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What are the features of the new 3D Design applications?
Feature Version 1 Version 2
  • Cameras placed in default positions
  • Includes Top-Down View for easier object positioning
  • Camera map shows user's position in room at any time
  • Cameras can be dragged to any position in rooms for 'virtual walk throughs'
  • Cameras can be added or deleted in any location
  • Requires user request for higher quality rendered scene
  • More realistic 3D effects
  • Dynamic scene rendering
  • Default lighting created a 'flat' effect
  • Shadows
  • Ability to increase/decrease lighting in scene
  • 90 degree walls only
  • Includes partition walls
  • Angled walls for bay/bow windows
  • Ability to insert corners on any wall
Intelligent Objects
  • Collision detection
  • 'Snap-to' objects
  • Nudging - objects can be moved with keyboard controls
  • Constraints - objects can be linked to related objects and grouped together (e.g. lamps know to attach to table tops, faucets attach to sinks, etc.)
  • Grouping - Objects that are grouped together will move as a group
  • Hide/Show - Objects can be hidden from view without being deleted from scene
  • More dynamic object collision detection
Appliance Swapping
  • Not Available
  • Ability to visualize your appliances in any color with a single click.

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