm)
Circular sawCircular saw bladeCircular stairs
CirculateCirculating fluidized bedCirculation
City planCivil actionCivil court
Civil engineeringCivil lawClad
Clamp and step blockClamp padClamp straps
Clamp, adjustableClamp, cClamp, corner
Clamping timeClamping toolClamshell
ClapboardClasp nailClass "a" fire resistance
Class "b" fire resistanceClass "c" fire resistanceClass action
Class m buildingsClassified property taxClastic
ClawClaw hammerClay
Clay aggerateClay masonryClay pipe
Clay soilClay stoneClay tile
Clean air actCleaning depositCleanout
Cleanout plugClearClear and grub
Clear caulkClear coatingClear lumber
Clear spanClear titleClearance
CleatCleating methodCleavage membranes
Cleavage of lateral epitaxial films for transfer (cleft)ClerestoryClerestory window
ClevisClevis hangerClevis insulator
ClientClimateClimate change
ClimbersClinchClinker (klinker)
Clinker brickClipClipped gable
Clipped headerClocheClockwise
CloneCloseClose coupled
Close grainClose nippleClose quarter drill
Close-coupled closet tankClosed circuitClosed circuit television
Closed cut valleyClosed cycleClosed joint
Closed loopClosed loop biomassClosed loop contour lines
Closed mortgageClosed string stairwayClosed system
Closed valleyClosed-cut valleyClosed-end lease
Closed-end mortgageClosed-loopCloser
ClosetCloset augerCloset bend
Closet boltsCloset flangeCloset floor flange
Closet tubeClosingClosing costs
Closing escrowClosing of titleClosing statement
Closing surveyClosureClosure strip
Clothesline unitsCloud on titleClouding
Club rootClusterCluster housing
CoachCoagulateCoal tar
Coal tar bitumenCoal tar feltCoal tar pitch
Coal tar roof cementCoal-fired furnaceCoalesce
CoalescingCoarseCoarse aggregate
Coarse grainCoarse orange peel surface textureCoarse thread
CoatCoated base sheetCoated felt
CoatingCoating densityCoating in
CoaxialCobaltCobalt drill bit
Cobalt steelCobbleCobblestone
Cobweb finish paintCockCockhole cover
CockleCodeCode of ethics
CodicilCoefficient of energyCoefficient of friction
Coefficient of heat transmission (u-value)Coefficient of performance (cop)Coefficient of utilization (cu)
Coextrusion weldingCofferCofferdam
Coffered ceilingCofiringCog
Cog railwayCogenerationCogenerator
Cognovit clauseCogwheelCohesion
Coign (also spelled quoin)CoilCoil coating
Coil springCoil spring tube benderCoincidence factor
Coincident demandCoinsuranceCoinsurance clause
CokeCokingCold applied
Cold checkingCold chiselCold cracking
Cold drawnCold formingCold joint
Cold night skyCold patchCold process adhesive
Cold process built-up roofCold process roofingCold rolled
Cold solder jointCold steam cleaningCold vapor
Cold water paintCold weather concrete applicationCold weld
Cold-method and lap cementCole cropsColiform bacteria
CollarCollar beamCollar joint
Collar tieCollateralCollateral loan
Collateral securityCollectionCollector
Collector efficiencyCollector fluidCollector head
Collector tiltCollector trolleyCollector, runway
Collector, solarColletColloid
CollusionColonial architectureColonial texture
ColonnadeColony forming unit (cfu)Color
Color and shade variation programColor codingColor fast
Color of titleColor rendering index (cri)Color temperature
Color uniformityColorantColored grout
Colored leafColorfastColumn
Column anchorColumn clampColumn footing
Column formColumn reinforcementColumn support
Comb swirlCombed plywoodCombination
Combination bladeCombination chuckCombination door
Combination faucetCombination pressure and temperature relief valveCombination saw blade
Combination squareCombination switch and receptacleCombination window
Combination wrenchCombined annual efficiency (cae)Combined building sewer
Combined sewerCombined-cycle power plantCombing ridge
CombustibleCombustionCombustion air
Combustion analyzerCombustion chamberCombustion gases
Combustion power plantCombustion turbineComfort conditioning
Comfort ventilationComfort zoneCommercial acre
Commercial bankCommercial brokerCommercial building
Commercial heaterCommercial listingCommercial portland cement grout
Commercial propertyCommercial real estateCommercial sector
Commercial water useComminglingCommission
Commission splitCommissionerCommissioning
CommitmentCommitment feeCommittee deed
CommodeCommodityCommon area
Common area assessmentsCommon area chargesCommon bond
Common brickCommon elementsCommon law
Common lumberCommon nailCommon name
Common rafterCommon ventCommon wall
Community associationCommunity propertyCommunity property laws
Community reinvestment act federalCommutatorCompact fluorescent lamp (cfl)
CompactionCompactorCompanion planting
Comparable market analysis (cma)Comparable salesComparables
Comparative market analysisCompassCompass brick
CompatibleCompensationCompetent parties
Competitive bidComplete fertilizerComplete fusion
Complete joint penetrationComplete mix digesterCompletion bond
Completion of contract accountingComponentComponent building
Component depreciationCompositeComposite board
Composite electrodeComposite jointComposite panel
Composite wallCompositionComposition shingle
CompostCompost heapComposting
Composting toiletCompound circuitCompound flower
Compound interestCompound leafCompound miter box
Compound miter sawCompound paraboloid collectorCompound sum
Compounded thermoplasticsCompoundingCompressed air storage
Compressed natural gas (cng)CompressionCompression chiller
Compression couplerCompression fittingCompression set
Compression valveCompressive fracture testCompressive strength
CompressorCompressor, centrifugalCompressor, reciprocating
Compressor, roots typeComputer aided design and drafting (cadd)Concave
Concave jointConcealed arm carrierConcealed hinges
Concealed nailConcealed wiringConcentrator collector
ConcentricConcentric zone theoryConceptual design
ConcessionConclusive presumptionConcrete
Concrete blockConcrete block segmental retaining wall systemsConcrete block wall
Concrete board or wonderboard (tm)Concrete brickConcrete brick, solid
Concrete finishingConcrete formsConcrete grout
Concrete machineConcrete masonryConcrete masonry unit (cmu)
Concrete mixConcrete mixerConcrete nail
Concrete pavingConcrete pipeConcrete pumper
Concrete sawConcrete slabConcrete tamper
Concrete tilt-upConcrete trowelConcrete vibrator, electric
Concrete wall, pouredConcrete workabilityConcrete, aerated
Concrete, insulatingConcrete, pre-cast architecturalConcrete, reinforced
Concurrent heatingConcurrent ownershipCondemn
CondenseCondenserCondenser approach temperature
Condenser coilCondensing furnaceCondensing unit
ConditionConditional commitmentConditional offer
Conditional saleConditioned airConditioned floor area
Conditioned spaceConditioned space, directlyConditioned space, indirectly
CondominiumCondominium conversionCondominium owners association
Conduction bandConductive mortarConductive tiles
Conductivity (thermal)ConductorConductor head
Conductor pipeConduitConduit bender
Conduit boxConduit clampConduit fitting
Conduit strapConeCone of depression
Confession of judgmentConfigurationConfiscation
ConformConformable strataConforming loan
ConglomerateCongruentConic projection
Conic sectionConicalConifer
ConnectConnected loadConnecting rod
Connection chargeConnectorConnector plate
Connector, pressureConsentConsent judgment
Consequential damageConservationConservation cost adjustment
ConsiderationConsistencyConsole lav
Console tableConsolidation loanConstant dollars
Constant payment loanConstant-speed wind turbinesConstruction
Construction adhesiveConstruction budgetConstruction classification
Construction contractConstruction costsConstruction documents
Construction drawingsConstruction jointConstruction loan
Construction management contractConstruction specificationsConstruction-to-permanent loan
ConstructiveConstructive annexationConstructive eviction
Constructive noticeConstructive receiptConstructive trust
Consumable insertConsumer credit counseling service (cccs)Consumer grade
Consumer price index (cpi)Consumption chargeConsumptive water use
Contact cementContact resistanceContactor
ContaminantContaminateContemporary style
Contents replacement cost protectionContiguous lotsContingencies
ContingencyContingency clauseContingency fund
Contingency listingContingent feeContingent sale
Continuation statementContinuityContinuity tester
ContinuousContinuous beamContinuous fermentation
Continuous hinge doorContinuous loadContinuous power system
Continuous ridge ventContinuous ventContinuous waste t
Continuous weld (cw)ContourContour gauge
Contour intervalContour lineContour map
Contour planContractContract for deed
Contract for novationContract of saleContract specifications
Contract to purchaseContractorContractual lien
ContrastControl cut variable rate feed systemControl fittings
Control jointControl variableControlled growth
Convector coverConvenience outletConventional fuel
Conventional heat pumpConventional loanConventional vent
ConversionConversion chartConversion efficiency
ConverterConvertible adjustable-rate mortgageConvertible arm
ConveyConveyanceConveyance tax
ConveyorCooktopCool time
CoolantCoolerCooler nail
Cooling capacityCooling capacity, latentCooling capacity, sensible
Cooling capacity, totalCooling degree dayCooling load temperature difference (cltd)
Cooling pondCooling systemCooling tower
CoopCooperating brokerCooperative
Cooperative apartmentCooperative corporationCooperative mortgage
Cooperative projectCopeCoped joint
CopestoneCopingCoping joint
Coping sawCoplanarCopper
Copper pipeCopper stainingCopper tube size (cts)
CoproductsCorbelCorbel arch
CordCord storageCordage
Cordless drillCordless screwdriverCordless tools
CoreCore drillCore stock
CoreboardCored brickCored solder
CorianCorinthian columnCork
Cork flooringCorkwoodCorm
CornerCorner and slicing clampCorner bead
Corner blockCorner boardCorner bracing
Corner chiselCorner clampCorner influence
Corner lotCorner postCorner reinforcement
Corner stoneCorner stone boxCorner tool
CorneriteCorniceCornice lighting
Cornice returnCornice, boxCornice, closed or close
Cornice, flushCornice, openCorolla
CoronaCorona dischargeCorporate relocation
CorporationCorporation cockCorporation stop
Corporeal rightCorpusCorrection deed
Corrective workCorridorCorrosion
CorrosiveCorrosive waterCorrugated
Corrugated fastenerCorrugated ironCorrugated metal pipe
Corrugated paperCorrugated sidingCorrugated stainless steel tubing (csst)
Corrugated stapleCorrugated steelCorrugation
CosignCostCost of capital
Cost of developmentCost of livingCost plus contract
Cost-plus percentage contractCotenancyCottage
CotterCotter pinCottoforte
CounterCounter battenCounter electromotive force
Counterflow heat exchangerCounterofferCounterpoise
Countersink bitCounterthrustCountertop
CouplingCoupling, bandage typeCoupon
Courier feeCourseCourt
CoveCove lightingCove molding
CovenantCovenants running with the landCover crop
Cover plateCoverageCovered electrode
CowlCrackCrack a valve
CrackingCrackle lacquerCradling
CraftCraftsmanCraftsman style
CrampCraneCrane bridge
Crane girdersCrane jibCrane rail
Crane, manualCrane, remoteCraning
CrankCrank shaperCrankcase
CrankpinCrankshaftCrawl space
Crawl space plenumCrawlingCrawlspace
CrazingCream timeCreative financing
CreditCredit applicationCredit bureau
Credit historyCredit life insuranceCredit limit
Credit ratingCredit reportCredit repository
Credit unionCreditorCreep
Creep speedCreeperCreeping
Crescent wrenchCrestCrested
CrimpCrimping toolCripple
Cripple studCripple wallsCritical compression pressure
Critical path method (cpm)Critical pointCritical pressure
Crocus clothCrookCross
Cross bandCross beamCross bond
Cross braceCross bracingCross break
Cross bridgingCross connectionCross filing
Cross grainCross hairsCross joint
Cross peen hammerCross sectionCross sectional area
Cross shaftCross sprayingCross tees
Cross tieCross ventilationCross-bedded
Cross-pullCrosscutCrosscut blade
CrotchCrotchetCrow hop
CrowbarCrowdCrowding the line
CrownCrown fireCrown molding
Crown molding jigCrown plugCrown saw
Crown weirCrowningCrowning
Crows footCrucibleCruciform
CrudCrudeCrumbling shoe
CrustCryogenCryogenic liquid
CubatureCubeCube law
Cubic feet per minute (cfm)Cubic measurementCubicle
Cul-de-sacCulinary herbCull
CuneiformCup hookCupola
CupolaCupped taperCupping
Cupping the mortarCupronickelCurable defect
CurbCurb appealCurb cock
Curb edgerCurb roofCurb shoe
Curb stakeCurb stoneCurb stop
Curb-mounted skylightCureCure time
CuringCuring agentCuring compound
Curing timeCurrentCurrent (electric)
Current assetsCurrent dollarsCurrent liabilities
Current ratioCurrent valueCurtain drain
Curtain wallCurvatureCurve
Curved claw hammerCurvilinearCushion material
Cushion-edged tileCuspCustom builder
Custom builtCustom cabinetsCustom color
Custom floorsCustom homeCustomer
Customer chargeCustomer classCut
Cut and coverCut and loop carpetCut end
Cut jointsCut lengthsCut nail
Cut of the varnishCut pileCut sheet
Cut stakeCut stoneCut-in box
Cut-in braceCut-in-speedCut-out-speed
CutbackCutback asphaltCutoff
CutoutCutter barCutterstock
CuttingCutting inCutting off tool
Cutting torchCyanidingCycad
CycleCycle timeCycling losses
CycloidCyclone burnerCylinder
Cylinder headCylinder lockCylindrical
CymeCypressCypress, red
Czochralski processD-weight sander backingDado
Dado bladeDado cutDado joint
DamDamage depositDamages
Damascening metalDampDamp check
Damp courseDamperDamping off
DampproofingDanish oilDarby
Dark-dependent seedsDarrius (wind) machineDatabase
DatumDatum planeDatum point
DaubDaylightingDays on the market
Dc motorsDe factoDe facto contract
De-energizeDe-humidistatDead air space
Dead blow hammerDead boltDead end
Dead end streetDead flatDead level
Dead loadDead load deflectionDead lock
Dead storageDead-level asphaltDeadbolt lock
DeadenDeadening boardDeadheading
DeadlineDeadlockDeadlock, bored
Deadlock, mortiseDeadmanDebenture
Debt financingDebt limitDebt ratio-back end
Debt ratio-front endDebt serviceDebt to income ratio
DecedentDecentDecibel (db)
DeciduousDecimalDecimal feet
DeckDeck mountDeck paint
Deck roofDeclarationDeclaration of homestead
Declaratory judgmentDeclinationDeclining block rate
Declining marketDeclivityDecommissioning
Decorated gypsum wallboardDecorating allowanceDecoration
Decorative edge-forming router bitDecorative metal fencingDecorative panel
Decorative tileDecouplingDecrease
DeedDeed covenantDeed description
Deed in lieu of foreclosureDeed of confirmationDeed of release
Deed of trustDeed recording feeDeed restrictions
Deep dischargeDeep wellDeep-cut trim plate
Deep-seal floor drainDefaultDefault charge
Default judgmentDefeasance clauseDefeasible
Defeasible titleDefectDefective title
Defensible spaceDeferred interest mortgagesDeferred maintenance
Deferred paymentsDeficiencyDeficiency judgment
Deformed barDefrostDefrost cycle
DegreeDegree dayDegree hour
Degree of difficulty production factorDegree riseDegree-day
DehydrateDeionizationDeionized water
DelaminationDelayDelayed action fuse
Delayed toggle switchDelineateDelinquency
Delinquent mortgageDeliveryDelivery basis
Delta (or delta t)Delta connectionDemagnetize
DemandDemand billingDemand charge
Demand factorDemand loanDemand water heater
Demand-side management (dsm)DemiseDemised premises
Demising clauseDemographicsDemolition
Demolition insuranceDemountableDemountable partition
DemurrerDendriteDendritic web technique
DenseDensityDensity test
Density zoningDentDentil
DentilsDeoxidizeDepartment of agriculture (usda)
Department of energy (doe)Department of energy efficiency (doe)Departure
DependDependable capacityDepletion
DeponentDepositDeposit receipt
DepositionDepository institutions deregulation and monetary control actDepreciable life
Depreciable real estate (tax)DepreciationDepreciation basis
Depreciation recaptureDepressed marketDepression
DepressurizeDepthDepth gauge
Depth micrometerDepth of cutDepth of fusion
Depth of throatDepth scaleDepth tables
DerelictionDerivative titleDerived demand
DerrickDesanco fittingDesiccant
Desiccant coolingDesiccationDesign conditions
Design cooling loadDesign heating loadDesign life
Design temperatureDesign tip speed ratioDesign voltage
Detail sanderDetent baseDethatch
Dew point temperatureDewpointDhurrie
DiagonalDiagonal board fenceDiagonal bracing
Diagonal cuttersDiagonal pliersDial indicator
Dial plateDiameterDiamond
Diamond dropsDiamond point chiselDiaphragm
Diaphragm actionDiaphragm tankDiaphragm valve
Diatomaceous earth or silicaDiazoDibble
DictumDieDie cast
DiebackDielectricDiesel engine
Diesel hammerDifference of potentialDifferential
Differential gearDifferential levelingDifferential pressure
Differential thermostatDifferential-acting hammerDiffraction
Diffuse solar radiationDiffuserDiffusion
Diffusion lengthDiffusion weldingDig and set
Digester (anaerobic)Digital imagesDigital multitester
DilutionDilution ventilationDim
DimensionDimension lineDimension lumber
Dimension plansDimension ratioDimensional lumber
Dimensional shingleDimensional stabilityDimmer
Dimmer switchDimpleDiocecious
DiodeDip brazingDip needle
Dip solderingDip tubeDipole
DippingDirect accessDirect beam radiation
Direct capitalizationDirect costsDirect current (dc)
Direct driveDirect expansion (refrigeration)Direct expansion cooling system evaporator
Direct gas-fired heaterDirect lightingDirect nailing
Direct overheadDirect reduction mortgage (drm)Direct steam system
Direct tapDirect ventDirect vent heater
Direct water heaterDirect-gainDirection of least resistance
Directional growthDirectional jetDirectional tee plumbing
Directory boardDisability insuranceDisc (disk)
Disc sanderDischargeDischarge head
Discharge of bankruptcyDischarge of lienDischarge tube
Discharging archDisclaimerDisclosed principal
Disclosure statementDiscontinuityDiscount
Discount loanDiscount pointDiscount rate
Discounted cash flowDiscountingDiscrimination
DiscriminatoryDishwasher tailpieceDisinflation
DisintegrationDisk sanderDispatchability
DispatchingDisperseDispersing force
Displacement powerDisposable incomeDispossess proceedings
Distance wheelDistillDistilled water
DistraintDistressedDistressed property
DistressingDistributed generationDistributee
DistributionDistribution approachDistribution line
Distribution panelDistribution systemDistribution tile
Distribution titleDistrictDistrict heating
DitchDitch stakeDither
DivergeDiversionDiversity factor
DivertDiverter valveDivestiture
DivideDivider stripsDividers
DividingDividing headDivision
Division fenceDobieDock
DoctrineDocumentDocument needs list
Document stampDocumentary evidenceDodecagon
DodecahedronDoe-2.1Dog anchor
Dog house dormerDog's toothDog-eared board fence
DoglegDoing business as (dba)Dolerite
Dollar and percentage adjustmentsDollyDolly varden siding
Dolomitic limestoneDolphinDome
Domed ceilingDomestic hot waterDomicile
Domiciliary administratorDominant tenementDonor
DoorDoor bevelDoor buck
Door bypassDoor casingDoor chain
Door checkDoor chimesDoor closer
Door frameDoor hardwareDoor header
Door jackDoor jambDoor knob
Door lockDoor postDoor pull
Door shoeDoor sillDoor threshold
Door trimDoor, bifoldDoor, exterior
Door, fireDoor, flushDoor, hollow core
Door, interiorDoor, panelDoor, prehung
Door, rollingDoor, sliding glassDoorbell
Dope, pipeDopingDoric
Doric columnDormant period (dormancy)Dormer
Dormer horizontal corniceDormer rafterDormer rake cornice
Dormer windowDormitoryDosimeter
Dot-mounted tileDoubleDouble acting
Double box end wrenchDouble brickDouble bullnose
Double coursingDouble coverageDouble declining balance depreciation method
Double diggingDouble extra strongDouble floor
Double flowerDouble framingDouble glazing
Double gravelingDouble headerDouble horizontal tee
Double hung windowDouble insulatedDouble insulation (tools)
Double leg yokeDouble nailingDouble open end wrench
Double pitchDouble pottingDouble reduction
Double suction pumpDouble teeDouble threshold
Double wallDouble wall heat exchangerDouble wye fixture
Double y-branchDouble-acting hingeDouble-alternate saw tooth set
Double-cut fileDouble-digit inflationDouble-fired tiles
Double-hung windowDouble-pane or glazed windowDouble-pole reversing switch
Double-pole, double-throw switch (dpdt)Double-pole, single-throw switch (dpst)Double-stud wall
Double-wall sidingDouble-welded jointDoubling up
Douglas firDovetailDovetail jig
Dovetail jointsDovetail sawDowel
Dowel centerDowel gaugeDowel joint
DowerDown angleDown head boring gimlet
Down paymentDown zoningDowndraft
DowndrainDownflowDownflow furnace
Downhand weldingDownlightDownspout
Downspout leaderDownspout strapDownstream
DowntimeDownwind wind turbineDozer
DozingDraftDraft diverter
Draft gaugeDraft hoodDrafting
Drafting machineDraftsmanDrafty
Dragnet clauseDrainDrain cock
Drain panDrain pipeDrain seal gasket
Drain tileDrain valveDrainage
Drainage courseDrainage easementDrainage right of way
Drainage systemDrainage tileDrainback (solar) systems
DrainboardDraindown (solar) systemsDrapery
Drapery pocketDrawDraw filing
DrawdownDrawerDrawer pull
DrawingDrawing detailDrawing outline
DressDressed and matchedDressed lumber
Dresser couplingDrierDriers
DriftDrift pinDrift point
Drift punchDrillDrill and counterbore bit
Drill bitDrill bit caseDrill bit extension
Drill bit lengthDrill bit shankDrill chuck
Drill driftDrill gaugeDrill holder
Drill motorDrill powerDrill press
Drill press viseDrill rpmDrill saw
Drill sizeDrill speedDrill torque
Drill-driverDripDrip cap
Drip channelDrip edgeDrip irrigation
Drip loopDrip moldingDrip pan
Drip screedDrip stoneDrippage
DriveDrive fitDrive screw
Drive shaftDrivewayDriving time radius
Driving wheelDroituralDrop
Drop chainDrop clothDrop forge
Drop hammerDrop leafDrop light
Drop outletDrop sidingDropped ceiling
Dropping a hip rafterDrumDrum sander
Drum trapDrupeDry battery
Dry bulbDry bulb temperatureDry dust free
Dry film thicknessDry gasDry lap
Dry masonryDry mixDry mortgage
Dry rotDry sheetDry steam geothermal plants
Dry tack freeDry tapingDry to handle
Dry to recoatDry to sandDry wall
Dry-inDry-pipe sprinkler systemDry-press brick
Dry-set ceramic tile groutDry-set ceramic tile mortarDry-set mortar
Dry-stone wallDryer receptacleDrying oil
DrywallDrywall blistersDrywall construction
Drywall hammerDrywall knifeDrywall saw
Drywall screwsDrywall tapeDual agency
Dual contractDual divided agencyDual duct system
Dual element heaterDual fuel systemDual level drain
Dual listingDual motion sanderDual voltage
Dual-duct systemDual-paned (double-glazed)Duckbill pliers
DuckboardDuctDuct fan
Duct tapeDuctileDuctility
DuctworkDuctwork, preformedDue process
Due-on-sale clauseDullDull finish
Dull rubDummyDumping
Dumpy levelDunnageDuostrainer
DuplexDuplex basinDuplex nail
Duplex outletDuplex receptacleDuplicate
Duplicate switchingDurabilityDurable power of attorney
DuraluminDuressDurham system
DustDust coverDust mask
DustingDutch archDutch colonial style
Dutch doorDutch hip roofDutchman
Dutchman cutDuty cycleDwarf
Dwarf partitionDwarf wallDwelling
Dwv systemDwv tubingDyanite carbide-tipped blade
Dye, dyestuffDynamicDynamic braking
Dynamic headDynamic loadDynamic pressure
DyneE-weight sander backingE. coli
Early georgianEarly occupancyEarned income
Earnest moneyEarsEarth
Earth bermEarth cooling tubeEarth sheltered houses
Earth-coupled ground source (geothermal) heat pumpEarth-shipEarthquake load
Earthquake strapEarthworkEased edge
EasementEasement appurtenantEasement by necessity
Easement by prescriptionEasement in grossEastlake house
Easy creditEasy moneyEave
Eave courseEave flashingEave height
Eave ventEaves flashingEaves trough
EbonyEccentricEccentric shank
EcologyEconomic base analysisEconomic capacity of land
Economic forceEconomic indicatorsEconomic life
Economic obsolescenceEconomic rentEconomic value
Economies of scaleEconomyEddy
Eddy current brakingEddy current testingEdge
Edge clampEdge cutterEdge grain
Edge guideEdge jointEdge metal
Edge moldingEdge nailingEdge stripping
Edge treatmentEdge ventingEdge void
Edge-defined film-fed growth (efg)EdgerEdging
Edging stripsEdificeEdison base
EductorEffective ageEffective area (of an air terminal device)
Effective capacityEffective gross incomeEffective interest rate
Effective openingEffective rate/costEffective tax rate
Effective throatEffective weld lengthEfficacy
EfforescenceEgg and dart moldingEggshell
ElasticElastic limitElasticity of demand
ElastomerElastomer liningElastomeric
Elastomeric coatingElbowElbow curvature
Electric arc spraying (easp)Electric arc weldingElectric brake
Electric circuitElectric drillElectric energy efficiency
Electric furnaceElectric heatingElectric power plant
Electric power transmissionElectric radiant heatingElectric rate
Electric rate scheduleElectric resistance heaterElectric resistance weld (erw)
Electric screwdriverElectric serviceElectric service panel
Electric shockElectric systemElectric system loss(es)
Electric utilityElectric vehiclesElectrical charge
Electrical construction drawingsElectrical distribution systemElectrical drawings
Electrical energy efficiencyElectrical entrance packageElectrical induction
Electrical metallic tubing (emt)Electrical powerElectrical raceway
Electrical schematic wiring diagramElectrical single line diagramElectrical specifications
Electrical symbolsElectrical systemElectrical system energy efficiency losses
ElectricianElectrician's pliersElectricity
Electricity generationElectro-pneumatic impact systemElectrochemical cell
ElectrodeElectrode holderElectrode lead
ElectrodepositionElectrodialysysElectrogas welding (egw)
Electromagnetic energy efficiencyElectromagnetic field (emf)Electromagnetic spectrum
ElectromechanicalElectromotive forceElectron
Electron beam gunElectron voltElectronic ballast
Electronic feedback controlElectronic measuring deviceElectronic stud finder
Electronic transferElectroslag welding (esw)Electrostatic air cleaner
Electrostatic filterElectrostatic paintingElectrostatic precipitator
Elevation mapElevationsElevator
Elizabethan styleEllEllipse
EllipsoidElliptical reflector (er) lampElongate
Emergency exitEmergency heat (supplementary electric heat)Emergency light
EmeryEmery abrasiveEmery paper
Eminent domainEmissionEmission factor
Emission standardEmission(s)Emissivity
Employer-assisted housingEmpty nestersEmulsion
Emulsion paintEnamelEnameled brick
Enameled nailsEncapsulateEnclose
Enclosing hoodEnclosureEnclosure wall
EncumbranceEndEnd body
End cuttersEnd cutting router bitEnd drain
End hookEnd lapEnd loan
End matchedEnd moldingEnd nailing
End nippersEnd postEnd tie
End truckEnd useEnd wall column
End-bearing pile or pilingEnd-jointEnd-of-line receptacle
EnergyEnergy cut off (eco)Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency auditEnergy efficiency chargeEnergy efficiency contribution potential
Energy efficiency cropsEnergy efficiency densityEnergy efficiency efficient mortgages
Energy efficiency end-use sectorsEnergy efficiency guide labelsEnergy efficiency intensity
Energy efficiency policy act of 1992 (epact)Energy efficiency ratio (eer)Energy efficiency security act of 1980
Energy efficiency service company (esco)Energy efficiency storageEnergy guide label
Energy lossEnergy management systemEnergy policy act (epact)
Energy recovery ventilator (erv)Energy tax creditEnergy-efficient window
EnforceableEnforcementEngineered 24" framing
Engineered masonryEngineeringEngineering controls
English bondEnglish half-timber architectureEnglish stipple
English tudor styleEngraveEntasis
Entrained bed gasifierEntranceEntrance cap
EnvelopeEnveloping vapor barrierEnvironment
Environmental codesEnvironmental impact statementEnvironmental protection agency (epa)
Environmental regulations and controlsEnvironmental tobacco smoke (ets)Environmentally friendly construction
Epichlorohydrin (ech)Epicyclic trainEpidemiological
EpiphyteEpistyleEpitaxial growth
EpoxyEpoxy adhesiveEpoxy binder
Epoxy catalystEpoxy cementEpoxy grout
Epoxy mortarEpoxy paintEpoxy resin
Eps formsEqual credit opportunity act (ecoa)Equalization
EqualizerEqui-viscous temperature (evt)Equifax
EquilibrateEquilibriumEquilibrium moisture content
EquinoxEquipmentEquipment ground
Equipment screenEquitable conversionEquitable lien
Equitable ownerEquitable titleEquity
Equity buildupEquity cushionEquity in property
Equity kickerEquity lendingEquity mortgage
Equity of redemptionEquity participationEquity purchaser
Equity rate of returnEquity reitEquity sharing
Equity trustEquity yield rateEquity-to-value ratio
EquivalentEquivalent thicknessErasing shield
ErectErectionErection drawings
ErgErgo flex head ratchetErgonomics
Ernest moneyErodeErosion
Erosion controlErraticErrors and omissions insurance
Escalation clauseEscapeEscape clause
EscheatEscrowEscrow account
Escrow agentEscrow analysisEscrow closing
Escrow companyEscrow feesEscrow payment
Escrow statementEscutcheonEscutcheon pin
EstateEstate at sufferanceEstate at will
Estate for lifeEstate for yearsEstate in revision
Estate of inheritanceEstate on conditionEstimate
Estimated closing costsEstimated hazard insuranceEstimated property taxes
Estimated taxes and insuranceEstoppelEstoppel by deed
Estoppel certificateEstoverEtch
Etched nailsEthanolEthics
Ethyl tertiary butyl ether (etbe)Ethylene propylene diene monomer (epdm)European style
European tile standards (group a, group b)EutecticEutectic salts
EvacuateEvacuated tube collectorEvaporate
EvaporationEvaporative condenserEvaporative cooler
Evaporative coolingEvaporatorEvaporator approach temperature
Evaporator coilEvapotranspirationEvase
Evidence of titleEx post factoExamination of title
ExcavateExcavationExcavation line
ExceptionExceptional depreciationExceptional value
Excess condemnationExcess depreciationExcess income
ExchangeExcitationExclusionary zoning
Exclusive agencyExclusive buyer's agent (eba)Exclusive listing
Exclusive right to sellExculpatory clauseExecute
Executed contractExecutionExecutor
Executor's deedExecutoryExecutory contract
Executory costExemptExempt wholesale generator
ExemptionExfiltrationExfiltration test
ExfoliationExhaustExhaust air flow rate
Exhaust air terminal deviceExhaust fanExhaust vent
Existing gradeExitExit latch
Expandable paverExpanded metalExpanded polystyrene
Expanded shale and clayExpanded slag aggregateExpanding mandrel
Expansible houseExpansion bitExpansion bolt
Expansion cleatExpansion coefficientExpansion joint
Expansion tankExpansion valveExpansive bit
Expense ratioExperianExpletive
ExplosiveExplosive boltsExplosive valve
Explosively-driven fastenerExposed aggregateExposed joint
Exposed nail methodExposed wiringExposure
Exposure i grade plywoodExpress agreement or contractExtend
Extended coverageExtended plenum ductingExtender
ExtensionExtension agreementExtension bit
Extension cordExtension lineExtension ruler
Extension tableExtensive marginExterior
Exterior ceiling panelsExterior doorExterior finish
Exterior tileExterior wallExternal combustion engine
External cornerExternalityExtra strong
Extreme fiber in bendingExtrudeExtruded metal
Extruded polystyreneExtruded tileExtrusion
EyeEye of the impellerEye protection
Eye screwEyeboltEyebrow
EyeletF ratingF1 hybrid
FaceFace amountFace brick
Face grainFace hardenFace layer
Face nailingFace of weldFace plate
Face plyFace reinforcementFace shell
Face shieldFace valueFace velocity
Face veneerFace wallFaced masonry
Faced wallFaceplateFacial defect
Facing brickFacsimileFactor of safety
FactoringFactory edgeFactory mutual (fm)
Factory mutual research corporation (fmrc)Factory seamFacultative bacteria
Fahrenheit (f)FaienceFaience tile
Fair credit billing actFair credit reporting actFair housing act
Fair market rentFair market valueFall/flow
FallbackFalling out of escrowFalse advertising
False headerFalse personationFalse rafter
False setFalseworkFamily
Family limited partnershipFamily roomFan
Fan centrifugalFan coilFan inlet vanes
Fan or fanningFan velocity pressureFan, axial
FanlightFannie maeFarad
Farm credit agencyFarmer's home administration (fmha)Fascia
Fascia backerFasciationFast band saw blade
Fast cut hole saw bitFast spiral masonry bitFastener
Fastener depressionFastenersFat edge
Fat limeFat mortarFatigue
FaucetFaucet threadsFault
Faying surfacesFa‚adeFeasibility study
FeatherFeather edgeFeather sanding
FeatherboardFeathered edgeFeathering
Feathering stripsFeathers and wedgesFeature strip
Fecal coliformFecal materialFederal
Federal agency securitiesFederal deposit insurance corporationFederal energy efficiency management program (femp)
Federal energy efficiency regulatory commission (ferc)Federal fair housing lawFederal home loan bank board (fhlbb)
Federal home loan bank systemFederal home loan mortgage corporation (freddie mac or fhlmc)Federal housing administration (fha)
Federal housing administration insured mortgagesFederal housing finance boardFederal national mortgage association (fannie mae or fnma)
Federal power marketing administrations (pma)Federal reserve boardFederal savings and loan association
Federal styleFederal tax lienFederal trade commission (ftc)
Federally related mortgageFederally related transactionFee ownership
Fee simpleFee simple absoluteFee simple conditional
Fee simple defeasibleFee simple determinableFeed handle
Feed pumpFeed stopFeeder
Feeder buswayFeedstockFeedwater
Feeler gaugeFeet per minute (fpm)Felt
Felt machineFelt paperFelt papers
Female fittingFemale iron pipe (fip)Female threads
Female threadsFenceFence boards
Fender wallFender washerFenestration
Feng shuiFermentationFerrite number
FerrousFerrous sulfateFerrule
FettlingFha loansFha mortgage
FiberFiber conduitFiber saturation point
FiberboardFibered aluminum roof coatingFibered roof and foundation coating
Fibered roof coatingFiberglassFiberglass insulation
Fiberglass matFiberglass reinforced plastic (frp)Fibrous-rooted
FictileFidelityFidelity bond
FiduciaryFiduciary dutyField
Field angleField changesField grown
Field houseField of the roofField seam
Field tileField weldField winding
FieldstoneFieldstone, blue frost rubbleFieldstone, california driftstone
Fieldstone, california travertineFieldstone, driftFieldstone, ebony
Fieldstone, glacier quarry fossilFieldstone, indian creekFieldstone, mountain orchid
Fieldstone, river roundsFieldstone, santa fe lavaFieldstone, silver green
Fieldstone, snow mountain crystalFieldstone, victor logFieldstone, victor red rock
Fieldstone, victor silver grayFifteen-year mortgageFigure
FilamentFileFile card
FiligreeFillFill dirt
Fill factorFill stakeFill-type insulation
Filled insulationFilled landFilled-cell masonry
FillerFiller blockFiller metal
Filler stripsFiller wallFillet
Fillet gaugeFillet weldFillister
Fillister planeFillister-head screwFilm
Film buildFilm integrityFilm thickness
Film thicknessFilterFilter (air)
Filter bedFilter blockFilter element
Filter fabricFilter paperFiltering down
FiltrateFiltration rateFin
Final setFinal value estimateFinance charge
Financed closing costsFinancial calculatorFinancial feasibility
Financial institutions and marketsFinancial institutions reform, recovery and enforcement act (firrea)Financial intermediary
Financial leverageFinancial marketsFinancial statement
FinancingFinancing statementFinder's fee
FineFine aggregateFine grading
Fine grainFine mineral-surfacingFine nail
Fine texFine-tunedFineness modulus
FinesFinger jointFinial
FinishFinish carpentryFinish coat
Finish floorFinish gradeFinish hardware
Finish lumberFinish out allowanceFinish plumbing
Finish stringerFinished waterFinishes
FinishingFinishing nailFinned-tube radiation unit
FirFire alarmFire alarm annunciator panel
Fire alarm control panelFire blockFire box
Fire breakFire brickFire classification
Fire clayFire controlFire cut
Fire department connectionFire division wallFire door
Fire door, corrugatedFire door, metal-cladFire escape
Fire extinguisherFire frontFire hydrant
Fire insuranceFire linesFire partition
Fire proofFire ratingFire resistance
Fire resistant panelsFire resistiveFire retardant
Fire retardant paintFire retardant treatmentFire stop
Fire tapingFire valves (or fire dampers)Fire wall
Fire-ratingFire-resistant roofingFire-resistive rating
FireclayFireplaceFireplace base assembly
Fireplace insertFireplace, rumfordFireplace, single-face
Firewise landscapingFiringFiring rate
Firm commitmentFirst american credcoFirst draw
First hour deliveryFirst law of thermodynamicsFirst mortgage
First refusal rightFirst userFiscal
Fiscal year (fy)Fish eyesFish mouth
Fish oilFish plateFish tape
Fish wireFishedFishmouth
Five c's of creditFixFixative
Fixed assetsFixed cone valveFixed expenses
Fixed installmentFixed payment mortgageFixed price contract
Fixed rate mortgageFixed skylightFixed window
Fixer-upperFixtureFixture branch
Fixture drainFixture unitFlag
Flag worm holeFlaggingFlagstone
FlameFlame retardantFlame roll-out
Flame spreadFlame spread classificationFlame spread rating
FlankFlanking pathsFlap wheel
FlapperFlapper ballFlapper valve
FlareFlare bevel-groove weldFlare fitting
Flare headerFlare nut wrenchFlare v-groove weld
Flaring toolFlashFlash point
Flash setFlash weldingFlash-steam geothermal plants
Flashed apperanceFlashingFlashing base
Flashing cap moldingFlashing cementFlashing collar
Flat applicatorFlat archFlat fee
Flat fileFlat grainFlat lease
Flat lockFlat paintFlat position weld
Flat roofFlat seamFlat skylight
Flat slab floorFlat-black paintFlat-plate solar photovoltaic module
Flat-plate solar thermal/heating collectorsFlatting agentFlaw
Fleet angleFlemish bondFlex
Flex "t" handleFlex couplingFlex drive
Flex ductFlex head ratchetFlexibility
FlexibleFlexible baseFlexible connector
Flexible hacksaw bladeFlexible loan insurance program (flip)Flexible metal conduit
Flexible payment mortgageFlexible rate mortgage (frm)Flier
Flight of stairsFlintFlip switch
FlitchFlitch beamFlitch girder
Flitch plateFloatFloat ball
Float coatFloat floor drainFloat glass
Float stripFloat timeFloat valve
Float, powerFloat-zone processFloating
Floating angleFloating edgeFloating floor
Floating interest rateFloating jointFloating slab
Floating wallFloatstoneFlocculant
Flood certificationFlood coatFlood insurance
Flood lampFlood plain or zoneFlood test
FloodgateFloodlightFloodlight mount
FloorFloor area ratio (far)Floor drain
Floor edgerFloor flangeFloor framing
Floor jackFloor joistsFloor loan
Floor planFloor plugFloor sander
Floor sinkFloor spaceFloor tiles
Floor varnishFloorboardFlooring
Flooring sawFlooring, parquetFlooring, plank
Flooring, stripFlooring, vinylFlop
FloretFlorida roomsFlow
Flow brazingFlow chartFlow condition
Flow control valveFlow hoodFlow meter
Flow rateFlow restrictorFlow welding
Flower spikeFluctuateFlue
Flue baffleFlue damperFlue gas
Flue liningFlue pipeFluffing
FluidFluid ounceFluid-applied elastomer
FluidicsFluidized bed combustion (fbc)Flume
Flume spoutFluorescenceFluorescent lamp
FluorocarbonFlushFlush ball
Flush ball valveFlush bushingFlush device box
Flush doorFlush ellFlush joint
Flush plugFlush surfaceFlush valve
Flush weldFlush-mount lavatoryFlushing surface
FlushometerFlushometerFlushometer tank system
Flushometer valveFlutingFlux
Flux-cored arc weldingFlux-cored electrodeFly ash
Fly cutterFly rafterFlying levels
FlywheelFlywheel effectFoam
Foam boardFoam core panelsFoam insulation
Foam rubberFoam sheathingFoam stop
Foamed-in-place insulationFoilFoil-backed panel
Folded seamFolding doorFolding partition
Folding ruleFolding stairsFoliar fertilizer
FoliatedFollow-up testingFoot
Foot candleFoot poundFoot valve
Foot-poundFootingFooting form
For sale by owner (fsbo)ForbearanceForce
Force cupForce fitForce majeure
Forced air heatingForced air unit (fau)Forced sale
Forced ventilationForcingForeclosure
ForecourtForehand weldingForeman
Forge weldingFormForm hanger
Form jackForm liningForm of a curve
Form oilForm strippingForm tie
Forstner bitForstner bit setFossil fuels
FoundFoundationFoundation bolt
Foundation coatingFoundation planFoundation planting
Foundation ventFoundation wallFountain
FountainheadFour-way switchFourpenny
FoyerFractionFractional horse power motor
FramedFramed openingFramework
FramingFraming anchorsFraming clips
Framing fastenersFraming inFraming square
Framing square gaugesFraming, balloonFrancis turbine
FraudFreddie macFree and clear title
Free areaFree available chlorineFree enterprise
Free-standingFree-tab shinglesFreehold estate
FreestoneFreeze-thaw stabilityFreezeback
FremelessFrenchFrench arch
French curveFrench doorFrench drain
FreonFrequencyFrequency meter
Frequency modulationFrescoFresnel lens
FrictionFriction catch or latchFriction head
Friction head differenceFriction lossFriction pile
Friction tapeFriezeFrieze board
Frieze ventilatorFritFroe
Front clearanceFront footageFront money
Front viewFront-end ratioFrontage
FrostFrost dateFrost free date
Frost hardyFrost heaveFrost line
Frost resistanceFrost tenderFrost-proof tiles
Froth packFrowFruit fly
FrustumFuelFuel break
Fuel cellFuel efficiencyFuel grade alcohol
Fuel modificationFuel oilFuel rate
FuelsFulcrumFull covenant and warranty deed
Full disclosureFull fillet weldFull finished
Full hydraulic capacityFull mortar beddingFull polish wrench
Full sectionFull sunFull warranty
Full-service brokerFully adheredFully amortized adjustable-rate mortgage
Fully amortized mortgageFully indexed rateFulminate
FumeFunctionalFunctional deficiency
Functional depreciationFunctional modern or contemporary houseFunctional obsolescence
Functional utilityFundamentFunded debt ratio
Fungal wood rotFungi or fungusFungible
FungicideFunicularFunicular railway
FunnelFuran groutFuran resin
FurlingFurnaceFurnace soldering
Furnace, horizontalFurniture safety bracketsFurred
FurringFurring clipFurring strip
FuseFuse box or panelFuse puller
Fuse-type relief valveFusible metalFusil
FusionFusion weldingFuture advance clause
Future interestG-90G.i. loan guarantees
GableGable areaGable decoration
Gable dormerGable endGable end brace
Gable end studGable roofGable vent
Gable-on-hip roofGagGag rule
Gallium arsenideGallonGallons per flush (gpf)
Gallons per minute (gpm)GalvalumeGalvanic action
Galvanic scaleGalvanic seriesGalvanize
Galvanized ironGalvanized steelGalvanized steel pipe
Gambrel roofGangGang box
Gang drillingGang mandrelGang milling
Gang operationsGang sawGangway
Gantry craneGapGap financing
Gap loanGarden apartmentsGarden bond
GargoyleGarnetGarnet abrasive
Garnet paperGarnishmentGarret
GasGas burner or jetGas cock
Gas controlGas cylinderGas fired furnace
Gas metal arc cuttingGas metal arc weldingGas pliers
Gas pocketGas tungsten arc cuttingGas tungsten arc welding
Gas turbineGas weldingGasification
Gate diverterGate valveGated community
GatewayGaugeGauge blocks
Gauged brickGauged mortarGauging
Gauging blockGaussGazebo
GazumpingGearGear ratio
Gear trainGearboxGeared reduction
GelGel coatGel/grease cap
GemGeneral band saw bladeGeneral contractor
General lienGeneral lightingGeneral partner
General purpose circuitGeneral purpose/combination bladeGeneral warranty deed
Generally accepted accounting principles (gaap)GeneratorGentrification
Genura lampGenusGeodesic dome
Geodetic surveyGeographic information systems (gis)Geology
GeomagneticGeometryGeopressurized brines
Georgian styleGeothermal energyGeothermal equipment
Geothermal gradientGeothermal heat pumpGeothermal power station
GiftGift deedGift tax
GigahertzGigawatt (gw)Gild
GimletGin poleGingerbread decoration
Ginnie maeGirderGirdle
GirdlingGirtGirt strip
GlareGlassGlass and tile bit
Glass blocksGlass cutterGlass door, sliding
Glass drill bitGlass feltGlass mesh mortar
Glass mosaic tilesGlass pliersGlass-base
Glass-sealGlauber's saltGlaucous
GlazeGlaze coatGlaze-bright
Glaze-semi-mattGlaze-speckledGlazed tile
GlazierGlazier's pliersGlazier's point
Glazier's puttyGlazingGlazing compound
Gliding windowGlitterGlobal climate change
Global insolation (or solar radiation)Global warmingGlobe valve
GlochidGlossGloss meter
Gloss oilGloss paintGlove
Glove boxGlovesGlue
Glue blockGlue gunGlued laminated timber
GogglesGood faith estimate (gfe)Good repair clause
GoodwillGothic archGouge
Gouge chiselGougingGovernment mortgage
Government national mortgage association (gnma)Government rectangular surveyGovernment sponsored enterprise (gse)
GovernorGrab barGrab sample
Grace periodGradeGrade beam
Grade breakGrade lathGrade level
Grade lineGrade mark or stampGrade pin
Grade ringGrade rodGrade stake
Grade stickGrade, percentGraded tax
Grading planGraduateGraduate realtor institute (gri)
Graduated-payment mortgage (gpm)GraduationGraft
GraftingGrainGrain raise
Grain raisingGraininessGraining
Grains per gallon (gpg)GramGrandfather clause
GrandstandGraniteGranny flat
Grantor/grantee indexGranularGranule
GranulesGrape stake fenceGraph
Gravel roofGravel stopGravimeter
Gravity operated toiletGravity return condensate systemGravity warm air heating system
Gray paperGray waterGrease
Grease interceptor or trapGrease trapGreek revival style
GreenGreen brickGreen concrete
Green lumberGreen lumberGreen manure
Green mortarGreen powerGreen pricing and marketing
Green wireGreen woodGreenbelt
GreenboardGreenfield conduitGreenhouse
Greenhouse effectGreenhouse gasesGreensand
GreywaterGridGrid system
Grinder standGrinding handbookGrinding wheel
Grip fittingGrip lengthGrit
Grit numberGroinGrommet
GrooveGroove angleGroove joint pliers
Groove weldGrooved fittingGrooved joint
GrooverGross areaGross calorific value
Gross domestic product (gdp)Gross generationGross income
Gross income multiplierGross leasable area (gla)Gross lease
Gross marginGross profitGross rent multiplier
GroundGround coatGround cover
Ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci)Ground floorGround fuels
Ground glassGround jointGround joint union
Ground leaseGround planGround reflection
Ground waterGround wireGround, electrical
GroundingGrounding clampGrounding conductor
Grounding electrode systemGrounding plug adaptorGrounding rod
GroundsGroundwaterGrount joint
Group homeGroutGrout saw
Grouted masonryGroutingGrowing habit
Growing pointGrowing seasonGrowing-equity mortgage
Growth ringGrubbingGuarantee
Guarantee mortgageGuaranteed payment loanGuaranteed sales program
Guardian's deedGudgeonGuide arm
Guide coatGuideline livesGuinea
Guinea hopperGulletGum and resin
Gum arabicGum spot or streakGunite
Gutter strapGuttersGuy
Guy wireGyp boardGypsum
Gypsum blockGypsum boardGypsum concrete
Gypsum coreboardGypsum formboardGypsum lath
Gypsum partition blocksGypsum planksGypsum plaster
Gypsum sheathingGypsum wallboardGyroscope
H-beamH-clipHabendum clause
HaftHalf batHalf by
Half hardyHalf roundHalf round file
Half sectionHalf timberHalf-bath
Half-lap dovetail jointHalf-lap jointHalf-life
Halogen ir (hir) lampHammerHammer drill
Hammer fractureHand drillHand float
Hand sawHand screwHand socket
Hand toolHand-drilling hammerHand-tabbing
Handheld buffer/polisherHandlesHandrail
HandsawHandshowerHandy box
Handyman's specialHangerHangers
Hanging scaffoldHangoutHard burned
Hard edgeHard hatHard money
Hard oil finishHard screedHard water
HardboardHardenerHardening off
Hardfacing or hard surfacingHardinessHardiness zone
Haul roadHaunchHawk
HazardHazard insuranceHazardous electrical location classifications
HazingHeadHead casing
Head jambHead jointHead lock screw
Head lossHead plateHead pressure
HeaderHeader flareHeader or heading, course
Header, blindHeader, clippedHeading back
HeatHeat absorbing glassHeat balance
Heat capacityHeat collectorHeat content
Heat engineHeat exchangerHeat gain
Heat gunHeat lossHeat of fusion
Heat of vaporizationHeat pipeHeat pump
Heat pump cooling modeHeat pump heating modeHeat pump water heaters
Heat rateHeat recovery ventilatorHeat register
Heat sinkHeat sourceHeat storage
Heat storage capacityHeat transferHeat transfer fluid
Heat transmission coefficientHeat trapHeat treating
Heat weldingHeater, baseboardHeating cable
Heating degree dayHeating fuel unitsHeating fuels
Heating loadHeating seasonHeating seasonal performance factor (hspf)
Heating systemHeating valueHeating, ventilating, and air conditioning (hvac)
HeaveHeavingHeavy duty tile
Heavy streaksHeavy timber constructionHeavyweight concrete
Heel cuttingHeel hardenedHeel plate
Heel postHeeling-inHeight above plate (hap)
HeirHeirs and assignsHelical
Helical gearsHelicoidHeliochemical process
HelmetHemHemispherical bowl technology
Hemlock, west coastHenryHeptagon
HerbariumHereditatmentsHermaphrodite caliper
HermeticHerringboneHerringbone gears
Herringbone workHertz (hz)Heterogeneous
Hexagonal shingleHexahedronHiatus
HickeyHid lampHidden clauses
Hidden linesHide glueHiding power
High chairHigh densityHigh early cement
High frequency resistance welding (hfrw)High jointHigh lift grouting method
High lowHigh speed steel (hss)High strength bolts
High velocity hurricane zone (fbc)High victorian italianateHigh water mark
High-density overlay (hdo)High-efficiency particulate air (hepa) filterHigh-intensity discharge (hid) lamp
High-pressure sodium (hps) lampsHigh-riseHigher heating value (hhv)
Highest and best useHighwayHighway easement
HillHingeHinge profile cutter
Hinge, buttHinge, butterflyHinge, concealed
Hinge, double actingHinge, euroHinge, pivot
Hinge, self-closingHinge, sossHip
Hip rafterHip rafter, backingHip roof
Hip shinglesHipped roofHistoric district
Historic preservationHistoric structureHod
Hog valleyHoistHold back
Hold downHold down attachmentHold harmless clause
Hold-outHolder in due courseHolding company
Holding fundsHolding gradeHolding period
Holdover tenantHoleHole gauge
Hole punchHole sawHoliday
HollowHollow brickHollow concrete masonry unit
Hollow groundHollow masonryHollow wall
Hollow-coreHollow-core doorHollow-jet valve
Holographic willHome affordability indexHome energy assistance program (heap)
Home energy efficiency rating systems (hers)Home equity conversion mortgageHome equity line of credit
Home equity loanHome improvement loanHome inspection
Home inspectorHome inventoryHome loan
Home ownershipHome priceHome rule
Home warrantyHomeowners' association (hoa)Homeowners' fee
Homeowners' insurance policyHomeowners' policyHomeowners' warranty
Homeowners' warranty programHomesteadHomestead law
Homogeneous beamHomogenousHomojunction
HoneHoned finish limestoneHoney combing
HookHook and eye hingeHook and eye t-strap hinge
Hook latchHook ruleHook stick
Hook travelHooked rugHoop
Hopper windowHorizontalHorizontal application
Horizontal branchHorizontal broken jointsHorizontal position
Horizontal property lawsHorizontal roof areaHorizontal run
Horizontal separationHorizontal slat fenceHorizontal sliding window
Horizontal supply tappingHorizontal turret latheHorizontal-axis wind turbines
HornHorsefeathersHorsepower (hp)
Horsepower hour (hph)Horticultural oilHorticulture
Hose bibbHose threadsHoskold factor
Hospital latchHot air furnaceHot dry rock
Hot pressure welding (hpw)Hot spotsHot spray
Hot wallHot wireHot wire anemometer
Hot wire weldingHot-dip galvanizingHot-melt glue
Hot-mopped panHouse drainHouse dust mite
House paintHouse plantsHouse poor
House rackHouse rulesHouse sewer
House subcommittee on energy efficiency and environmentHouse trapHouse water and power committee
House wrapHousedHoused string
HouseholdHousingHousing code
Housing discriminationHousing expense ratioHousing starts
HubHub & spigot pipingHub and spigot piping
Hub heightHub stakeHubless
Hud-1 uniform settlement statementHueHugger
Humboldt undercutHumidifierHumidifier
HumidistatHumidityHumidity, relative
Humidity, specificHumusHundred percent location
HundredweightHurricane strapsHurricane ties
HydrantHydrated limeHydration
HydraulicHydraulic cementHydraulic control
Hydraulic jackHydraulic lime (hydrated lime)Hydraulic pressure
Hydraulic shoringHydrocarbonHydrochlorofluorocarbon (hcfc)
Hydroelectric power plantHydrofluorocarbon (hfc)Hydrogen
Hydrogenated amorphous siliconHydrojetHydrolysis
HydronicHydronic heating systemsHydroponics
HydropowerHydrostatic design basisHydrostatic pressure / load
Hydrostatic testHydrothermal fluidsHydrous
HypochloriteHypothecateI beam
I personaI-type semiconductorI-v curve
Ice damIdleIgneous rock
IgniteIgnition pointIgnition probability
Ignition temperatureIlliquidIlliquidity
Impact feesImpact noise ratingImpact resistance
Impact resistant glassImpact socketImpact wrench
Impact-protectionImpaired creditImpedance
ImpellerImperial gallonImpermeability
Implied conditionImplied contractImplied easement
Implied warrantyImplosionImpost
ImpoundImpound accountImpounds
ImpregnateImpressionImproved land
ImprovementImpulse resistance weldingImpulse turbine
In escrowIn-feedIn-file credit report
In-line oilerIn-line pumpIn-line screwdriver
In-ripIn/out cornersInadequate
Incandescent lampIncandescent lightInch
Incident solar radiationInclineInclined manometer
Inclined positionIncombustibleIncome
Income approachIncome producing propertyIncome property
Income statementIncome streamIncome yield
Incoming inlet temperatureIncompatibilityIncompetent
Incomplete fusionIncorporateIncorporeal property
Incurable defectIncurable depreciationIncuse
IndemnifyIndentureIndependent appraisal
Independent chuckIndependent contractorIndependent power producer
IndeterminateIndexIndex lease
Index of leading economic indicatorsIndex of refractionIndex of residential construction cost
Indexed loanIndicating gaugeIndicator
IndigenousIndirect costsIndirect lighting
Indirect overheadIndirect solar gain systemIndirect sunlight
Indirect wastesIndirect water heaterIndividual appliance circuit
Individual outside corner capIndividual retirement account (ira)Individual vent
Indoor air quality (iaq)Indoor coilsIndoor unit
Indoor/outdoor carpetInduced currentInduced soldering (is)
Induced-draft cooling towerInductanceInduction
Induction brazingInduction generatorInduction motor
Induction ratioInduction welding (iw)Inductive reaction
IndustrialIndustrial gradeIndustrial grade chuck
Industrial parkIndustrial process heatIndustrial property
Industrial screwdriver bitIndustrial tractIndustrial waste
Industrial zoningIndustryInert
Inert gasInfill development or housingInfiltration
Infiltration testInfiniteInflatable plug
InflateInflationInflation equity
InflorescenceInfluentInformation reporting
Information stakeInfraredInfrared brazing (irb)
Infrared radiationInfrared soldering (irs)Infrared testing
Infrared thermographyInfrasonicInfrastructure
Infusorial earthIngress and egressInharmonious
InheritanceInheritance taxInhibitor
Initial interest rateInitial paymentInitial rate cap
Initial rate durationInitial rate of absorptionInitial set
Inner cityInoculantInoculantion
InorganicInputInsect screen
Insecticidal soapInsecticideInsectivorous plant
Insert fittingsInsertable jointInserts
InsetInside calipersInside corner post
Inside corner toolInside drainInside lot
Inside micrometerInside or internal cornerInside trim
InsolventInspectionInspection fee
Inspection reportInspectorInstallation
Installation bedInstalled capacityInstallment
Installment contractInstallment saleInstant start
Instant start fluorescent lightInstantaneous water heaterInstitutional lender
InstrumentInsularInsulated cavity wall
Insulated sidingInsulated windowInsulating board
Insulating concreteInsulating flange kitInsulating glass
Insulating ratingInsulating varnishInsulation
Insulation blanketInsulation fastenersInsulation flange
Insulation ventInsulation, battInsulation, blanket
Insulation, flexibleInsulation, reflectiveInsulation, rigid
Insulation, thermalInsulatorInsurable interest
Insurable titleInsuranceInsurance binder
IntakeIntake ventilationIntangible property
Integral locksetIntegral stopsIntegral vacuum breaker
Integral vanity top and bowlIntegrated circuitIntegrated collector/storage (ics) solar systems
Integrated heating systemsIntegrated pest management (ipm)Integrated resource plan (irp)
Inter vivosInter vivos trustInterceptor
Intercoat adhesionInterconnectionInterest
Interest accrual rateInterest rateInterest rate cap
Interest rate ceilingInterest rate marginInterest-only loan
InterferenceInterference fitInterim financing
Interim loanInterim useInterior
Interior doorInterior finishInterior tiles
Interior trimInterior wallInterlacing arcade
InterlaymentInterlockInterlocking shingles
Interlocutory decreeIntermediate coatIntermediate flux
Intermediate metal conduitIntermediationIntermittent generators
Intermittent weldInternal combustionInternal gain
Internal gearInternal massInternal mix
Internal pressureInternal rate of return (irr)Internal revenue service (irs)
Internal threading toolInternational architectureInternational association of assessing officers (iaao)
International organization for standardization (iso)International right of way association (irwa)Internode
Interpass temperatureInterplantingInterply
Interrupter feed-through receptacleInterruptible loadIntersection angle
Interstate land sales full disclosure actIntersticeInterval
Interval ownershipIntestateIntrados
Intrinsic layerIntrusionIntrusion detector
Inventory checklistInverse condemnationInverse square law
InverterInvestmentInvestment analysis
Investment life cycleInvestment propertyInvestment tax credit
Investor owned utility (iou)Involuntary alienationInvoluntary lien
IonIon exchangeIonic column
IonizationIonizerIpso facto
Iridescent tilesIrmaIron
Iron alloyIron phosphate coatingIron pipe size (ips)
Iron, castIron, ductile castIron, gray cast
Iron, malleable caseIron, pigIron, wrought
Ironing centerIronwoodIrradiance
Irregular brace tableIrrevocableIrrigation system
IrwcIsantaIsland zoning
IsocyanateIsocyanate resinIsofootcandle lines
Isolated solar gain systemIsolationIsolation joint
Isolation mountIsometric drawing or projectionIsothermal
Italian architectureJ bendJ factor
J hookJ-channelJ-weight sander backing
JackJack archJack hammer
Jack planeJack postJack rafter
Jack studJacketJackscrew
JackshaftJahn forming systemJalousie
Jalousie windowJam nutJamb
Jamb blockJamb, headJapan wax
Japanese wood oilJarno taperJet
JibJig sawJigsaw
JimmyJitterbugJob site
Joint and several liabilityJoint cementJoint clearance
Joint compoundJoint compoundJoint compound, all-purpose
Joint compound, debondingJoint compound, toppingJoint cracks
Joint depressionJoint designJoint discoloration
Joint efficiency factorJoint fillerJoint liability
Joint noteJoint ownershipJoint penetration
Joint photographingJoint reinforcementJoint runner
Joint striking toolJoint tapeJoint tenancy
Joint ventureJointed flooringJointer
Jointer clampJointer planeJointure
JoistJoist cleatingJoist hanger
Joist tie-inJoule's lawJournal
Journal boxJourneymanJudicial foreclosure
Jumbo loanJumbo mortgageJumbo utility brick
JumperJunctionJunction box
Junior beamJunior lienJunior mortgage
JuratJurisdictionJust compensation
JuteK-factorKafer fitting
KameKaolinKaplan turbine
KeelKeene's cementKerf
KeyKey switchKeyed chuck
Keyhole sawKeyless chuckKeystone
KeywayKick holeKick plate
Kick-out clauseKickbackKicker
Kicker blockKilim or kelimKill
KilnKiln dryKiln run
KilotonKilovolt (kv)Kilovolt-ampere (kva)
Kilowatt (kw)Kilowatt hour (kwh)Kinetic energy
Kinetic energy efficiencyKing closerKing post
King post trussKing-postKingbolt
KioskKit homeKitchen cabinet
Kitchen triangleKitchenetteKnee and column milling machine
Knee braceKnee capKnee pads
Knee wallKnifeKnife setting gauge
Knife speedKnife switchKnife width
Knob and tube wiringKnock-down textureKnocked down
Knocking outKnockoutKnockout plug
KnotKnot holeKnurl
Knurling toolKpaKraft
Kraft paperL boltsL cut
L screwL tubingLabor burden
Labor hourLachesLacing
Lack of fusionLacquerLadder
Ladder barLadder fuelsLadder tray
Ladder, fixedLag bolt or screwLag-screws or coach-screws
LaggingLagging indicatorsLagoon
LaitanceLally columnLamella
Laminar flowLaminateLaminate flooring
Laminate trimmerLaminatedLaminated beam
Laminated glassLaminated shinglesLaminated veneer lumber (lvl)
Laminated woodLampLamp cord
Lamp lifeLampblackLampholder
LanaiLandLand contract
Land costLand developmentLand economics
Land leaseLand loanLand reclamation
Land residual techniqueLand sale-leasebackLand use intensity
Land use mapLand use planningLand use regulation
Land use successionLand value mapLand, tenements and hereditaments
Landlord's lienLandmarkLandscape
Landscape architectLandscape contractorLandscape designer
Landscape fencingLandscapingLane
Lane delineatorsLangelier's indexLangley
Lap cementLap jointLap seam
Lap sidingLap weldLarge scale integrated circuit (lsi)
LaserLaser beam cutting (lbc)Laser beam welding (lbw)
Laser levelLatchLatch post
Late chargeLate paymentLatent
Latent cooling load (or latent load)Latent defectLatent heat
Latent heatLatent heat of vaporizationLateral
Lateral and subjacent supportLateral reinforcementLateral support
Latex paintLatex portland cement mortarLath
Lath and plasterLath and slat fenceLath nailers
LattenLatticeLattice window
LauanLaundry tubLav
LavatoryLavatory self-rimmingLavatory wall hung
Lavatory, flush-mountLavatory, integralLavatory, pedestal
Lavatory, under counterLaw(s) of thermodynamicsLawful object
Lawn sprinkler systemLay of the landLay out the bond
Lay upLayeringLaying off
Laying outLaying overhandLaying the ends
Layout linesLayout stickLazy susan
LeachLeach fieldLeach lines
LeachingLeaching bedLead
Lead acid batteryLead carbonateLead drier
Lead expansion anchorLead joint or lead and oakum jointLead masonry
Lead oxideLead woodLeaded zinc
LeaderLeader headLeader pipe
Leading edgeLeading endLeaf mold
LeafletLeakLean mortar
Lean-toLean-to rafterLean-to-roof
Leaning edgeLeaseLease agreement
Lease optionLeased feeLeasehold
Leasehold estateLeasehold improvementsLeasehold mortgage
Leasehold valueLedgeLedger
LegLeg of a fillet weldLegacy
Legal ageLegal blemishLegal description
Legal nameLegal noticeLegal residence
Legal titleLegateeLeggy
LegumeLenderLender participation
Lending agreementLengthLens
Let-inLetheLetter of atornment
Letter of commitmentLetter of creditLetter of intent
Lettering guideLeveeLevel
Level loopLevel payment income streamLevel payment mortgage
Level protractorLevel rodLevel, builder's
Level, dumpyLevel, laserLevel, optical
Level, stringLevel, transitLeveling
Leveling bedLeveling courseLeveling rod
Leveling vialLevelized life cycle costLever
Lewis pinLiabilitiesLiability insurance
LiableLibelLibor london interbank offered
LicenseLicense lawsLicensed appraiser
LicenseeLienLien period
Lien releaseLien theory stateLien waiver
Lien, juniorLienholderLife cap
Life cycle costLife cycle labsLife estate
Life extensionLife interest rate capLife tenant
Life-cycle costLifetime rate capLift
Lift check valveLiftingLight
Light bulbLight center length (lcl)Light diffuser
Light framingLight handle switchLight intensity meter
Light qualityLight trappingLight-induced defects
LightfastnessLightingLighting maintenance factor
LightningLightning arrestorLightning rod
Lightweight concreteLightwoodLignite
Lignum vitaeLike-kind propertyLimber
Limbing upLimeLime putty
LimestoneLimestone carborundum finishLimestone, honed finish
Limestone, machine-tooled finishLimestone, plucked finishLimestone, rough
Limestone, sand-sawn finishLimestone, smooth machine finishLimestone, wet-rubbed finish
LimitLimit switchLimited liability
Limited partnerLimited partnershipLine
Line graphLine levelLine loss
Line of creditLine of sightLine post
Line-voltageLinealLineal foot
LinearLinear footLinear indication
Linear thermal expansionLineman's pliersLineman's splice
Linen closetLinerLines of force
LiningLining feltLinkage
LinoleumLinoleum knifeLinoleum varnish
Linseed oilLintelLippage
Liquefied petroleum gasLiquidLiquid assets
Liquid membraneLiquid penetrant examination (pt)Liquid propane (lp)
Liquid resin glueLiquid sandpaperLiquid-applied membrane
Liquid-based solar heating systemLiquid-tight flexible metal conduitLiquid-to-air heat exchanger
Liquid-to-liquid heat exchangerLiquidateLiquidated damages
LiquidationLiquidation priceLiquidation value
LiquidityLis pendensList
List of materialsListingListing agent
Listing brokerListing formListing inventories
LithargeLithium-sulfur batteryLithopone
Littoral rightsLiveLive load
Live steamLive-in partnershipLive-work space
LiveringLiving unitLoad
Load bearing wallLoad blockLoad building
Load distribution centerLoad duration curveLoad estimate
Load factorLoad factorLoad float
Load forecasttLoad levelingLoad management
Load profile or shapeLoad sheddingLoad shifting
Load-bearing partitionLoad-bearing wallLoader
Loading pumpLoadsLoam
LoanLoan applicationLoan application fee
Loan commitmentLoan officerLoan origination fee
Loan originatorLoan ratesLoan shark
Loan termLoan-to-value ratio (ltv)Lobby
Local exhaust ventilationLocal solar timeLocation
LockLock controlLock nut
Lock seamLock washerLock wire
Lock-inLock-in clauseLock-in period
Locked rotor torqueLocking pliersLocknut
LocksetLockset installation guideLoft
Loft buildingLogLog cabin
Log lawLog-constructionLoggia
LogisticsLong day plantLong l
Long leadLong nose pliersLong oil
Long oil varnishLong ratchetLong reach pliers
Long tape measureLong term assetsLong term liabilities
Long tonLong-term capital gainLong-term financing
Long-term leaseLong-wave radiationLongitudinal
LookoutLookout or lookout blockLoop
Loop pile carpetLoose fill insulationLoose pin hinge
Loose-laid roof membranesLoosely laid membranesLoss of load probability (lolp)
LossesLotLot and block
Lot bookLot lineLot split
LouverLow btu gasLow consumption toilet
Low densityLow density concreteLow down-payment loan
Low flush toiletLow water markLow-documentation loan
Low-e coatings & (window) filmsLow-flow solar water heating systemsLow-income housing
Low-lift grout methodLow-pressure sodium lampLow-slope application
Low-voltageLowball offerLower (net) heating value
Lower explosive limitLower leg stiffenerLtv (loan to value ratio)
LubricantLubricateLubricating oil
Lug sillLug/crimpLumber
Lumber appearanceLumber fencingLumber grade
Lumber grade stampLumbermillLumberyard
LumenLumen maintenanceLumens per watt (lpw)
Lumens/watt (lpw)LuminaireLuminaire efficiency
Luminaire, directLuminaire, general diffuseLuminaire, semi-direct
Luminaire, semi-indirectLuminanceLuminescent
LuminousLuminous efficacyLump sum contract
LusterLuxM tubing
MachineMachine boltMachine brazing
Machine screwMachine shopMachine tool
Machine weldMachine-tooled finish limestoneMachinery
MacroMadison clipsMagma
MagnesiumMagnetMagnet, permanent
Magnetic ballastMagnetic cylinder lockMagnetic energy
Magnetic fieldMagnetic starterMagnetic stud finder
Magnetized hammerMagnetoMahogany
Mahogany, philippineMainMain girder
Main hoistMain runnerMain vent
Main water shut-off valveMaintainMaintain contact switch
MaintenanceMaintenance bondMaintenance fee
Major archMajor diameterMajority
Make-up airMake-up waterMaker
MaleMale fittingMale hose threads (mht)
Male iron pipe connection (mip)Male pipe thread (mnpt)Male thread
MallMall storesMalleable
Malleable fittingsMalletMan-made mineral fibers (mmmf)
ManagementManagement agreementManagement fee
Management surveyMandatoryMandrel
Mandrel testMandrel, expandingManganese
ManholeManifoldManifold wrench
Manifolded installationManila paperManometer
Manometer, dryMansard roofMansard roof
MantleManualManual brazing
Manual dManual jManual motor starter
Manual sManual scrollManual thermal overload switch
Manual weldingManufactureManufactured gas
Manufactured housingManufactured woodManufacturers specifications
Manufacturing defectsManufacturing milling machineManure
Manure teaMap actMapp gas
MarbleMarble tileMargin
Margin of securityMargin trowelMarginal cost
Marginal land or propertyMarginal plantMarginal satisfaction
Marginal tax bracketMarginal utilityMarine
Marine varnishMarital deductionMarket absorption rate
Market analysisMarket approachMarket area
Market comparison approachMarket conditionsMarket data approach
Market delineationMarket priceMarket rent
Market researchMarket riskMarket segmentation
Market studyMarket valueMarketable title
Marking gaugeMarkupMarquee
Masking tapeMasonMasonite
MasonryMasonry anchorMasonry bit
Masonry blockMasonry bond beamMasonry cement
Masonry jointMasonry lintelMasonry paint
Masonry primerMasonry reinforced wallMasonry stove
Masonry symbolsMasonry unitMasonry veneer
Masonry wallMasonry wall copingMasonry wall ties
Mass appraisingMass burn facilityMass coefficient (m)
Mass spectrometerMastMast heads
Master antenna television systemMaster deedMaster grade certificate
Master leaseMaster limited partnershipMaster mortgage loan
Master planMaster planned communityMastic
Mastic spreader or trowelMatMat foundation
Match lineMatchboards or matched boardsMatched boards
Matched systemMaterial defectMaterial fact
Material manMaterial man's lienMaterial participation
Material safety data sheets (msds)MatrixMatte
Matte finishMaturityMaul
Maximum contaminant level (mcl)Maximum developed horsepowerMaximum financing
Maximum overall length (mol)MeanMean lumens
Mean power output (of a wind turbine)Mean wind speedMeander
MeasureMeasuring squareMeasuring tools
Mechanic's lienMechanicalMechanical advantage
Mechanical cleaningMechanical damageMechanical drawings
Mechanical efficiency curveMechanical equipmentMechanical fasteners
Mechanical fingersMechanical jointMechanical pencil
Mechanical systemsMechanical tamperMechanical taping tool
Mechanical ventilationMechanismMedian
Median priceMedian wind speedMediate
MediationMedicine cabinetMedium
Medium btu gasMedium curing cutbackMedium density fiberboard (mdf)
Medium Density Overlay (MDO)Medium pressureMedullary rays
Meeting of the mindsMeeting railMegawatt (mw)
Megawatt hour (mwh)MeldMelt
Melt pointMelt-throughMember
MembraneMembrane base flashingMensuration
MercuryMercury lampMercury switch
Mercury vapor lampMergeMerged credit report
MergerMerger of titleMeridian
MerlonMeshMesh tape
MesneMessenger supported wiringMet
Meta-anthraciteMetalMetal arc cutting
Metal cornerMetal deckMetal drip edge
Metal edgeMetal edge support clipsMetal fatigue
Metal fencingMetal flashingMetal halide lamp
Metal lathMetal powder cuttingMetal stud
Metal stud, combinationMetal stud, screwMetal tie
Metal tiesMetal trimMetal working hammer
Metal-clad cableMetal-clad switchgearMetal-protecting paint
Metallic paintMetallicsMetallography
MetallurgyMetamorphic rockMeter
Meter boxMeter panMeter socket
Meter tailpieceMeter tileMetes and bounds
MethaneMethanolMetric measure
Metric threadsMetric tonMetric wrench
Metropolitan areaMetropolitan statistical area (msa)Mexican paver tile
Mid-length socketMig welderMil
Mild steelMildewMildew resistance
MildewcideMile, nauticalMile, statute
MilestoneMillMill file
Mill glazeMillage rateMilled-each-end pipe
Milled-overall pipeMilliMilligram
MillimeterMilling cuttersMilling machine
Mineral fiberMineral granulesMineral insulated, metal sheathed cable
Mineral leaseMineral rightsMineral spirits
Mineral stabilizersMineral streakMineral surfaced
Mineral woolMineral-surfaced roofingMini-warehouse
Mini-widespreadMinimum lot areaMinimum rated
MinorMinor archMinor diameter
Minority carrier lifetimeMinority discountMinority interest
Mint conditionMirror hangerMiscible
MisrepresentationMission couplingMission house
Mission stippleMistMist propagation
MistakeMiter (mitre)Miter box
Miter clampMiter cutMiter gauge
Miter indexMiter jointMitigation
Mixed borderMixed mediaMixed use commercial project
Mixed-income housingMixed-use developmentMixing ratio
Mixing valveMobile homeMobile home aluminum roof coating
Mobile home package unit (mhpu)Mobile home parkMobility
Mock-upMod 24Model
Model codesModel furnishingsModel unit (home)
Modern georgian architectureModernizeModification
Modified accelerated cost recovery system (macrs)Modified annual percentage rate (apr)Modified bitumen
Modified degree-day methodModified epoxy emulsion mortarModify
ModillionModularModular construction
Modular housingModular masonry unitModule
ModulusModulus of elasticityMoenstone
Moisture barrierMoisture contentMoisture control
Moisture density curveMoisture expansionMoisture proofing
Moisture relief ventMoisture resistant panelsMoisture scan
Moisture vapor transmissionMoldMoldboard
MoldingMolding cutter or headMolding cutters and knives
Molding headMolding or mouldingMole run
MoleculeMolly boltMonetary institution deregulation act
Money market accountMoney market fundMonitor
Monitor coverMonitor, saw-toothMonkey wrench
Monobloc faucetMonocotturaMonoculture
MonoeciousMonolithicMonolithic slab
MonomerMonoplanarMonterey architecture
Month-to-month tenancyMonthly association duesMonthly payment cap
MonumentMop boardMop-and-flop
MoppingMopping, fullMopping, spot
Mopping, sprinkleMopping, stripMorass
MoratoriumMorroMorse taper
MortarMortar bedMortar board
Mortar boxMortar hoeMortar joint
Mortar joint finishMortgageMortgage acceleration clause
Mortgage amortizationMortgage bankerMortgage bonds
Mortgage brokerMortgage brokerage agreementMortgage commitment
Mortgage constantMortgage correspondentMortgage disability insurance (mdi)
Mortgage discountMortgage guarantee insurance company (mgic)Mortgage instrument
Mortgage insuranceMortgage insurance premium (mip)Mortgage interest deduction
Mortgage lienMortgage life insurance (mli)Mortgage market
Mortgage noteMortgage outMortgage payment table
Mortgage poolMortgage reitMortgage release price
Mortgage reliefMortgage requirementMortgage risk rating
Mortgage servicingMortgage share (participation) agreementMortgage-backed security
Mortise and tenonMortise deadlockMortise gauge
Mortise lockMortising chiselMosaic
Mosaic parquetMosaic tileMosaics
Motivated buyerMotivated sellerMotor
Motor breakdown torqueMotor control centerMotor full-load torque
Motor pull-up torqueMotor speedMotor, electric
Mounted tileMouthMovable insulation
Move-in conditionMove-up buyerMr11 lamp
Mr16 lampMudMud cracking
Mud panMud roomMudsill
MulchMullionMullion windows
Multi-centered archMulti-dwelling propertyMulti-face fireplace
Multi-layerMulti-meterMulti-metering center
Multi-outlet stripMulti-ply constructionMulti-stage pump
Multi-zone systemMulticolourMultifamily mortgage
Multifamily propertyMultijunction deviceMultimeter
Multiple coatsMultiple dwellingMultiple listing
Multiple listing service (mls)Multiple offersMultiple switching
Multiport valveMultitesterMunicipal
Municipal housing inspectorMunicipal sewerMunicipal solid waste (msw)
Municipal wasteMunicipal waterMuniments of title
MuntinMuralsMuriatic acid
MutationMutinMutual consent
Mutual fundsMutual savings banksMutual water company
MycotoxinN-type semiconductorNacelle
NailNail popsNail puller
Nail setNail spotterNailer
Nailhead rustingNailing blockNailing hem (flange)
Nailing patternName plateNanometer
NapNaphthaNarrow u
National ambient air quality standar (naaqs)National apartment association (naa)National association of corporate real estate executives (nacore)
National association of exclusive buyers agentsNational association of home builders of the u.s. (nahb)National association of home inspectors (nahi)
National association of independent fee appraisers (naifa)National association of master appraisersNational association of real estate brokers (nareb)
National association of real estate investment trusts (nareit)National association of real estate license law officials (narello)National association of realtors (nar)
National association of realtors code of ethicsNational association of review appraisers and mortgage underwritersNational council of real estate investment fiduciaries (ncreif)
National council of state housing agenciesNational flood insuranceNational foundation for consumer credit
National institute for occupational safety and health (niosh)National real estate indexNational realty committee
National retail merchants associationNational rural electric cooperative association (nreca)National society of real estate appraisers (nsrea)
National tenantNativeNative produce
Natural barrierNatural clay tileNatural cooling
Natural draftNatural draft cooling towerNatural finish
Natural gasNatural gas steam reforming productionNatural resin
Natural vacancy rateNatural ventilationNaturalize
Neat cementNeedleNeedle bearings
Needle fileNeedle valveNeedle-nose pliers
Needs-based pricingNegative amortizationNegative cash flow
Negative chargeNegative ion generatorNegative leverage
Negative pressureNegative-slope drivewayNegotiable
Negotiable instrumentNegotiateNegotiation
NeighborhoodNeighborhood life cycleNeo angle base
Net (lower) heating value (nhv)Net cash flowNet energy efficiency production (or balance)
Net floor areaNet free vent areaNet generation
Net incomeNet income multiplierNet leasable area (nla)
Net leaseNet listingNet long-term gain
Net lossNet meteringNet operating income (noi)
Net payoffNet present value (npv)Net present value (npv)
Net proceedsNet realizable valueNet usable btu
Net worthNet yieldNeutral
NeutralNeutral conductorNew construction
New england colonialNew england farm houseNew town
NewelNewel capNewton (n)
Night sealNineteen-inch selvageNinety-pound
NippersNippleNipple extractor
Nipple extractorNitrogen cycleNitrogen dioxide
Nitrogen fixationNitrogen oxides (nox)No bid
No deal, no commission clauseNo money downNo-cash out refinance
No-cutout shingleNo-documentation loanNo-hub connector
No-hub jointNobleNocturnal cooling
NodeNodular cast ironNodules
NoggingNominal (nom)Nominal capacity
Nominal interest rateNominal loan rateNominal pipe size
Nominal priceNominal sizeNominee
Non sequiturNon-abrasive scrubbing padNon-alienation clause
Non-assumption clauseNon-bearing partition or wallNon-breathing membrane
Non-centered ridgeNon-cfcNon-combustible
Non-conductorNon-conforming loanNon-conforming use
Non-corrosive fluxNon-destructiveNon-destructive examination
Non-disturbance clauseNon-exclusive listingNon-ferrous
Non-fibered aluminum roof coatingNon-flammableNon-friable
Non-judicial foreclosure saleNon-liquid assetNon-loadbearing wall
Non-metalNon-metal cable (nmc)Non-performance
Non-recourseNon-recurring closing costsNon-rigid
Non-utility generator/power producerNon-vitreous tileNon-volatile
Non-vulcanized materialNon-wovenNonagon
Nonbearing wallNoncombustible building materialNonconforming mortgage loan
Nonferrous metalNonfibered roof and foundation coatingNonpoint source pollution (nps)
NonpotableNonrenewable fuelsNonveneer panel
Normal recovery capacityNormal sizeNormal slope application
Normal wear and tearNormalizingNorman brick
Norwegian brickNosingNot in my back yard (nimby)
NotarizeNotary publicNotch
Notched trowelNoteNote rate
Notes payableNotes receivableNotice
Notice of cancellation clauseNotice of cessationNotice of default
Notice of non-responsibilityNotice of pendencyNotice to pay rent or quit
Notice to quitNotorious possessionNovation
NozzleNuclearNuclear density meter
Nuclear energy efficiencyNuclear meterNuclear soil compaction test
NuisanceNullNull and void
Nunc pro tuncNuncupative willNure
Nut driverO-ringOak
OakumOarObiter dictum
ObliqueOblique drawingObscure glass
ObsolescenceObstructionObstruction wrench
Obtuse angleOccludeOccupancy
Occupancy agreement, limitedOccupancy levelOccupancy rate
Occupancy ratioOccupancy sensorOccupational safety and health administration (osha)
Occupied spaceOcean energy efficiency systemsOcean thermal energy efficiency conversion (otec)
OctagonOctagon boxOctahedron
Off-centerOff-center spliceOff-peak
Off-ratio foamOff-siteOff-site costs
Off-site improvementsOfferOffer and acceptance
Offer to purchaseOffereeOfferer
Offering statementOffice buildingOffice condominium
Office of interstate land sales registration (oilsr)Office of thrift supervision (ots)Office park
OffsetOffset ratchetOffset screwdriver
Offset statementOffset studsOffset wrench
Offset, 1/8-bendOgeeOhm
Ohm's lawOhmmeterOil
Oil and gas leaseOil finishOil free pump
Oil lube pumpOil of cedarwoodOil powered
Oil stainsOil well cementOil-canning
OilstoneOleoresin varnishOmnibus clause
On centerOn-peak energy efficiencyOn-site generation
On-site improvementsOn-site managementOne by
One sunOne-axis trackingOne-handed bar clamp
One-hundred-percent-locationOne-piece toiletOnline real estate listings
Oolitic limestoneOpacityOpaque
Opaque coatingOpenOpen access
Open circuitOpen corniceOpen end wrench
Open grainOpen hearth furnaceOpen house
Open housingOpen listingOpen listing agreement
Open mortgageOpen occupancyOpen pollinated
Open spaceOpen space ratioOpen string stairs
Open timeOpen valleyOpen web joist
Open-circuit voltageOpen-end blockOpen-end lease
Open-end loanOpen-end mortgage (deed of trust)Open-end wrench
Open-loop systemOpening escrowOperating cost
Operating cycleOperating expense ratioOperating expenses
Operating leaseOperating leverageOperating statements
OperatorOpinion of titleOpportunity cost
OppositeOptical levelOptical plummet
Option listingOption listing agreementOption to purchase
OralOral agreementOral contract
Orange peelOrange peel surface textureOrange shellac
Orbital motionOrbital sanderOrbital weld
Orbits per minute (opm)OrderOrdinance
Ordinary annuityOrdinary incomeOrdinary interest
Ordinary lossOrganicOrganic adhesive
Organic feltOrganic gardeningOrganic material
Organic matterOrganic shingleOriel window
Oriental rugOrientationOriented strand board (osb)
OrificeOriginal equipment manufacturer (oem)Original equity
Original gradeOriginal principal balanceOrigination fee
Origination processOrnamentalOrnate
OrthogonalOrthographic drawingOscillate
Osmunda fiberOstensibleOther people's money (opm)
OunceOut feed extensionsOut of square
Out of trueOut-ripOutage
OutbuildingOutdoor carpetOutdoor coil
Outdoor livingOutgassingOutlawed
OutletOutlet analyzerOutlet box
Outlet box coverOutlet dischargeOutlet sewer
Output shaftOutriggerOutside air
Outside caliperOutside coilOutside corner post
Outside corner toolOutside diameterOutstanding balance
Over age 55 home sale exemptionOver pottingOver-improved property
Over-improvementOverageOverage income
Overall rate of return (oar)OverbuildingOverburden
OvercoatOvercurrentOvercurrent protection
OverflowOverflow hoodOverflow tube
Overhand workOverhangOverhang ladder
OverhaulOverheadOverhead door
Overhead positionOverhead serviceOverhead valve engine
OverheatOverlapOverlap joint
Overriding royaltyOverseedingOvershooting ridge
OvonicOwnerOwner financing
Owner occupantOwner of recordOwnership
Ownership formOwnership in severaltyOwnership rights to realty
OxidationOxidizeOxyacetylene welding
OxygenOxygenatesOxyhydrogen welding
OzoneOzone generatorOzone hole
P o plugP-trapP-type semiconductor
Package boilerPackage mortgagePackage unit or package system
Packaged equipmentPackagingPacking
Packing factorPacking ironPacking nut
Pad drum rollerPad sanderPad site
Pad stonePaddingPaddle alarm
Paddle wheel scraperPaintPaint finishes
Paint gaugePaint padPaint remover
Paint rollerPaint thinnerPaint, bituminous
Paint, flame-retardantPaint, metallicPaintbrush
PaintbrushPalladian windowPallet
Palm grip sanderPalmate leafPan
Pan flashingPancake boxPane
PanelPanel boardPanel bowing
Panel boxPanel brickPanel clip
Panel doorPanel fencePanel heating
Panel hoistPanel lifterPanel radiator
Panel sawPanel sidingPanelboard
Paneled constructionPanelingPanelized brick masonry
PantryPaperPaper and wire
Paper profitPaper titlePaper, sheathing
Par lampParabolic aluminized reflector lampParabolic arch
Parabolic dishParabolic louverParabolic trough
ParallaxParallelParallel application
Parallel circuitParallel clampsParallel connection
Parallel linesParallel systemParallel walls
Parasitic plantParcelParge coat
Paris greenParking areaParlor
ParolParol evidenceParol evidence rule
ParquetParquet floorParquet floor square
Parquet floor unitsParquet flooringParquetry
Partial interestPartial penetrationPartial release
Partial takingParticipation or participating mortgageParticle board
ParticulatesParting stop or stripParting tool
PartitionPartition actionPartition terminal
Partition wallPartnershipParts per million (ppm)
Party wallPascals (pa)Pass
Pass linePass-throughPass-through certificates or securities
PassagewayPassalong plantsPassivation
PassivePassive incomePassive income generator (pig)
Passive investorPassive lossPassive smoking
Passive solar (building) designPassive solar heaterPassive solar heating
Passive solar homePassive/natural coolingPaste
Paste brushPaste fillerPastel
PatchPatchal stickPatching plaster
PatentPatent defectPathogen
PatioPatio doorPattern
Patterned glassPavementPaver stones
Paver tilePaversPavilion
Pavilion roofPaving brickPaving brick base, flexible
Paving brick base, rigidPaving brick base, semi-rigidPaving machine
PawlPaybackPayback period
Payment bondsPayment capPayment schedule
PeakPeak clipping/shavingPeak demand/load
Peak hour demandPeak loadPeak load period
Peak powerPeak shiftingPeak watt
Peak wind speedPeaking capacityPeaking hydropower
Peat mossPebble texturePebble tray
PedestalPedestal floorPedestal floor, gridless
Pedestal floor, lay-in gridPedestal floor, rigid gridPedestal lavatory
PedimentPeel strengthPeeling
PegboardPegging downPellet stove
PelletsPelton turbinePelton wheel
Penal valvePenaltyPenalty clause
Pencil rodPendantPendant
Pendente litePendentivePenetrating finish
Penetrating oilPenetrationPenny
PentahedronPenthousePer autre vie
Per sePer stirpesPer-diem interest
Per-unit allocationPercent elongationPercent grade
Percentage leasePercentage of completion methodPercentage of monthly gross income rule
Percentage rentPerchPercolate
Percolation testPercussion weldingPerennial
PerfboardPerfluorocarbon tracer gas technique (pft)Perfoliate
PerforatedPerforated metal pipePerforated pipe
PerformancePerformance bondPerformance ratings
PergolaPerimeterPerimeter drain
Perimeter ductingPerimeter foundationPerimeter heat loss
Perimeter heatingPerimeter installationPeriodic estate
Periodic interest rate capPeriodic tenancyPeriphery
Permanent magnetPermanent magnet motorPermanent mortgage
PerpetuityPersonPersonal assets
Personal financial statementPersonal propertyPersonal residence
Personality liabilityPersonaltyPersonnel
PerspectivePestPest-control inspection
Phanton linePhasePhase change
Phase-change materialPhased applicationPhased building
Phillips screwPhillips screwdriverPhosphor
Photo-oxidationPhotobiological hydrogen productionPhotocurrent
Photoelectric cellPhotoelectric switchPhotoelectrochemical cell
Photoelectrolysis hydrogen productionPhotogalvanic processesPhotogammetry
PhotovoltaicPhotovoltaic cellPhotovoltaic device
Photovoltaic-thermal (pv/t) systemsPhyllodePhysical damage insurance
Physical depreciation or deteriorationPhysical vapor depositionPhysical vapor deposition (pvd)
Piano finishPiano hingePick and dip
PicketPicket fencePicking up sags
Pickle barPickled floorsPickling
Pickup machinePicoPicocurie
PicoteePictorial drawingPicture framing
Picture framing visePicture railPicture window
Pie chartPierPier block
Pier footingPiezo switchPig iron
Piggyback breakerPiggyback loanPigment
PigtailPigtail splicePilaster
PilePile driverPiling (pile)
Piling (pile) capPillarPillar file
PilotPilot holePilot light or flame
Pilot light switchPinPin end scroll saw blade
Pin hingePin punchPin worm hole
Pin-face spanner wrenchPin-tumbler lock cylinderPin-type spindle lock
Pinch barPinch dogPinch out
Pinching backPinching outPine, arkansas soft
Pine, idaho whitePine, ponderosaPine, southern or yellow
Pine, sugarPinholePinholing (pitting)
PinionPinnaclePinnate leaf
Pinned file teethPintlePipe
Pipe bootPipe bushingPipe cap
Pipe clampPipe couplingPipe cross
Pipe cutterPipe dopePipe ell
Pipe fittingsPipe flangePipe hanger
Pipe jointPipe joint compoundPipe laser
Pipe nipplePipe plugPipe size
Pipe sleevePipe street ellPipe supports
Pipe teePipe threader, 3-wayPipe threader, ratchet
Pipe threadsPipe visePipe wrench
Piping area drawingPiping codes and standardsPiping isometric drawing
Piping or tubing, copperPiping schematicPiping, pvc
PistilPistol grip screwdriverPiston
Piston ringPiston rodPit
PitchPitch boardPitch control
Pitch diameterPitch pan or pitch pocketPitch pocket (pitch pan)
Pitch seamPitch vialPitch wall
PithPitot tubePitting
Pittsburgh lock seamPivotPivot door
Pl lampPlacePlain biff
Plain end scroll saw bladePlainsawnPlaintiff
PlanPlan viewPlancher cut
Planer bitePlaner gaugePlaner milling machine
Planer, rotaryPlaner/molderPlanet gear
Planetary gearPlankPlank and beam framing
Plank flooringPlanned communityPlanned unit development (pud)
Planning commissionPlanning gridPlano lens
Plant patent numbersPlant windowPlasma
Plasma sprayingPlasterPlaster board
Plaster earsPlaster groundPlaster grounds
Plaster lathPlaster of parisPlaster ring
Plaster, exposed aggregatePlaster, gypsumPlaster, portland cement
PlasterboardPlasticPlastic anchor sleeve
Plastic cementPlastic conduitPlastic electrical boxes
Plastic filmPlastic laminatePlastic piping
Plastic roof cementPlastic tip hammerPlastic wood
PlatPlat bookPlat map
PlatePlate cutPlate girder
Plate glassPlate joinerPlate rail
PlatenPlatformPlatform framing
Platform stairwayPlatted landPlay
PleadingsPledged account mortgage (pam)Pledgee
PledgorPlenumPlenum system
PlinthPlotPlot plan
PlottagePlottage valuePlough
PlowPlucked finish limestonePlug
Plug and feather rock splitterPlug ejecting arbor systemPlug flow digester
Plug gaugePlug weldPlug-in bus duct
Plug-in stripPlumbPlumb bob or plummet
Plumb cutPlumb linePlumb rule
Plumb scratchPlumberPlumber's friend or helper
Plumber's puttyPlumber's strap or tapePlumbing
Plumbing bendPlumbing bend, closetPlumbing bend, long sweep
Plumbing bend, reducing sweepPlumbing bend, returnPlumbing bend, standard bend
Plumbing double y-branchPlumbing drawing symbolsPlumbing fixture
Plumbing sanitary teePlumbing snakePlumbing tree
Plumbing y-branchPlumbing, rough inPlunge router
PlungerPlungingPlus carpet
Plush carpetPlyPly sheet
PlyclipsPlyformPlyform, hdo
Plytooth saw bladePlywoodPlywood edge clips
Plywood gradesPlywood, exteriorPlywood, interior
Plywood, lumber corePlywood, veneerPneumatic
Pneumatic rollerPocket card - pocket license cardPocket door
Pocket gardenPocket tape measurePodium
Point of curvePoint of diminishing returnPoint of intersection
Point of tangentPoint of usePoint-contact cell
Pointed ashlarPointingPointing trowel
PointsPoints per inchPolarity
Polarized plugPolePole gun
Police powerPolicyPolish coat
Polished chrome (cp)Polishing bonnetPollen
PollinationPolybutene tapePolybutylene (pb)
PolygonPolymerPolymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (pmdi)
Polyurethane foamPolyvinyl acetatePolyvinyl acetate glue
Polyvinyl chloride (pvc)Polyvinyl chloride pipe (pvc)Pond
PondingPony trowelPop rivet
Pop riveterPop-up assemblyPop-up drain
PopcornPopcorn surface texturePoppet
Population densityPorcelainPorcelain enamel
Porcelain on steel (pos)Porcelain tilePorch
PorousPorous mediaPortable
Portable electric tool cordsPortable grinderPortal
Porte-cocherePortfolioPortfolio diversification
Portfolio incomePortfolio lenderPortfolio standard
PorticoPortland blast-furnace slag cementPortland cement
Portland-pozzolan cementPositioned weldPositive cash flow
Positive displacement pumpPositive drainagePositive leverage
PossessionPossession by adverse possessionPossessory action
PostPost & beam constructionPost anchor
Post and beam framing or plank and beam framingPost and board fencingPost and rail fencing
Post capPost holePost level
Post-and-beam constructionPost-formed countertopPost-tensioning
PosternPostheatPot bound
Pot lifePotablePotential difference
Potential energy efficiencyPotential gross incomePotential hydrogen (ph)
Potentially responsible parties (prp)PotentiometerPotentiometer or pot
PotpourriPotting mixPotting on
Potting soilPoundPound of steam
Pounds per square inch (psi)Pounds per square inch absolute (psia)Pounds per square inch gauge (psig)
Pour coatPourable sealerPoured concrete wall
Poured in placePoured in place insulationPowder flame spraying
Power (output) curvePower (solar) towerPower and control cable
Power buggyPower centerPower coefficient
Power conditioningPower densityPower factor (pf)
Power floatPower hammerPower level handle
Power miter boxPower miter sawPower of attorney
Power of salePower planePower plant
Power pulling equipmentPower ratchetPower riser diagram
Power sawPower screedPower screwdriver
Power transmission linePower trowelPower venting
Powerjack™Powernailer®Prairie house
Pre-approvalPre-approval letterPre-cast architectural concrete
Pre-cast concretePre-charged tankPre-closing
Pre-engineered steel buildingPre-grouted ceramic tile sheetsPre-grouted tile
Pre-paidsPre-sold homePre-tax income
PreamblePrecastPrecast concrete
PrecipitatePrecisePrecision balanced motor
PrecoatPreemptive rightPreexisting use
PrefabricatedPrefabricated brick masonryPrefabricated buildings
Prefabricated housePrefabricated wood i-joistsPrefabrication
PrefinishedPrefloatPreformed ductwork
PreheatPreheat circuitPreheat temperature
Preheated waterPrehung doorPrelease
Premise or premisesPremiumPrepaid assets
Prepaid expensesPrepaid interestPrepayment
Prepayment clausePrepayment feePrepayment penalty
Prepayment privilegePrepayment termsPrequalification
PresalePrescribed burningPrescription
Prescriptive easementPresent valuePresent value analysis
Present value of annuityPresent value of onePresent value tables
Preservation districtPreservativePress brake
Pressed brickPressurePressure balance valve
Pressure balancingPressure dropPressure gas welding
Pressure gaugePressure headPressure loss
Pressure reducing valvePressure regulator (pr)Pressure relief valve
Pressure tankPressure treated woodPressure tubing
Pressure-reducing valvePressure-treated woodPrestressed concrete
Prestressing or pretensioningPreteritPreventive maintenance (pm)
PricePrice appreciationPrice fixing
Price of quality, thePrice rangePrice-level adjusted mortgage
Prick punchPricking outPrima facie
Primary airPrimary air flow ratePrimary beneficiary
Primary coilPrimary financingPrimary lease
Primary locationPrimary market areaPrimary metropolitan statistical area (pmsa)
Primary mortgage marketPrime coat or primerPrime contractor
Prime lending ratePrime moverPrime rate
Prime tenantPrimerPriming jet
PrincipalPrincipal balancePrincipal broker
Principal meridianPrincipal of supply and demandPrincipal residence
Principal, interest, taxes and insurance (piti)Principle of conformityPrinciple of progression
Principle of regressionPrinciple of substitutionPrint free
Printed carpetPriorPriority
PrismPrivacy fencePrivate mortgage insurance (pmi)
Private offeringPrivate propertyPrivate sewer
PrivityPro forma statementPro rata
Pro ration of taxesPro tantoPro-rate
Probate courtProbate or proveProcess heat
Process timeProcessing feeProctor test
ProcurementProcuring causeProducer gas
Product protection plan (ppp)Production homeProducts of combustion
Professional appraiserProfessional gradeProfile
Profile duplicatorProfile levelingProfile machine
Profile sanderProfile viewProfilograph
ProfitProfit a prendreProfit and loss statement
Programmable controllerProgrammingProgress chart
Progress paymentsProject budgetProjected area
ProjectionProjection periodPromissory note
PropagationPropanePropane torch
PropellantPropellerPropeller (hydro) turbine
PropertyProperty and casualty policyProperty brief
Property damage liability insuranceProperty damage liability lossesProperty depreciation insurance
Property descriptionProperty insuranceProperty inventory
Property lineProperty managementProperty report
Property residential techniqueProperty taxProperty tax deduction
Property under contractProperty valueProportional
Proprietary leaseProprietorshipProspect cards
ProspectusProtectProtected membrane roof (pmr)
Protection boardProtective clothingProtective coating
Protective covenantsProtective dust bootProtective life
ProtractorProtractor and depth gaugeProximate
Proximate analysisProximity damageProxy
Prudent investmentPruningPry bar
PsychrometerPsychrometricsPublic address system
Public domainPublic housingPublic lands
Public offeringPublic recordPublic report
Public salePublic sewerPublic syndicate
Public utilities regulatory policy act (purpa) of 1978Public utility holding company act (puhca) of 1935Public utility or services commissions (puc or psc)
PuddlingPueblo or adobePuffing
PuggingPull boxPull switch
Pull-out sprayPulleyPulse-width-modulated (pwm) wave inverter
Pulsed power weldingPultrusionPulverize
PumicePumpPumped storage facility
Pumping levelPunchPunch list
Punching shear resistantPuncture resistancePunitive damages
Pur autre viePurchase agreementPurchase order
Purchase-money mortgage (pmm)Purchasing power riskPure coat
PurgePurged linePurlin
Push drillPush stick/blockPutty
Putty coatPutty knifePylon
PyramidPyramid roofPyramid zoning
PyroxylinPythagorean theoremQuad
QuadriplexQuadrominiumQualified thrift lender
QualifyingQualifying facilityQualifying ratio
Quality assurance (qa)Quality controlQuality of use
QuantityQuantity surveyQuantity take-off
Quarry tileQuarter crownQuarter round
Quarter sawedQuarter sawnQuarter section
QuatrefoilQueen anne styleQueen closure
Queen postQuenchingQuick assets ratio
Quick dryingQuick limeQuick set
Quick setting asphalt cementQuick start drill bitQuick valve
Quick-release extension barQuick-setting cementQuid pro quo
Quiet enjoymentQuiet switchQuiet title suit
Quitclaim deedQuod vide (qv)Quoin
QuotationQuote or quotationR value
R-valueRabbetRabbet plane
RaceRacewayRaceway, one piece
Raceway, overfloorRacial steeringRack
Rack and pinion table elevationRackingRadial
Radial drillRadial ductingRadial saw
Radial surfaceRadial-arm sawRadiant
Radiant barrierRadiant ceiling panelsRadiant energy efficiency
Radiant floorRadiant floor heatingRadiant heating
RadiationRadiative coolingRadiator
Radiator ventRadioactive decayRadioactive waste
RadiusRadius gaugeRadon
RafterRafter anchorRafter overhang
Rafter patternRafter plateRafter plumb cut
Rafter seat cutRafter shorteningRafter square
Rafter tablesRafter tailRafter, fly
RagRag rugRaggle
RaglinRail fittingsRailing
RailsRain capsRaised bed
Raised grainRakeRake-starter
Raked jointRamRammed earth
RampRanch styleRanch trim
RandomRandom orbit sanderRandom rubble
Random rubble veneerRandom sheared carpetRandom shingles
Random-tab shinglesRangeRange capacity
Range hoodRange linesRange poles
Range receptacleRange, drop-inRankine cycle
Rapid curing cutbackRapid start circuitRapid-start fluorescent light
Ratchet hoistRatchet screwdriverRate
Rate capRate lockRate of return on investment (roi)
Rate scheduleRate typeRate-improvement mortgage
Rated horsepowerRated lifeRated power
Rated storage volumeRated wattsRatification
RatingRatioRational motives
Rattail fileRavelingRaw land
Raw linseed oilRaw waterRawhide
Rayleigh frequency distributionRays, woodRaze
Re-cover (overlay)Re-impregnateRe-roofing
ReactanceReaction fluxReactive power
Read only memory (rom)Ready, willing and able buyerReady-mix
Ready-mix truckReal assetsReal estate
Real estate agentReal estate boardReal estate broker
Real estate calculatorsReal estate commissionReal estate counselor
Real estate educators associationsReal estate investment trust (reit)Real estate investment trust (reit)
Real estate marketReal estate mortgage investment conduit (remic)Real estate owned (reo)
Real estate owned (reo)Real estate property taxReal estate settlement procedures act (respa)
Real estate settlement procedures act (respa)Real estate syndicateReal estate valuation
Real incomeReal interestReal price
Real propertyReal return on investmentRealized gain
Realized profit or lossRealtistRealtor
Realtor-associateRealtor-national marketing institute (rnmi)Realty
ReamReamed and drifted (r&d)Reamer
Reappraisal leaseReassessmentRebar
Rebar tiesRebateRebuttable presumption
Recapture clauseRecapture rateRecasting
RecessRecessed downlightRecessed tub
RecessionReciprocal levelingReciprocating saw
ReciprocityRecirculated airRecirculating harness
Recirculation systemsRecission of contractReclaim
ReclaimingReclamationRecoat time
Recognized gainRecoilReconciliation
Reconstructed operating statementReconveyanceReconveyance deed
Recorded mapRecorded platRecorder
RecordingRecording feeRecourse loan
RecoveryRecovery factor (rf)Recovery fund
Recovery periodRectangleRectangular survey
RectifierRecuperatorRecurrent costs
RecyclingRed cedarRed herring
Red leadRed oxideRed water
Redemption periodRedevelopRedlining
RedressReducerReducer strip
Reducing atmosphereReducing closet bendReduction certificate
RedwoodReedReed and prince screwdriver
Reed switchReeveReference lines
Reference stakesRefill tubeRefinance
ReflectiveReflective coatingsReflective glass
Reflective insulationReflective window filmsReflector lamp
ReformationRefractionRefractory materials
RefrigerantRefrigerant chargeRefrigerant lines
RefrigerationRefrigeration capacityRefrigeration cycle
Refrigeration systemRefuse-derived fuel (rdf)Regency house
Regenerative brakingRegenerative coolingRegenerative heating
Regional economicsRegional shopping centerRegister
RegistrarRegistration statementReglet
RegressionRegulation dRegulation t
Regulation zRegulatorRegulatory taking
RehabilitateRehabilitating tax creditRehabilitation mortgage
ReheatReinforceReinforced concrete
Reinforced faced masonryReinforced masonryReinforced membrane
ReinforcementReinforcing barReinstatement clause
Reinvestment rateRelampingRelative
Relative humidity (rh)Relative riskRelay
ReleaseRelease clauseRelease of lien
Release tapeReliabilityReliction
ReliefRelief valveRelief vent
Relieving archRelocationRelocation clause
Relocation company or serviceRemainderRemainderman
Remaining balanceRemaining termRemediation
Removable brush cartridgeRemovable locking keyRemove and reinstall
Remove and replaceRemoversRendering
RenegotiateRenegotiated rate mortgage (rrm)Renewable energy efficiency
Renewal optionRenovateRenovation cost
RentRent bid modelRent control
Rent escalatorRent loss insuranceRent multiplier
Rent rollRent-free periodRent-up period
Rentable areaRental agencyRental concession
Rental contractRental rateRental value
Renter's insuranceReorientationRepair
Repair clampRepairsRepayment plan
ReplaceReplaceable steel trackReplacement cost
Replacement cost approachReplacement reserveRepose
RepossessRepousseReproduction cost
RepudiationRequest for notice of defaultRequire
RequisitionResale priceResale proceeds
Resale valueResawRescind
RescissionReservationReserve fund
Reserve priceReservoirReshores
ResidenceResident managerResidential
Residential brokerResidential building rateResidential listing
Residential lotResidential marketResidential member (rm)
Residential mortgageResidential private investmentResidential property
Residential rental propertyResidential sales councilResidential service contract
Residential squareResidential unitResidual
Residual chlorineResidual techniquesResidue
ResilienceResilient channelResilient flooring
Resilient tileResinResistance
Resistance brazingResistance heatingResistance soldering
Resistance weldingResistive voltage dropResistor
Resolution trust corporation (rtc)Resorcinol glueResource recovery
Respirable suspended particulatesRespiratorRespondeat superior
Resting periodRestorationRestore
Restraint on alienationRestricted appraisal reportRestriction
Restrictive covenantRestructured loanRestructuring
Resulting trustRetail gravitationRetail land developer
Retail lot salesRetail propertyRetail wheeling
RetainageRetaining wallRetaliatory eviction
RetentionRetention clauseReticulate
ReturnReturn airReturn bend
Return circulation systemReturn ductReturn on equity
Return on investmentReuse appraisalRevaluation
Revaluation clauseRevealRevent
ReverberateReverse annuity mortgage (ram)Reverse leverage
Reverse osmosisReverse trap water closetReversibility
Reversible blade clampReversing valveReversion
Reversionary factorReversionary interestReversionary lease
Reversionary valueRevetmentReview appraiser
RevisionRevision blockRevocation
Ribbon (photovoltaic) cellsRich limeRich mortar
Ride the brushRiderRidge
Ridge boardRidge capRidge course
Ridge cutRidge poleRidge shingles
Ridge ventRidgeboardRidgeboards
RidgingRift sawnRigging
RightRight angleRight angle drill
Right of accessRight of courtesyRight of dower
Right of entryRight of first refusalRight of redemption
Right of rescissionRight of subrogationRight of survivorship
Right of wayRight to rescindRight to rescission
Right triangleRigidRigid base diaphragm
Rigid brick pavingRigid conduitRigid insulation board
Rigid pipeRimRim holes
Ring porousRing shankRip
Rip claw hammerRip cutRip fence
Rip fence storageRip scaleRiparian
Riparian ownerRiparian rightsRippable rock
RipsawRiseRise and run
RiserRiserRiser diagram
RiskRisk-free rateRivet
Rivet hammerRivet setRiving knife
RoadbedRobertson screwdriverRock bin
Rock drainfieldRock gardenRock wool
Rocker switchRockwell hardness testRockwool
RodRod saw bladeRodding
Roll roofingRoll weldingRollback
RollerRoller bearingsRoller catch
Roller hangerRolling millRollover gasket
Rollover loanRollover mortgageRoman brick
Roman spoutRoofRoof assembly
Roof coatingRoof coveringRoof curb
Roof deckRoof drainRoof drain strainer
Roof flashingRoof jackRoof overhang
Roof pitchRoof pondRoof rise
Roof runRoof seamerRoof sheathing
Roof slopeRoof systemRoof tile
Roof trussRoof ventilatorRoofer
Roofer's knifeRoofing membraneRoofing nail
Roofing tapeRoot ballRoot pruning
RootboundRooting hormoneRootstock
RotRotary rasp and fileRotary tool
RottenstoneRough cutsRough file
Rough floorRough flooringRough hardware
Rough jointRough lumberRough opening
Rough-inRough-in dimensionsRoughing in
Round fileRound front bowlRound nose chisel
Round timberRoutRouter
RouterRouter bitRouter depth adjustment
Row coversRow houseRow stores
Rubbed finishRubber flooringRubber mallet
Rubber test plugRubber trowelRubbing stone
RubbleRubble masonryRubblework
RulerRunRun of the overhang
Run timeRun with the landRun-of-river hydropower
RungRunnerRunning bond
RunsRuralRural electrification administration (rea)
Rural housing serviceRural-urban fringeRurban
RustRust blushRust preventive paint or primer
S & lS trapS-beam
S-type fuseSaber sawSabin
SackingSacrificial anodeSaddle
Saddle tapSaddle teeSaddle valve
Saddle-type repair clampSafe drinking water actSafe edge file
Safe rateSafety archSafety factor
Safety glassSafety gogglesSafety lamp
Safety shutoff valveSafety switchSafety valve
SagSag pipeSags
SailorSal sodaSale-leaseback
Sales commissionSales comparison approachSales concession
Sales contractSales deposit receiptSales expenses
Sales incentiveSales kitSales person
Sales priceSales price listSales ratio analysis
Sales valueSales-assessment ratioSalinometer
Salmon brickSalt glazeSalt gradient solar ponds
Saltbox styleSaltillo tileSalvage value
SamplingSand cone testSand finish
Sand sawn finish limestoneSand-portland cement groutSandblaster
SandblastingSanderSander, belt
Sander, orbitalSander, straight lineSanding
Sanding a trenchSanding beltSanding block
Sanding blockSanding discSanding drum
Sanding sealerSanding surfacesSanding wheel
SandpaperSandstoneSandwich lease
Sandwich panelSanitary fittingSanitary sewer
SashSash balanceSash bar
Sash blockSash liftSash lock
Sash weightsSatellite citiesSatin finish
SatisfactionSatisfaction of lienSatisfaction of mortgage
Satisfaction pieceSaturantSaturated
Saturated feltSaturated steamSaturation temperature
Savings and loan associationSawSaw arbor
Saw basketSaw bladeSaw buck
Saw fileSaw horseSaw kerf
Saw setSaw teethSaw tooth roof
Saw viseSaw, backSaw, chain
Saw, circularSaw, copingSaw, crosscut
Saw, keyholeSaw, reciprocatingSaw, rip
Saw, saberSaw-tooth roofSawdust blower
Sawdust collectorSaxony carpetSbs-modified
ScabScab ledgerScaffold
Scaffold bracketScaffold, hangingScaffold, morgen
Scaffold, sectionalScaffold, swingingScale
ScalingScallopScantling lumber
ScapeScarcityScarf joint
Scenic easementScheduleSchedule e
Schedule, fixture or lighting fixtureSchedule, materialSchedule, symbol
SchematicSchematic designsSchematic plan
Scientific nameScionScissors roof truss
ScleroscopeSconceScore or scoring
Scored blockScotiaScraper
Scraper, paddle wheelScratch awlScratch coat
ScratcherScreedScreed auger
Screed stripScreed, power drivenScreeding
ScreenScreen blockScreen enclosure
Screen moldingScreen wallScrew
Screw extractorScrew eyeScrew gauge
Screw gunScrew machineScrew pitch gauge
Screw tekScrew thread micrometerScrew threads
Screw-type rip fenceScrewdriverScrewdriver bit
Screwed offScrewholding screwdriverScrews
ScrollScroll sawScroll work
Scrolling band saw bladeScrubbabilityScuff
Scuff sandSculptured carpetSculptured tile
Sds rotary percussion bitSealSeal bond
Seal weldSeal-off fittingSealant
Sealed combustionSealed combustion heating systemSealer
SeamSeam weldSeamless pipe
SeasonSeasonal energy efficiency ratio (seer)Seasonal performance factor (spf)
Seasoned loanSeasoned woodSeasoning
Seat angleSeat cutSeawall
Second deed of trustSecond homeSecond law efficiency
Second law of thermodynamicsSecond lienSecond mortgage
Secondary financingSecondary mortgage marketSeconds
SectionSection 1031Section 1034
Section 1221Section 1231Section 1245
Section 1250Section 167Section 8 housing
Section lineSection modulusSection view
Section, alignedSection, assemblySection, broken out
Section, fullSection, halfSection, offset
Section, revolved or rotatedSectional switch boxesSectionalized brick masonry
Secured loanSecured noteSecured party
Securities and exchange commission (sec)SecuritizationSecurity
Security agreementSecurity chestSecurity deposit
Security instrumentSecurity interestSediment
Sediment interceptorSedimentary rockSee-through building
Seebeck effectSeed moneySeedhead
SeepSeepage pitSegment
Segmented archSeisinSeismic
Seismic analysisSeismic jointSeizin
SeizureSelective absorberSelective surface coating
Self cleaningSelf-adhering membraneSelf-aligning fence
Self-amortizing mortgageSelf-colorSelf-contained appraisal report
Self-drilling screwSelf-flashing skylightSelf-healing
Self-helpSelf-levelingSelf-rimming lavatory
Self-rimming sinkSelf-sealing shingleSelf-seed
Self-siphoningSelf-spacing tileSelf-supporting partition
Self-supporting wallsSelf-tapping screwSelf-tapping screws
Self-vulcanizing membraneSeller financingSeller's market
Selling agentSelvageSelvage
SemiSemi-custom homeSemi-vitreous tile
Semicircular archSemiconductorSemigloss
Semirigid continuous baseSemitransparentSenior mortgage
Senior real estate analyst (srea)Senior residential appraiser (sra)Sensible cooling effect
Sensible cooling loadSensible heatSensible heat storage
Sensitivity analysisSentimental valueSepal
Separable or separate propertySepia printSeptic system
Septic tankSequenceSequential firing
Sequestering agentSeriesSeries circuit
Series connectionSeries resistanceSeries system
Series woundSerrateSerrated
Service conductorService connectionService contract
Service dropService entranceService entrance box
Service entrance cableService entrance distribution boxService entrance equipment
Service insulatorService lateralService marker
Service mastService mortgageService panel
Service pressureService sinkService tee
Service victoryServicerServicing
Servient tenementServitudeSessile
SetSet retarderSet up
Set-tooth bladeSet-up timeSetback
Setback ordinanceSetback thermostatSetpoint
SetscrewSettingSetting bed
Setting bootsSettlementSettlement costs
Settlement documentSettlement feesSettlement statement
SettlingSeveraltySeveralty ownership
Severance damagesSevient estateSewage
Sewage ejectorSewage lift systemSewage tax
SewerSewer brickSewer gas
Sewer line easementShadeShading
Shading coefficientShadowingShaft
Shaft lockShaft wallShake
Shake painterShake roofShakeout
ShakeupShaleShallow well
Shaper gaugeShared appreciation mortgageShared equity mortgage
Shared equity transactionShark finSharpen
ShearShear forceShear plate
Shear wallShearing stressSheathing
Sheathing paperSheathing stripperSheave
Sheave beamsShedShed ceiling
Shed dormerShed roofSheen
Sheen uniformitySheerSheet
Sheet compostingSheet metalSheet metal locking pliers
Sheet metal punchSheet pilingSheet rock
Sheet sidingShelfShelf angles
Shelf lifeShellShell and tube evaporator
ShellacSheriff's deedSheriff's sale
ShieldShimShim or shimmy
Shingle hatchetShingle nailShingle, interlocking
Shingle-fashionShinglesShingling hatchet
ShiplapShoeShoe molding
Shopping centerShoringShoring jacks
Short circuitShort circuit currentShort day plant
Short double box wrenchShort formShort paint
Short term capital gainShort term capital lossShort ton
Shortened valley rafterShotcreteShoulder
Shoved jointsShovelShower enclosure
Shower headShower panShower receptor
ShrinkShrinkageShrinkage crack
ShroudShrubShutoff valve
ShutterShuttersSick building syndrome (sbs)
Side clearance angleSide cutterSide hook approach
Side jambSide lapSide rake
SidewalkSidingSiding, bevel
Siding, dolly vardenSiding, dropSiding, shiplap
SieveSight holeSight line
Sigma heatSign anchorSignal
Silent partnerSilicaSilica gel
SiliconSilicon bronze conduitSilicon carbide
Silicon carbide abrasiveSilicon controlled rectifierSilicone
Silicone groutSilicone rubber groupSill
Sill blockSill cockSill course
Sill flashingSill plateSill sealer
Sill-cockSilverSilver brazing
Silver solderSimple assumptionSimple caulk and seal
Simple corniceSimple interestSimple rate of return
Simplex basinSimulateSine wave
Single coursingSingle coverageSingle cut file
Single face fireplaceSingle family dwellingSingle flower
Single glaze or paneSingle hung windowSingle knob table adjustment
Single lever-type rip fenceSingle line diagramSingle lite
Single packageSingle phaseSingle ply
Single pole, double throw switchSingle pole, single throw switchSingle property syndicate
Single reductionSingle stage compressorSingle tee
Single thresholdSingle wall sidingSingle-crystal material
Single-lock standing seamSingle-phaseSingle-ply membranes
Single-ply roofingSinkSink angle
Sinking fundSiphonSiphon break
Siphon wash closetSiphon-jet water closetSiphon-vortex water closet
SiphoningSisal flooringSite
Site analysisSite assessmentSite built home
Site development costsSite planSite survey
Skew chiselSkewbackSkewed
Skewed beamSkil sawSkim coat
SkinSkintled brickworkSkip sheathing
Skip trowelSkippySkirt
Sky domeSkylightSkylight, self-flashing
SlabSlab foundationSlab jacking
Slab on gradeSlackSlag
Slag concreteSlag inclusionSlake or slaking
SlanderSlat fenceSlate
Slating hookSlatsSledgehammer
Sleeve anchorSleeve bearingsSlenderness ratio
Slide barSlide bar handleSlide compound miter saw
Slider windowSliding doorSliding gate
Sliding glass doorSliding inner doorSliding panels
Sliding windowSlingSlip
Slip formSlip form concrete machineSlip form paver
Slip gasketSlip jointSlip joint pliers
Slip ringSlip sheetSlip sill
Slip stoneSlip-resistant tileSlip-tongue
SlippageSlit sampleSlobber bits
SlopeSlope barSloping
SlotSlot cutSlot dozing
Slotted screwdriverSlow blow fuseSlow curing cutback
Slow-burning constructionSlow-release fertilizersSlum area
SlumpSlump blockSlurry
Slurry coatSlushed jointsSmall business administration (sba)
Small claims courtSmart windowSmelt
Smoke alarm or detectorSmoke chamberSmoke pipe
Smoke shelfSmoke stickSmoke test
Smooth band saw bladeSmooth coatSmooth machine finish limestone
Smooth surface textureSmooth surfaced roofSmooth-surfaced roofing
Smoothing brushSmoothing planeSnake
Snake fenceSnap switchSnap tie
Snaplock finish trimSnecked masonrySnips
Snow guardSnow loadSnub gable
SoapSoapstoneSociety of industrial and office realtors (sior)
Socket adapterSocket drive sizeSocket or socket wrench
Socket setSocket typeSod
Soda ashSodium lightsSoffit
Soffit ventSoft burnedSoft face mallet
Soft marketSoft moneySoft mud brick
Soft waterSoft-startSoftening point
Softening point driftSoftwoodSoftwood cutting
SoilSoil amendmentSoil bank
Soil capabilitySoil cutterSoil density
Soil less mixSoil mapSoil ph
Soil pipeSoil polymersSoil porosity
Soil productivitySoil retardantSoil stack
Soil structureSoil surveySoil testing
Soils testSolar access or rightsSolar air heater
Solar altitude angleSolar arraySolar azimuth
Solar cellSolar collectorSolar collector or panel
Solar constantSolar coolingSolar declination
Solar distillationSolar energy efficiencySolar energy efficiency industries association (seia)
Solar energy efficiency research institute (seri)Solar filmSolar fraction
Solar furnaceSolar gainSolar heating
Solar irradiationSolar massSolar module (panel)
Solar noonSolar oneSolar pond
Solar power satelliteSolar radiationSolar simulator
Solar space heaterSolar spectrumSolar storage
Solar thermal electric systemsSolar thermal parabolic dishesSolar thermal systems
Solar timeSolar transmittanceSolar trough systems
Solar water heaterSolariumSolarization
Soldering gunSoldering ironSolderless connector
SoldierSoldier courseSoldier's and sailor's civil relief act
Sole ownershipSole plateSole proprietorship
SolenoidSolenoid valveSolid brick
Solid bridgingSolid fuelsSolid masonry wall
Solid moppingSolid squareSolid top
Solid vinyl flooringSolid wireSolid-core door
SoluteSolventSolvent weld
Soot pocketSooty moldSound attenuators
Sound insulationSound rating number (srn)Sound ratings
Sound transmissionSoundboardSoundproof
SoupSource controlSouth colonial
Sp wireSpace heaterSpace standards
SpacerSpacingSpacing flange
Spacing mixSpackleSpackling compound
Spade bitSpade bitsSpading tool
SpanSpan, allowableSpandrel
Spandrel wallSpanish mission styleSpanish swirl
Spanish villaSpannerSpar varnish
Spark arrestorSpark ignitionSpark lighter
Spark plug socketSpark testSpathe
SpatterSpatulaSpear point chisel
Spec houseSpecial agentSpecial assessment
Special deposit accountSpecial purpose propertySpecial purpose tile
Special steep asphaltSpecial use permitSpecial warranty deed
Specialist in real estate securities (srs)Specialty bladesSpecialty eaves flashing membrane
Specialty router bitSpecialty striking toolSpecies
Specific gravitySpecific heatSpecific humidity
Specific lienSpecific performanceSpecific volume
SpecificationsSpecsSpectral energy efficiency distribution
Spectral irradianceSpectral power distribution (spd)Spectral reflectance
Spectrally selective coatingsSpecular glossSpecular reflection
SpeculationSpeculation homeSpeculative value
SpeculatorSpeed driverSpeeder wrench
Spendable incomeSpentSpf compounds
Sphagnum mossSpigotSpigot soil adapter
Spindle lockSpinner handleSpinning reserve
Spiral columnSpiral staircaseSpire
Spirit levelSpirit stain or varnishSplash block
Splash guardSplash wallsSplatter paint
SpliceSplice plateSplice tape
SplineSpline adapterSplined joint
SplitSplit l cutSplit rail fence
Split receptacle wiringSplit spectrum photovoltaic cellSplit system
Split system air conditionerSplit-bolt connectorSplit-faced block
Split-level homeSplit-ring repair clampSplitting
SpoilSpoil boxSpoil site
SpokeshaveSpongeSponge twist
SporeSportSpot priming
Spot zoningSpotsSpotting
SpouseSpray canSpray gun
Spray pyrolysisSprayed polyurethane foam (spf)Spraying
SpreadSpread (ls)Spread footing
SpreaderSpreader barSpreader box
Spreader stockerSpreading agreementSpreading rate
SprigSpringSpring clamp
Spring steelSpring-action blade guardSpringing power of attorney
Sprinkle moppingSprinkler systemSpruce
Spruce, sitkaSpudSpud bar
SpunbondSpunlacedSpur gear
SputteringSquareSquare boxes
Square drive screwSquare edgeSquare file
Square footSquare foot costSquare foot method
Square footageSquare jointSquare up
Square wave inverterSquare, combinationSquare-butt strip shingle
Square-tab shinglesSquaresSquaring shaft
Squatter's rightsSquirrel cage motorsStab rod
Stab sawStabbingStabilization
Stable mortgageStackStack bond
Stack cuttingStack effectStack loss
Stack ventStack ventingStacked window
StackingStadia hairs, lines, or wiresStadia rod
Stadia surveyingStaebler-wronski effectStagflation
Staggered stud partitionStagnation temperatureStain
Stain resistantStained glassStainless steel
Stainless-steel washing machine hosesStainless-steel washing machine hosesStair
Stair carriageStair gaugeStair landing
Stair riserStair runStair step
StaircaseStairsStairway, closed-string
Stairway, housedStairway, open-stringStairwell
Staking out an areaStallStamen
StampStanchionStand oil
Stand pipeStand-alone generatorStand-alone inverter
StandardStandard airStandard brick
Standard conditionsStandard cubic feet per minute (scfm)Standard cubic foot
Standard grade ceramic tileStandard industrial classification (sic) codeStandard level
Standard metropolitan statistical area (smsa)Standard miter gaugeStandard modular brick
Standard of livingStandard payment calculationStandard practices of the trade(s)
StandbyStandby commitmentStandby fee
Standby heat losesStandby loanStandby power generator
Standing seam metal roofStandpipeStaple gun
StaplesStapling hammerStar drill
Starker transactionStarshakeStart rate
StarterStarter courseStarter home
Starter pliesStarter stripStarting tap
Starting torqueState housing actStatement of consideration
StaticStatic coefficient of friction (cof)Static discharge head
Static loadStatic pressureStatic pressure curve
Static pressure regainStatic water levelStation numbers
Stationary toolsStationary windowStatistical significance
StatusStatus quoStatute
Statute of fraudsStatute of limitationsStatutory dedication
Statutory foreclosureStatutory liensStatutory redemption period
Statutory right of redemptionStay-in-place formsSteam
Steam boilerSteam cleaningSteam hammer, double acting
Steam hammer, single actingSteam heatingSteam shovel
Steam trapSteam turbineSteel
Steel bar clampSteel beamSteel circular saw blade
Steel constructionSteel framingSteel wool
SteeningSteep asphaltSteep land
Steep-slope applicationSteep-slope roofSteep-slope roofing materials
StemStemming a holeStencil
Step flashingStep jigStep ladder
Step loanStep-rate mortgageStep-up lease
Stepped footingStepped-up basisSterilized soil
Stick builtStick built roofStiff mortar
Stiff mud brickStigmaStigmatized property
StileStillson wrenchStilts
StingerStipple finishStippling
StipulationsStipuleStirling engine
StirrupStockStock in trade
Stock of housingStockade stake fenceStoichiometric ratio
Stone anchorStonedStonemason
Stop and drain fittingStop clauseStop notice
Stop valveStop work orderStopcock
Storage capacityStorage hydropowerStorage tank
Storage water heaterStore decisisStorm door
Storm drainStorm sewerStorm window
StoryStory poleStove bolt
Stove plantStraight archStraight claw hammer
Straight coolStraight crossStraight edge ruler
Straight grain woodStraight jointStraight lease
Straight mortgage or deed of trustStraight noteStraight pipe threads
Straight router bitStraight stopStraight-line depreciation
Straight-line recapture rateStraight-line sanderStraight-run staircase
StrainerStrainer potStranded investment
Stranded wireStrapStrap hinge
Strap wrenchStrappingStratification
StratifyStratosphereStraw man
Straw nailStreakingStreet ell
Street improvementStreet stakeStrength
StressStress cover constructionStress cracking
Stress, allowableStressed skinStretch
StretcherStretcher bricksStretcher course
Strict foreclosureStrikeStrike board
Strike plateStrike-off rodStriking joints
Striking offStriking toolString course
String lineStringerStringer, carriage
Stringer, housedStringing mortarStrip
Strip developmentStrip flashingStrip flooring
Strip gutterStrip lumberStrip mopping
Strip reinforcementStrip shinglesStripping
StrokeStrokes per minute (spm)Strongback
StropStruck capacityStruck joint
StructuralStructural analysisStructural attachment
Structural blockStructural clay tileStructural composite panels
Structural composite plywood panelStructural defectsStructural drawings
Structural fiberboard or insulating boardStructural foamStructural glazed tile
Structural joist and plankStructural light framingStructural lumber
Structural steelStructural steel h pileStructural steel tubing
StructureStructure sectionStrut
Stub-outStubby flex ratchetStucco
StudStud driverStud finder
Stud guardStud removal ratchetStuds
Stuffing boxSturd-i-floorStyrene
Styrene butadiene styrene (sbs)StyrofoamSubagent
SubbaseSubchapter s corporationSubcontract
Subcontract bidsSubcontractorSubcooled liquid
SubfloorSubgradeSubject property
Subject toSubject to mortgageSublease
SubmergenceSubordinateSubordinate ground lease
Subordinate loanSubordinate mortgageSubordination
Subordination agreementSubordination clauseSubpoena
Subpoena duces tecumSubrentSubrogate
Subrogation rightsSubsequentSubsequent rate adjustments
Subsequent rate capSubsidiarySubsidized housing
SubstrateSubsurface drainSubsurface easement
Subsurface explorationSubsurface rightsSubtropical
Suction headSuction static liftSui juris
Suitability standardsSulfateSulfur
Sum-of-years digits (syd)Summary appraisal reportSummary possession
Summary proceedingSummitSummons
SumpSumpSump pump
Sun path diagramSun scorchSun tempered building
SunspaceSuper insulated housesSuper regional center
Super windowSuperadequacySuperconducting magnetic energy efficiency storage (smes)
SuperconductivitySuperfundSuperheated steam
Superheated vaporSuperimposeSuperintendent
Superior screed jointSupermarketSupplementary heat
Supply airSupply ductSupply kit
Supply sideSupply stopSupport
Support lock handleSupporting valley rafterSuppression
SuretySurfaceSurface abrasion test
Surface cleanserSurface erosionSurface fuel
Surface gaugeSurface lumberSurface mount
Surface preparationSurface pumpSurface raceway
Surface rightsSurface tensionSurface testing
Surface textureSurfacingSurfactant
Surge wattsSurrenderSurround
SurveySurvey stakesSurveying tools
SurveyorSurvivorshipSurvivorship benefit
SuspendSuspended ceilingSuspended diaphragm
Suspended solidsSwaleSwamp cooler
Sweat equitySweat equity loanSweating
SwellSwept areaSwing check valve
Swing jointSwing loanSwinging door
Swiss chaletSwitchSwitch, double pole, double through
Switch, knifeSwitch, light handleSwitch, loop
Switch, single pole, single throwSwitch, snapSwitch, weatherproof
Switchgear, metal cladSwitchover valveSwivel
Swivel wrenchSymbolSymbol schedule
SymmetricalSynchronousSynchronous generator
Synchronous inverterSynchronous motorSyndicate
System curveSystem groundSystemic
Systems controlT and p valveT-hinge
T-slot miter gaugeT-squareT-strap hinge
Table bevel lockTable sawTable saw guide master
Table supportTable tiltTabor
TachometerTack coatTack hammer
Tack ragTack ragTack weld
TackingTackleTackless installation
Tackless stripTackyTail beam
Tail cutTail joistsTail piece
Tail plumb cutTailpieceTails
TailstockTake-offTakeout loan or financing
TandemTandem planTang
TangentTangibleTangible property
TankTank crossTank white
Tankless water heaterTapTap adapter
Tap drillTap feesTap root
Tap teeTap waterTap wrench
TapeTape blisterTape measure
Tape photographingTaperTaper attachment
Taper groundTaper jigTaper reamer
Tapered edge stripTapered pipeTaping
Taping toolsTarTar boil
TarpaulinTask lightingTax
Tax and insurance escrowTax assessorTax avoidance
Tax baseTax basisTax book
Tax creditTax deductionTax deed
Tax districtTax equity and fiscal responsibility act of 1982 (tefra)Tax evasion
Tax exemptTax exempt bondTax exempt property
Tax flawTax foreclosureTax free exchange
Tax liabilityTax lienTax map
Tax participationTax planningTax preference item
Tax rateTax refundTax return
Tax rollTax saleTax shelter
Tax shieldTax stopTaxable income
Tear resistanceTear strengthTear-down
Tear-offTeardrop textureTeaser rate
TeeTeeth per inchTeflon tape
Telepower poleTelescoping gaugeTemper
TemperaTemperatureTemperature differential
Temperature humidity indexTemperature riseTemperature zones
TemperedTempered glassTempering valve
TemplateTemporary bracingTenancy
Tenancy at sufferanceTenancy at willTenancy by the entirety
Tenancy for lifeTenancy for yearsTenancy from year to year
Tenancy in commonTenancy in severaltyTenant
Tenant changesTenant fixturesTenant improvements
Tenants' unionTenderTendril
TenementTenonTenon saw
Tensile strengthTensile stressTensionmeter
TenureTenure in landTenure property
TermTermTerm loan
Term, amortizationTerminalTerminal marking
Terminal postTerminal velocityTermination
Termination barTermination clauseTermite clause
Termite inspectionTermite shieldTermites
TermsTerneTerra cotta
TerraceTerrariumTerrazo (terrazzo)
TerrestrialTesseraTest light
Test plugTest teeTestament
Testamentary capacityTestamentary intentionTestamentary trust
TestimoniumTesting, adjusting, and balancing (tab)Tetrahedron
TextureTexture paintThatch
Thatch roofTheodoliteTherm
ThermalThermal (energy) storageThermal balance point
Thermal barrierThermal coefficient of expansionThermal conductance
Thermal conductivityThermal conductorThermal efficiency
Thermal energy efficiencyThermal energy efficiency storageThermal envelope houses
Thermal expansionThermal insulationThermal insulator
Thermal massThermal movementThermal resistance (r-value)
Thermal shockThermal shock resistanceThermal spraying
Thermal storage wallsThermal stressThermal windows
ThermocoupleThermodynamic cycleThermodynamics
Thermoelectric conversionThermoelectricityThermography
ThermometerThermometer, dry bulbThermophotovoltaic cell
ThermopileThermoplasticThermoplastic-insulated wire
ThermosetThermosetting plasticThermosetting resin
Thermosiphon effectThermostatThermostatic control
Thermostatic valveThermosyphonThermosyphon (solar) systems
ThermoweldingThick-bed mortarThickened-end slab
Thickness gaugeThinThin film
Thin head wrenchThin marketThin-set
ThinnerThinningThird party
Third-party originationThixotropyThread gauge
ThreadsThree-corner fileThree-phase current
Three-prong plugThree-spindle feed handleThree-way switch
Three-way valveThree-wire systemThreshold (iaq)
Threshold limit valueThrift institutionThroat
ThroatplateThrough dryingThrough-wall flashing
Throw (lt)ThrustThrust block
Thumb screwTidal powerTie
Tie beamTie coatTie in
Tie outTie wireTie-beam
Tie-inTie-offTied columns
TierTight building syndrome (tbs)Tight market
TileTile cutterTile field
Tile nipperTile sawTile, asphalt
Tile, ceramicTile, rubberTile, vinyl
TillTilt-up walTima
TimberTimber connectorsTimber construction
Time and materials contractTime delayTime is of the essence
Time value of moneyTime weighted averageTime with materials furnished contract
Time-clock switchTime-lag fuseTime-line
TimerTimer switchTimeshare
TinTin snipsTint
Tint baseTip cuttingTip speed ratio
Tipping offTitaniumTitanium dioxide
Titanium step bitTitleTitle block
Title companyTitle defectTitle examination
Title insuranceTitle insurance binderTitle insurance policy
Title reportTitle riskTitle search
Title sheetTitle theory statesTo have and to hold clause
Toe of weldToenailingToggle bolt
Toggle switchToiletToilet seal
ToleranceTonTon of cooling
Tongue and grooveTool steelTooled joint
ToolingToolless blade clampTooth
Top coatTop moppinTop plate
Top producerTop railTop soil
TopdressTopiaryTopographic map
Topographic symbolsTopographyTopping-cycle
TopsoilTorchTorch down roof or single ply or modified bitumen
Torch solderingTorchingTorpedo level
Torpedo levelsTorqueTorque wrench
Torrens systemTorsionTort
Tort liabilityTortfeasorTotal air flow rate (ql)
Total discharge headTotal dissolved solidsTotal expense ratio
Total harmonic distortion (thd)Total headTotal heat
Total home comfort systemTotal incident radiationTotal internal reflection
Total lender feesTotal loan amountTotal monthly housing costs
Total paid at closingTotal returnTotal rise
Total runTotal volatile organic compounds (tvocs)Touch up
Touch upTouchless faucetTower
Tower craneTownhouseTownship
Township linesToxicToxicant
Toxicity testTrace clothTrace elements
Tracer gasTraceryTrack dozer
Track lightingTracking solar arrayTract
Tract homeTract indexTraction
TractorTractor-loader-backhoeTrade association
Trade equityTrade fixtureTrade name
Trade-inTrading downTrading on equity
Trading upTrafficTraffic circle
TrailerTrailer parkTrailing edge
Trans union corporationTransaction brokerTransaction costs
TransferTransfer development rightsTransfer fee
Transfer of ownershipTransfer switchTransfer tax
Transferable development rightsTransformerTransient adaptation
TransitTransite pipeTransmission
Transmission and distribution lossesTransmission linesTransmittance
TransplantingTransport velocityTransverse
Transverse seamTrapTrap seal
TrapwayTraveling grateTraverse rod
Treasury billsTreasury indexTreated lumber
Treated seedsTreeTree crown
Treebark surface textureTrellisTrench
TrimTrim coilTrim units / tiles
Trim workTrimmerTrip lever
Triple net leasesTriple paneTriple reduction
Trombe wallTrommelTrophy building
TroughTrowelTrowel finish
Trowel tooth textureTrowel, powerTrue leaves
True powerTrue southTrug
TruncateTrunk lineTruss
Truss rafterTrustTrust account
Trust deedTrusteeTrustee in bankruptcy
Trustee's deedTrustee's saleTrustor
Truth in lending actTube and knob wiringTube axial fan
Tube steelTube talonTube valve
Tube washerTube-in-plate-absorberTube-type collector
Tubing cutterTubing jointsTuck pointing
Tuck-pointTudorTudor arch
Tufted carpetTung oilTungsten
Tungsten carbideTungsten carbide steelTungsten halogen lamp
Turbulent flowTurn down ratioTurnaround property
TurningTurning pointTurnkey project
TwistTwist drillsTwo stage compressor
Two-axis trackingTwo-man sawTwo-piece toilet
Two-position fenceTwo-step mortgageTwo-tank solar system
Two-to-four-family propertyTwo-wire systemType "l" tube
Type "m" tubeType of useType-x gypsum wallboard
Tyseal gasketU-boltU-hanger
U-valueU.s. department of housing and urban development (hud)U.s. gallon
Uf wireUllageUltimate analysis
Ultimate strengthUltra low flush (ulf)Ultra vires
UltracoilUltrasonicUltrasonic examination
Ultrasonic stud finderUltravioletUltraviolet degradation
Ultraviolet light (uv)UmbelUnconditioned space
Under glassUndercoatUnderdrain
Underfloor racewayUnderfloor wiring systemUnderground feeder cable
Underground homeUnderground serviceUnderimprovement
UnderlaymentUnderlying mortgageUnderpinning
Underwriter's laboratories (ul)UnderwritingUnderwriting fee
Undisclosed heirUndisclosed principalUndisclosed spouse
Undivided interestUndressed lumberUndue influence
Unearned incomeUnearned incrementUnemployment
Unemployment insuranceUnencumberedUnenforceable
UnfinishedUnglazed solar collectorUnglazed tile
Uni-flexUnibitUnified national coarse thread (unc)
Unified national fine thread (unf)Uniform commercial code (ucc)Uniform load
Uniform residential appraisal report (urar)Uniform residential landlord and tenant actUniform settlement statement
Uniform standards of professional appraisal practices (unpap)Uniformity coefficientUnilateral contract
Unilateral listingUnimproved landUnincorporated group
UnionUnitUnit cost
Unit in place methodUnit riseUnitary air conditioner
Unity of interestUnity of possessionUnity of time
Unity of titleUniversal chargerUniversal joint
Universal motorUniversal plumbing codeUnjust enrichment
Unlawful detainerUnrealized gainUnrecorded deed
Unrippable rockUnsecured loanUnsecured note
Unsolicited listings realUnsuitable materialUnsuitable soil
Unvented heaterUp-front feeUpflow furnace
UpgradesUplandUpset date
Upset priceUpside potentialUpzoning
UrbanUrban development action grantUrban interface
Urban land institute (uli)Urban propertyUrban renewal
Urban spaceUrban sprawlUrea formaldehyde foam insulation (uffi)
Urea resin glueUrethaneUrethane varnish
Urethane varnish, moisture-curingUrinalUrinal strainers
Usable storageUsda zoneUse density
Use taxUseful lifeUseful thermal output
Usufructuary rightUsuryUsury laws
UtilitiesUtility easementUtility knife
Utility roomUtility sinkUv inhibitor
V-capV-cap trimV-clip
V-jointVacancy and credit lossesVacancy factor
Vacancy rateVacant landVacate
Vacation homeVacuumVacuum breaker
Vacuum evaporationVacuum gaugeVacuum pump
ValanceValance lightingValence band
ValidValid contractValid deed
ValleyValley flashingValley jacks
Valley rafterValley roofValuable consideration
ValuationValueValue after the taking
Value before the takingValue in exchangeValue in use
ValveValve dressingValve seat
Valve seat wrenchValvesVanishing point
VanityVaporVapor barrier
Vapor migrationVapor pressureVapor-tight luminaire
VaraVariableVariable air volume system (vav)
Variable frequency drive (vfd)Variable interest rateVariable rate
Variable rate mortgage (vrm)Variable speed drillVariable speed tool
Variable-speed wind turbinesVarianceVariegated
Variegated leafVarietyVariety name
VarnishVarnish stainVault
Vaulted ceilingVehicleVeining
VelocityVelocity headVelometer
VendeeVendee's lienVendor
Vendor's lienVeneerVeneer
Veneer constructionVenetian windowVent
Vent damperVent headerVent pipe
Vent stackVent systemVented heater
VentilationVentilation airVentilation effectiveness
Ventilation efficiencyVentilation short circuitVentilation standard
VentilatorVentingVenting materials
Venture capitalVenturiVenue
VergeVerge of popcorn textureVergeboard
VerificationVerification of deposit (vod)Verification of employment (voe)
Vernier indicatorVersusVertex
VerticalVertical applicationVertical broken joint
Vertical pipeVertical-axis wind turbine (vawt)Vessel
VestVestibuleVeterans administration (va)
Vicarious liabilityVictorian styleView
VinylVinyl composition tileVinyl dual drip cap
Vinyl finishing trimVinyl flooringVinyl siding
Vinyl-clad windowsViolationVirgin growth
Virgin soilVirusViscosity
Visible light transmittanceVisible radiationVisqueen
Visual rightVitreousVitreous china
Vitreous tileVitrificationVitrified
Vitrified clay pipeVoidVoidable contract
VolatileVolatile marketVolatile organic compound (voc)
Voltage dropVoltage regulatorVoltmeter
VolumeVolume ceilingVolumetric
Voluntary alienationVoluntary bankruptcyVoluntary lien
VolunteerVoral tubeVulcanize
W-beam or wide flange beamW-type roof trussWafer
Waiver of lienWale or walerWalk-out basement
Walk-throughWalkaway riskWalkup
WalkwaysWallWall box
Wall box setbackWall cabinetWall coping
Wall fanWall footingWall furnace
Wall grazingWall heaterWall molding
Wall orientationWall panelWall plate
Wall sconceWall sheathingWall size
Wall thicknessWall tieWall tile
Wall washingWall-hung closet tankWall-hung lavatory
WallboardWallboard hammerWalnut
Warehouse feeWarehouse propertyWarehousing
WarpWarpingWarranted price
WarrantyWarranty deedWarranty insurance
Warranty of habitabilityWashWash coat
Wash primerWashabilityWashdown bowl
Washdown water closetWasherWashing down
WasteWaste & overflowWaste arm
Waste plugWaste shoeWaste stack
Waste ventWasting assetWater absorption
Water blasterWater blastingWater chiller
Water closetWater closet ellWater column (wc)
Water cooled condenserWater cureWater economizer
Water emulsionsWater filtration systemWater gate
Water guardWater hammerWater hammer arrestor
Water heaterWater horse power (whp)Water jacket
Water levelWater mainsWater meter
Water pipeWater pressureWater pump pliers
Water resistantWater resistant panelsWater retentivity
Water rightWater serviceWater service pipe
Water softenerWater source heat pumpWater spot
Water spottingWater stainWater stop
Water supply systemWater supply tubeWater table
Water troughWater turbineWater vapor
Water wallWater wheelWater-holding capacity
Water-thinned paintWaterfront propertyWaterproof
Waterproof switchWaterproofed portland cementWaterproofing
Waterproofing membraneWatershedWaterstop
WatertightWaterway fittingWatt
Watt densityWatt-hourWatt-hour meter
Wave formWave powerWave washer
WavelengthWax ring jobWax sticks
Weak marketWear and tearWeather
Weather barrierWeather strippingWeatherhead
WeatheringWeatherizationWeatherproof electrical boxes
Weatherproof switchWeatherstrippingWeb
Web clampWeb connectionWedge
WeedWeep holesWeeping joints
Weeping mortarWeirWeld
Weld beadWelded-wire fabricWelder
WeldingWelding clampWelding rod
Welding wireWellWell casing
Well openingWellholdWellpoint
Wellpoint dewateringWestern framingWestern style
Western union spliceWet and dry vacuumWet areas
Wet bulb temperatureWet edgeWet film thickness
Wet plasterWet sandingWet vent
Wet wallWet- or dry-surface plastic roof cementWet-aggregate cleaning
Wet-bulb thermometerWet-dry vacWet-film thickness
Wet-pipe sprinkler systemWet-rubbed finish limestoneWet-sand cleaning
WetlandsWetting agentWetting characteristics
Wheatstone bridgeWheel dresserWheel trencher
WhipWhip graftWhirlpool tub
White antsWhite cedarWhite coat
White leadWhite metalWhite portland cement
White shellacWhite wireWhitewash
WhitingWhole house fanWholesale wheeling
WickingWide jaw diagonal pliersWide-flange beam
WidespreadWidow's walkWild deed
Wildland fireWildland/urban interfaceWill
Williamsburg georgianWillow oakWilton carpet
WinchWindWind clip
Wind effectWind energy efficiencyWind energy efficiency conversion system (wecs) or device
Wind loadWind load or forceWind power plant
Wind resource assessmentWind roseWind speed
Wind speed duration curveWind speed frequency curveWind speed profile
Wind turbineWind turbine rated capacityWind uplift
Wind velocityWind-borne debrisWind-borne debris impact resistant products
Wind-borne debris regionWindbreakWinder
WindowWindow frameWindow head flashing
Window lightWindow seatWindow shade
Window sillWindow stoolWindow wall
Window wellWindowsillWindpower curve
Windpower profileWindrowWindshake
Winter degree dayWinterizeWiped joint
WireWire bradsWire brushing
Wire clippersWire clothWire color coding
Wire connectionsWire connectorsWire cutter
Wire fastenersWire gaugeWire glass
Wire lathWire meshWire mold
Wire nutWire ropeWire size
Wire stripperWire tieWire ties
Wire wheelWire, solid coreWire, stranded
Wired edgeWirewayWiring
Wiring bitWiring plansWiring, surface
WitheringWithout recourseWitness
Wood blockWood block flooringWood butt piling
Wood chiselWood fillerWood flooring
Wood glueWood gluing clampWood green
Wood joineryWood latheWood lengths
Wood malletWood preservativesWood putty
Wood sash puttyWood screwWood sheet piling
Wood shingleWood stoveWood vise
Wood-destroying insectWood-frame constructionWoodboring bit
WoodlandWoodland gardenWoodwork
Woodworking benchWoodyWork arbor
Work surfaceWork triangleWorkable
Workers' compensation insuranceWorking drawingWorking fluid
Working pressureWorking waterWorkout
Workout agreementWorkpieceWound rotor motors
Woven carpetWoven hipWoven valley
Wraparound mortgageWreathWrecking ball
Wrecking barWrenchWrinkle
Wrinkle finish paintWrinklingWrit of ejectment
Writ of executionWrit of mandamusWrought copper fittings
Wrought ironWyeWythe
X-braceX-weight sander backingXeriscape
YellowingYoke style pivot armYurt
Z barZ flashingZ-channel
Z-frame gateZ-tieZeolite
Zero clearanceZero clearance throatZero line
Zero lot lineZero netZero rate loan
Zero softZigzag fenceZinc
Zinc chromateZinc oxideZinc sulfide
Zinc yellowZip cordZip strip
Zirconia alumina abrasiveZonal cavity lightingZonal control
ZoneZone heatZone of aeration
Zone of saturationZone representativeZone switching
Zone, hvacZoningZoning board of appeals
Zoning lawsZoning mapZoning ordinances
Zoning recordsZoning varianceZonolite

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