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Help with image upload
Uploading a photo places an online copy of your photo on the RenovateYourWorld.com web site.
This enables others to view your photo.

1. Image Format
Make sure your photos are JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg or .jpe) file format.
Most digital cameras save photos as JPEG files.
If your photos are not already in this format, you need to convert them.
You can use an image editing application to convert the files.
Some of the most popular applications include:
PhotoDeluxe (Consumer)
Adobe Photoshop
Jasc's PaintShop Pro
MGI PhotoSuite II
Most PCs also have a program called "Paint" under the Accessories tab for single photos you can "save as" a different format although some quality may be lost.
Once your photos have been saved as JPEGs, you can upload them.

2. Locating Your Images:
Insure the photos are stored on your computers hard drive first.
Most PCs save photos in a Folder called "My Pictures" which is located in a folder called "My Documents" in the folder "My Computer"

Digital Camera Owners
If you're using a digital camera, first transfer your photos from your camera to your computer's hard drive. Then choose an individual photo to upload.

Film Camera Owners
When you have your film developed most processors will also create a photo disc.
These photos can then be saved on your hard drive and then uploaded.

3. Upload time
It can take as little as a few seconds or as long as several minutes to upload each image.
The time will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the file size of each photo.
For example, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to upload a single 400 KB file over a typical 56kbps modem.

4. Firewalls
Some firewalls prevent users from uploading data/images to the Internet, be sure to check your firewall security settings.

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