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The Home Renovator Suite is an set of online tools for helping users plan drywall, paint, insulation, ceramic tile and acoustical panel projects. Users enter project information such as materials, dimensions and tools. The estimator then delivers a report that gives the amount of material and tools needed, estimated costs, computer generated drawings with cutting instructions and directions for material placement.

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Drywall Estimator

The Drywall Estimator asks users to select their drywall type and size, determine wall layouts and openings with measurements, before it automatically estimates the amount of taping compound, drywall, corner bead, and nails or screws required. The Drywall Estimator generates a report complete with calculations for all materials, drywall returns for windows, doors, and obstructions. The report calculates the total cost for all materials and tools with calculations for cutting and waste. The report lists all necessary tools and provides links to tool suppliers. The Drywall Estimator report also provides Construct By Numbers detailed drawings, with cutting instructions, placement, and fitting for all pieces as specified for walls and ceilings. GO!

Paint Estimator

The most precise paint estimation tool available, the Paint Estimator asks users to select the number of rooms, colors, walls, and features to be painted. Room type and wall dimensions are inserted. Openings for doors and windows are logged in. Wall by wall, users are prompted to answer what features will be painted, in what color, and with what type of paint or stain. Users specify the number of base and finish coats, the type of surface to be painted, and the paint sheen. The Paint Estimator report lists the amount of paint materials required, a complete list of tools for the job, waste calculations, and coverage in square feet for precise estimating and purchasing. GO!

Ceramic Tile Estimator

The Ceramic Tile Estimator calculates the number of field, accent, cap, bullnose, or specialty tiles required for any tile job. Users answer questions for wall or floor applications, layout patterns, tile sizes and thickness, borders and accents, and desired grout lines. The Ceramic Tile Estimator report lists required tile quantities, tools, grouts, and adhesive, as well as a calculated budget. The Construct by Numbers drawings show the exact placement, cuts, and installation for all tiles. GO!

Batt Insulation Estimator

The Insulation Estimator calculates necessary insulation thickness and length based on stud type, spacing, and cavity depth in walls and ceilings. Exterior openings, doors, and windows are entered into the worksheet so that the Insulation Estimator can calculate the plastic vapor barrier required for friction-fit insulation, the amount of overlap for all plastic, joint tape, caulking for outlets, and insulation materials required. The Insulation Estimator report includes a complete materials and tools list, cost estimates, waste calculations, links to tool suppliers, and our Construct by Numbers detailed drawings for cutting, placement, and fitting of batt insulation according to wall and ceiling specifications. GO!

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Estimator

Do-It-Yourselfers and Buy-It Yourselfers can lay out an entire acoustical ceiling project with the Ceiling Tile Estimator. Users answer simple questions about the ceiling tile type and size desired, as well as the room dimensions, hanging depth, and room configuration to generate a report that lists the necessary materials, tools, and waste calculations. A separate Construct by Numbers set of graphic drawings details cutting specifications and placement for wall and angle molding, main tees and cross tees, and ceiling tiles. The Ceiling Tile Estimator report also gives budget estimates and links to tool and product suppliers. GO!

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