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We've gathered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by RenovateYourWorld.com site visitors to help you get you started on your next home improvement project. To see if your question has already been answered, choose a catagory in the Quick Navigation bar (right) and browse through the results!

Bulletin Boards and Community

  Help with image upload
  What does "Watch this Topic" mean?
  Why don't I see my question?
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  How do I get my new invention featured on your web site or in your blog?
  Will you give me individual advice on my project via email or phone?
  How can I get my home featured on Renovate Your world?
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  What are the computer system requirements for the 3D design tools?
  Will old saved 3D design projects work with the new application?
  Where can I find tutorials about the 3D Design applications?
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Frequently Asked Home Improvement Questions

  Help! My Ralph Lauren Paint is not easy to apply.
  How do I remove Krazy Glue from glasses, remove Super Glue from prescription lenses?
  Please help me, my Polybutylene (Poly Butyl, Plastic pipes, PB pipes, Quest pipes, Qwest pipes, Poly Pipe, Blue Line) plastic water line is leaking, brittle or wearing out.Where can I find information on getting the pipes repaired or replaced for free?
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Home Plans

  Can this plan be built with a full basement (or slab, piers, etc.)
  Can the plan I want be converted to have a daylight basement?
  What does "sealed" mean? Must a plan be certified (stamped with the architects seal)?
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Products & Services

  How can I get my product listed in the "Products & Services Directory"?
  How long does it take to receive a product I ordered?
  How do I check the status of my order?
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General Paint Questions

  How long should I wait before applying a second coat of paint?
  How to repaint over formica?
  painting formica
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